Sunday, September 2, 2007

Come On In

Here are the thoughts floating around my head...

#1 School starts in 2 days.... ugggh. I am not looking forward to this in the slightest. Kid Furious is not an early riser and so in order for us to make it to AFTERNOON preschool it takes a lot of effort and planning and we all know those are not strong Furious traits!

#2 I have been eating like complete shit lately, and surprise, surprise, feeling like it too. A few weeks back, okay I guess it was more than that, I had been having organic produce delivered. I decided to cancel this service since they weren't bringing me local produce and I was going to the same store it appeared they were... so why not pick out my own produce while I'm there, especially since half the stuff they dropped off was stuff we wouldn't normally eat? The thing is I did eat it... kind of felt obligated to do it... and now I've kind of gone off produce again. I need to really think about this and try and get myself to work it into my diet more than just at dinner. Plus, and I am ashamed it is true, I have totally dropped the ball in feeding Kid Furious a balanced diet either. Before the baby was born she wasn't served a single meal that didn't come with organic fruits and veggies now I'm much more likely to serve her buttered noodles and a chocolate milk. I could kill myself! I have got to pull it together!!

#3 I would really like to workout 2 hours a day. I'm completely serious. The problem is this: A) I can't workout during the day, since Baby Furious is a complete freaking maniac and of course she doesn't sleep on top of that! B) I need to workout on the treadmill which requires TV viewing on my part, or I feel like I will jump out of my skin, and I don't let the kids watch TV let alone "The Closer"(Okay sometimes Kid F can watch Noggin) so I can only workout at night C) I have to work out right... and I mean the minute I put my fork down... after dinner and then as soon as I am done I have to go directly upstairs and put Baby Furious to bed... this pretty much sucks and means we have no "family time" if I choose to exercise. So I'm kind of feeling overextended and guilty that I want to exercise, etc. So, as you may have noticed, the last two weeks I have not fully met my 6 hour workout goal since I have chosen to have a few more "family time" nights. I'm really struggling with this! I wish I didn't have to choose between these two things! I just feel like I do deserve to have 70 minutes to myself... seriously that's it in 24 hours!... and I feel a little more sane plus I am getting my workout in at the same time. But it is hard. I'm hoping when Kid F is at school if Baby F will cooperate I might be able to take her for stroller walks, but it is just flat out not as good of a workout! Plus I really need to start getting back on the pilates reformer and start my strength training back up too.

#4 Mr F and I are considering selling our house. It is of course a terrible market here right now so it would be a terrible decision. A house that is way too small but in the exact right location is on the market and they are asking more than we can even get for our house... and... well... we like to get ourselves all riled up and then not move. We do this about once a year. This time our rationale is that moving will help us declutter and get more organized since we'll have to purge most of our stuff (yeah it is that much smaller) and then we can *start fresh*. So even though in theory, and probably even in reality, we will never do it my stomach is all in knots and I'm stressed out... cause I know we are both crazy enough that we might do it so I have to get mentally prepared for it now!

#5 I did accomplish one longstanding organizational goal: putting together my wedding box (note I didn't say albums... those are a long ways off!). Mr.F got me a lovely leather wedding momento box for our anniversary a few years back, yes for our "leather anniversary". I of course got him a leather nail kit (yeah I'm serious) so I looked like a total jack ass by comparison that year! Well anyway, our anniversary was yesterday, I finally decide I could do this... I could go through my stuff and commit the important things to this box. I did it! And in so doing I finally purged all the magazine clippings and notes and overall shit I had been saving at the top of a closet for the past 6 years. I filled the box and then put all the misc stuff I thought might still be meaningful when discovered in an attic by my girls after my death in an archival box and tossed the rest. And yet I don't feel "mission accomplished" like I did with the pantry since I still need to do my albums. I wish I could.. but I can't. One of my biggest blunders was not paying the photographer to do our albums for us. I of course thought this was something I could do and apparently that is not the case!

#6 When Mr. F is home I feel more out of control and have a much harder time sticking to my meal plans, workout routines, cleaning missions, etc. This week I am probably going to skip meal planning until tomorrow and start on Tuesday when things get back to normal. Or start becoming normal... "back to school" time gives me such anxiety... it is some kind of weird flashback stress or something... I feel like I have to get Kid Furious off to college or something.
I need sleep! Good night!


etbroderick said...

Oh, Mrs. Furious. I feel your pain. Funny how much of what you wrote about applies to me right now! Back to school--I don't even have a kid in school but b/c I was a maniac teacher, I still get empathy stress this time every year! I have longed to figure out a way to eat well and exercise regularly but cannot work it out--at all. I think that the only way for me to get any meaningful exercise will be to get up at the crack of dawn before Finn and Tim which totally bites b/c I stay up later than them every night trying to work on my "other job"--photography. But if I get any fatter I will need to buy a whole new wardrobe and will feel too crappy to leave my house. We want to sell our house too and are stressing about how we have lots of little projects we must do to make our house market-ready but we have no money and no time to do any of it!! Clutter...No wedding album...No's almost like you've been spying on me!! Ha, ha. And, I, too am so much less productive when My Other Half is home! What's up with that?! Sigh. I should go to bed. It's 11:47. But there's so much to do!!!!

Mrs. Furious said...

Yeah.. I'm still up too... I did just find potential wedding albums online...stress easing slightly...should go to bed now...

Chris Howard said...

There's a lot going on in there!

First, what's a wedding album? That's a folder labeled 'Wedding' in your My Pictures folder, right?

Man you guys start school late up there. We're starting Week 3 Tuesday, and it should be week 5, but the stupid state legislature mandated that school couldn't start earlier than 2 weeks prior to Labor Day. Orlando and cruises are much cheaper in May than in August. Good luck with Kid Furious.

We don't eat nearly enough veggies either. We have been eating more salad lately, even the kids, so that's good. But they've had enough macaroni and cheese to fill a stadium.

Re workouts with Baby Furious - instead of a regular stroller have you considered a jogging stroller? Then you could at least run and get a decent workout at the same time. But seriously, 2 hours? Is it that you really enjoy it that much, or is it your dedication to being fit? I've been going to the gym before work nearly every morning for about 2.5 years, and I don't dread it, but I rarely look forward to it - it's just something I have to do.

Selling the house is so much work. We seriously considered it last year as we were planning to try to move to London. Things didn't work out so we got a pool instead. So we'll be here at least 10 more years. That'll get both kids out of high school.

Mr Furious said...

"...leather nail kit"...

That is a little manicure set in a leather pouch, in case any of you were wondering what the hell a "nail kit" is.

This year, the traditional gift is candy, and we just both completely dropped the ball and blew the gift off. We DID have a fantastic dinner (out) however.

Mrs. Furious said...

I do have a jogging stroller but I don't forsee a run in my future... I have terrible knees.

The 2 hours.. yeah I actually enjoy it. I am into a pretty long cardio and find I have a much higher endorphines release that way but I'd also like to fit in strength training. I don't need 2 hours everday but like 3 days and then an hour on two more days, that would be perfect. I'm also a pretty extreme person so I'm crazy like that. I don't need that much time once I'm maintaing but I do need strength training and I don't want to give up my cardio to do it.

Oooh London that would have been cool! I have been telling Mr F now is the time to move to Europe while the kids are not yet in real school. Your kids are probably old enough that they prefer the pool and staying by their friends.

As for Orlando we actually got Annual passes this year we head back the end of November.

Chris Howard said...

As for Orlando we actually got Annual passes this year we head back the end of November.

Disney, I assume? We usually have annual passes to either Disney or Universal (it's cheaper for Florida residents). We'll be getting Disney passes again in January. We're big time Disney freaks.

Oooh London that would have been cool! I have been telling Mr F now is the time to move to Europe while the kids are not yet in real school.

Yeah, we still want to go, maybe after the kids are in college. They were ok with the idea of the move, but how it would have worked in reality, I'm not so sure.

Mrs. Furious said...

Disney... yes... we have been to Disney 1-2x a year for the last 3 years. It isn't exactly cheap but I do feel it about what you'd spend going anywhere for a *real* vacation, and it makes Ruby so happy it is completely worth it!

Chris Howard said...

Ruby's too young, but you should make sure you ride Everest in Animal Kingdom if you haven't already. It's a great ride.

Mrs. Furious said...

We are totally looking forward to trading off and going on the real rides this time. We've been so much that we don't feel like we're gonna miss some kind of magical moment if we aren't with Ruby the whole time anymore. We went in June and it was just too freaking hot to stay in the parks long enough for our Fast Passes to come up and we pretty much missed out on doing the real rides and last Oct I was pregs so I couldn't do much of anything. We have been on Barnstormer a lot though ;)

Chris Howard said...

We've been so much that we don't feel like we're gonna miss some kind of magical moment if we aren't with Ruby the whole time anymore.

That's one of the great thing about having passes. It's a little different for us because we'll go 5 or 6 times a year with our passes, it's only a 2-hour drive. But it's great not to stress about doing a whole park in one day anymore, like when I was a kid.

We have been on Barnstormer a lot though ;)

:). We've spent countless hours in the Boneyard.

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