Monday, November 30, 2009

The Schizzle

I know... TWO VIDEOS... but I'm not dillydallying on these babies I'm getting right down to it.


Me, Only Better said...

Wow, you have a lot on your plate woman!

"Not what I signed up for" - who actually gets what they signed up for anyways??? Only really privledged people (= Certainly not me!

I admire you for doing what you need to do to keep your family floating. My advice to you would be to demand to be paid what you are worth. Set your price and stick to it. If someone can't pay, someone else WILL come along who can (will) pay your rate. Don't cut yourself short and allow people to take advantage of your kindness. These are their children, their most precious people. I would give people that you have allowed to cut your rate a 2 week notice and say that as of December 15 your rates will be the full rates. If they cannot afford it, that gives them time to find something else.

Maybe you wouldn't hate it so much if you weren't being taken advantage of. Demand what you are worth.

Mrs. Smitty said...

As you said - we should pay our day care providers well, especially if its in their home. You should demand the same. If a person truly values your care, they'll pay for it. Otherwise they are just looking for a cheap babysitter.

My kids go to an in-home daycare. We adore her, the kids adore her. She's like family. If she were to tell me she had to raise rates, I'd pay it. Because quality care is worth it (and I know how exhausting my 3 kids are, and she has more than that!).

Don't let other people make you feel like your care of their children isn't worth the price.

gooddog said...

Oh wow. It is exhausting to me to even think about your day with possibly 5 children 2 and under. Seriously. I am so sorry that you are doing all of this!

I totally agree with the previous posts. Give them a 2 week or month warning and then demand your full rate or none at all. Seriously. If Mr. F was doing all of this for so cheap wouldn't you be pissed?

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you ladies I am going to raise the rates. I like the "as of..." the rate goes up plan. Unbelievably TODAY at pick up the original teacher came up and said her husband will start work in January and that they do need full time care. So someone has got to go because I can't have 3 infants and 3 two year olds. So I'm giving the cheapies until January 1st to pay the full rate otherwise I'll give their spot to the new kids.

Golden To Silver Val said...

My heart goes out to you and the advice already given you is good...but I feel like I have to add my two cents anyway. You're a caring mother and that's why all this is bothering you so much. You are being taken advantage of and its also causing you to feel like you're placing your own children on the back burner. A good child care provider is worth their weight in gold and the woman who is underpaying you knows that and shame on her. I would definitely stop watching her child unless she can be fair with you. You get paid from the minute her child enters your door until the minute he leaves. What's this nonsense about not paying you for HER travel time. THAT made me mad. Tell her to go elsewhere....she is a user. If you charge the going rate, you may not have to watch so many in order to earn enough to make it worth your while. I'm going to shut up after I say one more thing....please stop abusing yourself. You cannot burn the candle at both ends for very long ....and you know that. You will end up getting run down, then sick....and then what will you do? So please take care of YOU so you can take care of the ones you love. Times are hard but....just keep the faith that better times are coming. Remember...take care of YOU. Hugs.

sara said...
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sara said...

The ladies are right.

You deserve to be paid top dollar.

No question.

They should pay up, or find another service. They will never be able to find the same quality of care, so I think they might just pay up :)

These clients should pay for the opportunity cost of your lost time with sweet Baby and Kid!

Do it to it, Mrs. Furious. But PLEASE, don't sell yourself short!!


Supermom said...

I agree with the above comments.

I'm sorry you have all this on your plate!

I like the "as of" as well.

Call me if you want to vent again!
<3 Michelle

Kiki said...

Everyone has such good advice and I am so glad you are going to raise your are so worth it!!!

I'm thinking of you guys...all my love!!!

julie said...

Oh Mrs. F, this just stinks. All of it. It must be absolutely nuts in your house having 2 babies plus Baby and another 2 year old. You must be so exhausted. I could see it in your eyes in the video. Just plain beat.

I hope that it all works out. It would be so much better to have the original child with a planned schedule and ditch the the random/cheap ones. The inconsistent schedule would drive me crazy.

katieo said...

I totally get it. I mean, I just got back from the grocery store. It's 12:11 A.M. You know the phrase, "there aren't enough hours in the day..." -- it has never felt so literal. Although I have to say, I couldn't imagine doing my schedule with other people's kids.

And I CANNOT believe the under-paying. People don't realize that care-givers could possibly treat children differently because of parent's total lack of respect. (not that you ever would). I have though. In the past when I've taken babysitting jobs, I tended to favor certain kids when I knew their parents saw my value. It's such a thankless job that when the PARENTS don't respect the work you are doing with THEIR child? It's ridiculous.

I agree with the other commenters. That foot needs to go down. hard.

wootini said...

I totally lost my mind at the 'not paying you for her travel time' comment. I can't believe she actually said that to you.

Put your foot down, demand what you are worth. And please think about implementing a contract...

"I would really rather go to work and be present for my kids the rest of the time." WORD. That pretty much sums up why I went back to work and did not pursue in-home daycare after that one child I watched. The drain on my time, energy, home, kids was just not worth it to me.

And is the reason that I pay my summertime in-home provider every cent she asks for, including vacation time, even though it is above the contract. She is worth far more than I could ever afford to pay her.


Mrs Furious said...

Golden to Silver Val,
You are absolutely right. I really will run myself down if I don't fix this situation.
I'm glad I put these up because it's given me the forum to rethink what I'm doing. I think I'm going to stick with only the kids who have set schedules and demand that everyone come up to the full rate by Jan 1st.

I think of you all the time when I've got all these kids!
"I tended to favor certain kids when I knew their parents saw my value"
um... yeah... it's really hard not to.

"It would be so much better to have the original child with a planned schedule and ditch the the random/cheap ones. "
Yes. That woman came up and told me they will (most likely) need me in January. I'm going to make sure they come through and when they do I'm going to seriously consider dropping everyone else. That is all I ever wanted... one kid... with a teacher's schedule... full time. The end. I did not want all this craziness. I just started using Google calendar to write in everyone's schedules and set up my reminders... I need a personal assistant!

"The drain on my time, energy, home, kids was just not worth it to me."
Exactly, it's really hard when it's ALL the time. A couple days a week would be one thing but this current situation is just too much.


BsOnlyToots said...

ok ok I am waaay late here, but I have a great idea! I'll move up there, and bring my 2 year old too and we can have a party!!! LOL I'll help with the sitting too ;)

Seriously though, I can not believe these people are low balling you like that! You are awesome, and it in your home, and they should be ashamed of themselves! I think your idea of giving them til jan 1 to pay up is a great idea! I wish you the best .. you can do it! :)

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