Friday, December 4, 2009

Bitch Fest Friday

Have at it my friends.


dasnowz said...

long term illness flaring up. Of course its finals right now at school so i can't take pain meds. Signed up for next quarter. Nothing I want at times I can do. Why do they think everyone wants night classes in college? Some of us can only do days.

Robin said...

They just cancelled school for the afternoon because it is 36 degrees outside and we had three snowflakes fall. (What is this crazy shit falling from the skyyyyyyy?)

I had errands to run that I wanted to do with only one kid. Now I'll have to take both, which as you know is exponentially harder than running errands with only one.

Nutmeg said...

This week was way better than last week, during which E. had a raging kidney infection. But now this week, my sinus infection is back, so I have to figure out the next steps there... and my previously completely potty trained (didn't even pee at night) kid, now has to be completely re-potty trained. The only hurdle we had the last time we potty trained was his fear of the unknown. Now we have to overcome his terror of the insane agony he's experienced in the bathroom. Who knew that six months after the first time I wouldn't know where to begin! How do you re-potty train? How long after a kidney infection can I expect his bladder to stop being over-active? How many times can one kid pee on the couch?

Mrs Furious said...

Oh poor kiddo... that is ROUGH. I remember when I broke my butt that even the thought of trying to go to the bathroom and anticipating the pain would make me start laughing hysterically with nerves... and I'm an adult and understood what was going on.

Oh I'm sorry you aren't feeling well.
How much longer do you until you graduate?

Oh god that is exactly how they act around here when it snows. It is so ridiculous.

wootini said...

Nutmeg, oh no, that is so tough. My heart goes out to you both.

P/F said...

I dread going to church on Sunday because the minister is deeply depressing. But I have obligations there so I can't skip.

Starting to not care that the UU in A2 is 30 miles away (for now).

Also deeply conflicted on whether to go back to work or start homeschooling my kids. Both love school, but it seems like so much time/life is wasted by being herded like cattle through much of their day. I swear that I feel like they'd learn more important life lessons in ski school. Have to stop reading homeschooling blogs while Grey naps.

Mrs Furious said...

"Have to stop reading homeschooling blogs while Grey naps. "
bwahahaha! Yes. I can relate to that ;)

Anonymous said...

Lets see husband who has only been laid off since september was talking to someone who wants him to basically work for almost nothing for 30 days to see if he would work out in hopes of a real salary and commission, this trial would cut $600 out of the incoming income a month since we would have to put the kids back in daycare, so we have been fighting all week about this.

In the meantime I am working hard to try to keep my job since i carry the insurance and it has been a slow start to the new fiscal year which means low comission.

We have kids parties all weekend which will be fun but time consuming and will make me have to do normal chores at night or during the workweek which will get me home later and as a result end up in more bitching from the hubby.

Think thats about it for today is it bad the i enjoy coming to work just to have a break from real life?

Marie said...

I have had a wicked cough for several days, no appetite and feel totally drained. And I had to work today (of COURSE i'd be sick the one day a week i work..). And its my birthday.

Sick. Work. Bummer birthday.

On an upnote, dh and the girls are super cute and giving me a "surprise party" at home tonight with just them! So off to try to rally up for the fun!

Mrs Furious said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you feel better soon.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh what a sucky situation and dilemma!

inkelywinkely said...

I love keeping kids, and it is a great way to make extra money, but B says I can't anymore because: family that owes me over $300 in care for keeping their FOUR kids every day, while I already had two others and Punky,cleaning their house, meals for the kids, PLUS, left their baby here "for a few minutes" with two diapers only to return THREE DAYS later...then, I found out that they were getting child support for three kids, SSI for the mom and all three kids (defrauding the gov), hubby was getting paid in cash $25 an hour to work, plus was receiving unemployment, and food stamps for food..Then, I find out that mom is driving to Houston and getting pills and selling them, avout $4000 worth a month!! I was outy! make a long story short, after all this, he spread a lie about me trying to sleep with him (and for the record, he is the ugliest, smelliest man I have EVER seen), then showed up at my parents after refusing to pay...Well, I may have demanded money and punched him in the face quite a few times- even though he is 6'3 and over 200 lbs. ex best friend. I kept her two kids. For the record, the whiniest, most spoiled children I have ever kept (sigh)...I kept them every day, plus provided meals. She was always late in paying, sometimes having me ride to the bank with her so that she could fix things because the check she paid me with bounced...last thing that happened, she owed me about $200, and decided her husband could pay it and drank and partied all her job's income, I am sitting around waiting for her hubs to pay me and I get a call that he isn't going to ... B got mad, and told her she had to pay me because he was tired of her using our friendship like that, because, well, I am a baby and it hurt me. LOL..her hubby came over yelling and screaming telling us we needed to get out of our small town and get an education (both of us have degrees, but they do no good when the market for said jobs is low or not worth the income right then)..and eventually, he admitted that they had not been getting along and decided that day to divorce. I felt bad, but after all that, and coming to my house acting a fool, it still wasn't my problem. He wrote me a check.
C... I recently kept a great little girl, only issue was I couldn't really understand her as she never got speak corrected because her parents thought it was cute...even her dad couldn't understand her..she was almost 4. I kept her from 6-6:30 usually. Her mom and dad were both pretty out there but seemed kind of nice, so I went for it. Mom and I became quick friends, and eventually, things came out she was hiding..things like MAJOR issues. I told her that it would be best if I didn't keep her child anymore as we obviously couldn't get along anymore as these were BIG issues (that, by the way, I addressed truthfully up front, but she lied about being okay with), she told me to change certain things about my life or to not keep her kid. I chose the latter. She had recently been complaining alot about the amount of money she was getting paid, though she got paid AWESOME money, she blew most of it and had to constantly take out loans. She started bringing up how paying me was a burden, then, the last time I got paid, she made me turn around on a family vacation and drive back to town to get the money, she said she wasn't leaving her house. yeah....seemed like she had been looking for an out all along.
I felt good about the decision not to keep the child anymore and went to bed. No arguing, no bad words, nothing..nice and peaceful. I woke up the next morning with emails about how I was going to kill her if she came over (WTF?!), and the sheriff's office telling me that I had theft charges brought against me for a potty seat that I had placed outside and told her to get a week ago. urrrrg.
So, yeah, cops had to come to my house to get the potty chair and that was that.

So, it could be worse...

Loralei said...

I hate the leacherous owner of the place I work at. The new manager (11 years younger than me) has this underlying anger and yelled at me for being late (I was right on time) for an appointment. (This appointment did not earn me any money, as I work two parttime jobs at the same place (one comission and one not). The commissioned job is actually a sole propriatorship (meaning I'm my own boss for that.) Plus he's a slob. I'm miserable there.

Mrs Furious said...

That is the craziest stuff I've ever heard. Period. What the heck is going on with those people?

Oh I'm sorry.

inkelywinkely said...

They are fucking lunatics is what. LOL.

BTW, for the first time since I have been born, it is snowing here. :) It's nice. But, I am just bored and in a bad mood.

Mrs Furious said...

Seriously? Wow. It hasn't even snowed here yet. I'm jealous. It's just super gray, cold, & rainy. It blows.

Claire said...

The other person that does obits has been off for a whole week and I have had to work until 8 pm three of the nights because of glitches - then the advtg. director came to my desk to ask me what was the problem with the new program (inadequate teaching with the promised "cheat sheets" never being produced) - and then the head designer from the newsroom came to my desk and told me that the editor told the people in the newsroom that they are not allowed to help me anymore!!!! So much for working together to put the newspaper out!After 10 yrs. I can't stand my job anymore.
PS Inkley - I read your story with my mouth open in astonishment - but then I remembered when I watched a sweet little boy after school and his mother kept coming later and later to pick him up (friends saw her shopping at the mall!) and finally I quit watching him for her. Your situation is really awful and I hope it gets better for you!

inkelywinkely said...

Thank you, Claire! Things aren't that bad, I don't think, but they could sure be better and I feel a bit complacent. LOL

Mrs F, this is my first time seeing the snow..It's amazing and soft and cold and just...its a miracle for here...In 24 years, it has never snowed here..and Blaine got to see it for the first time, and with us.

Now, to cheer us up a bit in the cold, we are going to go watch the crazy deep south drivers that aren't used to snow and the like crash into the sides of the bridges and each other while they creep along at 5 mph..hhahaha

Does that make us evil?

The wind blows hard here and we run out of groceries cause people start stockpiling, scared to death that all the power will go out and there will be crashes everywhere. hahaha...especially when it is hot out- that's hurricane weather.

I feel a little better now. :)

inkelywinkely said...

Oh! Mrs F, I have the funniest story for you, too.

B has been battling this eye issue for almost a year...his eye gets this really bad lump and turns purple and seeps this nastiness...his contacts feel like sandpaper afetr a day or hurts like hell, and he has sliced his own eyelid open three times with a razor blade to release some of the pressure.

We FINALLY went to the eye doctor today (instead of getting a winter coat that I don't have and haven't EVER had, so I freeze all winter here)..guess what it was?

Funk. That was his problem. LOL..the oil glands that your eyelashes grow from on your lid? They were getting clogged because he doesn't wash his eyes enough, and when he does, he uses irish spring (he's a turd, right?)...

Ends up, to cure his eye problem FOREVER, he needs to use these little wipies when he wakes up and before bed on his eyes. LOL

He was so mad that he spent the money for the to tell him to wipe his eyes...ahahahaha

I have to admit I laughed at him. The eye doctor and I gossipped about grey's anatomy and what we thought would happen with the chief, Richard, and then made fun of B, and she let me see his clogged eye gunk in the eye microscope. It was a fun...cost a Benjamin and only lasted about 30 minutes, but was fun. :)

Nutmeg said...

Wow inkelywinkely, those are the craziest stories I've heard.

I just can't fathom people treating the people who take care of their kids in a way that is anything less than with absolute respect... and like it is a business relationship that deserves respect.


Elizabeth said...

After reading this, I no longer feel like I have problems worth bitching about...

Show's open, I got a massage (a month and a half of no full weekends and serious stress, and my body HATED me)

Boss apparently called during it, didn't leave a message. I hightailed it into work to see what the notes (things that need to be fixed from one show to the next) were.

They were serious and upsettingly time intensive.

But I guess she did them already... Don't know what's going on because she DOESN"T TELL ME.

She's working another job on the evenings/weekends (crewing Phantom of the Opera) which means she's not here.

This is good and bad. Good because I don't have to put up with the crazy

and bad because she never tells me all the info, so Stage Management comes to me with questions I cannot answer.

Yesterday she talked complete crazy at one the workstudies and me for about an hour.

After she left the two of us just broke down laughing. She'd given us about thirty different sets of incoherent instructions, and we had no idea which to follow.

This happens all the time.

I'm pretty broke too... it's another hand made christmas! At least I can scavange (read: steal) scraps of stuff from work! We even have all this rough cut hardwood lumber left over from the show. I'm making boxes for EVERYONE! Everyone likes boxes right?

See... that's not so bad... just very long as usual!
p.s. if you're curious about teh show, there's a blog, go here:

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