Saturday, September 8, 2007

If You Don't Want To See Me Nurse You Can Put A Blanket On Your Head!

The Furious Clan came out in full force in support of a woman's right to breastfeed in public.

Here we are attending a protest against Applebee's Restaurants corporate response to the direct violation of this woman's rights in Lexington, KY.

There was a nationwide protest today with 90 protests all across the country. The Ann Arbor protest was the largest outside of Lexington.... as usual we kicked ass!

Now Why Didn't I Think of That?!?

I was just complaining to Kid Furious that I supposed I should go exercise... but I was sooooo tired I just wanted to take a nap. Kid Furious replied "I know.. we should cut you in half with a giant knife! And one side of you could be treadmilling and the other side could be sleeping. Isn't that a good idea?!"
Ummmm.....Yeah? I mean if it didn't kill me first...

Friday, September 7, 2007

In The Jungle The Mighty Jungle

I just got done putting Baby Furious to sleep.
Putting her to sleep is like being mauled by a lion....
Any of you co-sleepers know exactly what I am talking about. Let me tell you this seventeen pound baby can kick your ass! For those of you who don't know putting a baby down when you co-sleep often involves laying in bed pretending you are asleep while they crawl all over you, kick you in the gut, kneel on your boob (ouch!!... mini mammogram!) and pull your hair with their tiny but powerful death grip that no amount of prying open will release without pulling a handful of your hair out with it... or tonight's beauty sinking those tiny baby nails (why are babies' nails like razor blades?!?!) into my ear and gripping on to it for her life... it felt like it was being severed from my head!!! After I finally pried her off my head she rolled over and growled with her pacie in her mouth sideways... sounding exactly like a baby lion. She followed this by taking her pacie out and scraping it against the wall 20 million times (incidentally this is shockingly loud like the sound of a shovel being scraped across concrete) until she finally snuggled up to me and went to sleep.

Oh the things we do for love!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Are we seeing a difference... or is it just me?

These pics are 9 days apart. I feel like I look different, in real life that is, and feel much thinner. Once I uploaded these I wasn't sure they looked as different as I wanted them to... but hey it has only been nine days! Look at my tummy (okay don't look too close) I think it looks a lot tighter...okay a little tighter! If you are having a hard time detecting a difference look at the waistline of my pants... see what I mean?... they fit a little better. I also measured again today and my waist is down about 1/2 inch but my hips (and accompanying postpartum belly lump) are actually down about 2" to a very reasonable 36" so I am quite pleased with that!
I am loving my scale by the way... especially as my weight has plateaued... but have to choose either to weigh-in when my weight is lowest, first thing in the morning (today 121.2, body fat 27.2%) or at night when my body fat is lowest (today 122.4, body fat 25.2%). So far I am sticking with the morning weight and body fat since I am trying to be consistent and that is what I post in my stats... but I was stoked to get the lower body fat when I checked it just now. Either way I am down 2-4% body fat and I have gained 3 pounds of muscle in the last month which has decreased my metabolic age from 27 to 20 years old! So overall I'm feeling really good. And people if you haven't started eating the cookie dough I don't know what is the matter with you ;)

Oh... No, No, No, No, No, No

Well I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and a spark of light caught my eye. What is that that kind of glints like a sparkly My Little Pony glitter hair? Now it is true that I didn't have time to shower today.... notice I said I didn't have time, not that I was too lazy, or I decided I didn't look too bad "as is" this morning... so lay off! My point is my hair isn't in pristine condition and I don't want to completely freak out.. but it is seeming that the majority of my postpartum hair regrowth is mother fucking grey! Now it is not like I don't have other greys, in fact I have quite a streak coming out of the top of my head. But a streak screams "Bad Ass" (what else did you expect me to say) grey temples scream "Old Hag". Sweet Jesus lets all hope a shower does the trick otherwise I might have to start stocking up on the Clairol (gasp!)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

This Week

So school started today and we managed to arrive on time... I even fed Kid Furious breakfast and lunch and believe it or not I vacuumed! Thankfully (and the beauty of red shirting) she was familiar with her teachers and classroom and I was in and out in under ten minutes. I believe that took us 50 minutes last year and a lot of tears shed... hers and mine! Then I drove to the grocery store while Baby Furious cried hysterically the whole way. Turns out she hasn't improved much in the car department.. we just never went anywhere all summer and I could avoid it. On the bright side I did manage to go shopping at both grocery stores and do it in half the time! Surprise, surprise, Kid Furious' constant whining and shenanigans were really slowing me down... who knew?!

So here is our menu:

Tuesday: Chicken breasts in Stubb's (gotta go get this marinade if you don't have it already!) & pasta salad
Wednesday: Mr F & Kid F date night (hoping this will help with Kid's current 'tude)
Thursday: Flank Steak, potatoes and corn on the cob
Friday: take out
Saturday: Flank Steak Sandwiches & salad
Sunday: Salmon Noodle Casserole (yes it is exactly what you think it is... tuna noodle casserole sans the mercury)

Yeah I know that I'm pretty much just repeating last week! I was all set not to cook at all and just get take out every night so this is a major improvement from that. Plus I just can't deny those damn steak sandwiches ;)

I've also decided to start planning out all Kid Furious' meals for the whole week that way I have a plan for giving her more balanced meals. If only I would take this one step further and do the same for myself.... baby steps people.... baby steps!

Delicioso !

Yes... that would be a "Kashi Go Lean Roll!" in Caramel Peanut.
Delicious. I'm a very picky *energy* bar eater... most of them suck and have a terrible texture unlike anything else in the food world. These "Roll!" versions are really good and if anything slightly too sweet. I've been having the Chocolate Turtle flavor for awhile now and those are good, kind of like a huge tootsie roll covered in rice syrup and coated in nuts and kashi type stuff. But my god this Caramel Peanut flavor is sooo much better. I could easily eat this for dessert and be completely satisfied. 190 calories. 12 g of protein (not bad!). 6 g of fiber. Unfortunately it does have 14 g of sugar.... but hey that's why it's good!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Come On In

Here are the thoughts floating around my head...

#1 School starts in 2 days.... ugggh. I am not looking forward to this in the slightest. Kid Furious is not an early riser and so in order for us to make it to AFTERNOON preschool it takes a lot of effort and planning and we all know those are not strong Furious traits!

#2 I have been eating like complete shit lately, and surprise, surprise, feeling like it too. A few weeks back, okay I guess it was more than that, I had been having organic produce delivered. I decided to cancel this service since they weren't bringing me local produce and I was going to the same store it appeared they were... so why not pick out my own produce while I'm there, especially since half the stuff they dropped off was stuff we wouldn't normally eat? The thing is I did eat it... kind of felt obligated to do it... and now I've kind of gone off produce again. I need to really think about this and try and get myself to work it into my diet more than just at dinner. Plus, and I am ashamed it is true, I have totally dropped the ball in feeding Kid Furious a balanced diet either. Before the baby was born she wasn't served a single meal that didn't come with organic fruits and veggies now I'm much more likely to serve her buttered noodles and a chocolate milk. I could kill myself! I have got to pull it together!!

#3 I would really like to workout 2 hours a day. I'm completely serious. The problem is this: A) I can't workout during the day, since Baby Furious is a complete freaking maniac and of course she doesn't sleep on top of that! B) I need to workout on the treadmill which requires TV viewing on my part, or I feel like I will jump out of my skin, and I don't let the kids watch TV let alone "The Closer"(Okay sometimes Kid F can watch Noggin) so I can only workout at night C) I have to work out right... and I mean the minute I put my fork down... after dinner and then as soon as I am done I have to go directly upstairs and put Baby Furious to bed... this pretty much sucks and means we have no "family time" if I choose to exercise. So I'm kind of feeling overextended and guilty that I want to exercise, etc. So, as you may have noticed, the last two weeks I have not fully met my 6 hour workout goal since I have chosen to have a few more "family time" nights. I'm really struggling with this! I wish I didn't have to choose between these two things! I just feel like I do deserve to have 70 minutes to myself... seriously that's it in 24 hours!... and I feel a little more sane plus I am getting my workout in at the same time. But it is hard. I'm hoping when Kid F is at school if Baby F will cooperate I might be able to take her for stroller walks, but it is just flat out not as good of a workout! Plus I really need to start getting back on the pilates reformer and start my strength training back up too.

#4 Mr F and I are considering selling our house. It is of course a terrible market here right now so it would be a terrible decision. A house that is way too small but in the exact right location is on the market and they are asking more than we can even get for our house... and... well... we like to get ourselves all riled up and then not move. We do this about once a year. This time our rationale is that moving will help us declutter and get more organized since we'll have to purge most of our stuff (yeah it is that much smaller) and then we can *start fresh*. So even though in theory, and probably even in reality, we will never do it my stomach is all in knots and I'm stressed out... cause I know we are both crazy enough that we might do it so I have to get mentally prepared for it now!

#5 I did accomplish one longstanding organizational goal: putting together my wedding box (note I didn't say albums... those are a long ways off!). Mr.F got me a lovely leather wedding momento box for our anniversary a few years back, yes for our "leather anniversary". I of course got him a leather nail kit (yeah I'm serious) so I looked like a total jack ass by comparison that year! Well anyway, our anniversary was yesterday, I finally decide I could do this... I could go through my stuff and commit the important things to this box. I did it! And in so doing I finally purged all the magazine clippings and notes and overall shit I had been saving at the top of a closet for the past 6 years. I filled the box and then put all the misc stuff I thought might still be meaningful when discovered in an attic by my girls after my death in an archival box and tossed the rest. And yet I don't feel "mission accomplished" like I did with the pantry since I still need to do my albums. I wish I could.. but I can't. One of my biggest blunders was not paying the photographer to do our albums for us. I of course thought this was something I could do and apparently that is not the case!

#6 When Mr. F is home I feel more out of control and have a much harder time sticking to my meal plans, workout routines, cleaning missions, etc. This week I am probably going to skip meal planning until tomorrow and start on Tuesday when things get back to normal. Or start becoming normal... "back to school" time gives me such anxiety... it is some kind of weird flashback stress or something... I feel like I have to get Kid Furious off to college or something.
I need sleep! Good night!
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