Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Man Hater

While Mr F was putting Kid to bed I popped in to say goodnight.

"Mom wouldn't you like to switch?" Kid asked hoping I'd lie with her for awhile, then she continued with...

"I hate lying next to a.... [long pause]"

Surfing In Her Imagination

"Hey Mom want to return to a little sea salt air?" Kid calls down from upstairs.

"I guess... what does that mean?" Mrs F stutters then, realizing what Kid has been up to, she asks tentatively "What are you wearing?"

Kid bounds down the steps wearing this:

Kid's fashion choice was spot on....It has got to be close to 80 out today. It's been practically a Picnicpalooza around here these days...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Federal Offense

A week or so ago I lovingly packed up a box of maternity clothes and shipped them off to Heather. I had a few things that I thought she could use, and since I'm not having any more children (ever!), I was happy to send them on to greener pastures.

Well today Heather got that package and sent me a "Thank You" email that went like this...
"what is this terrifying pink thing in here? It's horrid!
Thanks for the clothes!!!! You're the best!"

Now when I received that I was like "hmmm... what pink thing? The nightgown?... I wouldn't say it was horrid..."

Then Heather clarified with this...
"No it's some terrible plastic/rubber vagina? "

And I'm thinking "wtf?!.... what kind of weird Kid toy could be in there?... what looks like a vagina?!... part of Mr Potato Head?!" and I was actually feeling somewhat guilty that Heather was going to have to pay to ship back whatever toy got in there.

Well.... it wasn't a toy....

I have to say I feel strangely violated. I'm not sure how to even process this....

Here I am after talking with the USPS representative:

Thankfully Heather was taken a little more seriously.

Monday, April 14, 2008

This Week The Plan

I'm jumping right in here folks...
Last week was an abomination. Kid was off of school and I dillydallied with the meal plan and in the end everything was off. I did do really well on the exercise front though and have been doing some running intervals and really enjoying it. It has been the change of routine I needed and has allowed me to really kick my effort up a notch and I feel like I used to after a good long workout.

On to this week...


Monday - Spaghetti & Spinach Salad

Tuesday - Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon w/ Stirfry Veggies & Sesame Rice

Wednesday - Kid & Mr F Date Night

Thursday - Tomato & Meatball Soup w/ crescent rolls

Friday - takeout

Saturday - Chicken Fajitas

Sunday - Chicken Caesar Salad

Diet & Exercise:
The last two weeks I've been able to put in a really good effort on the weekends and I've really enjoyed the pressure that takes off of my weekdays... so my plan is to do at least 60 minutes of cardio on Saturday & Sunday (which is nice since I can usually get this out of the way during Baby's naptime). During the week I'm shooting for one full pilates workout at the start of my week and then as many nights of cardio as I feel like doing (shorter 30-45 minutes sessions). I have found that fitting my pilates in at my first weekday workout (either Monday or Tuesday) does inspire me to add a little in at the end of my cardio workouts. As for the diet I'm still sticking with the calorie counting and would like to keep my intake under 2000 during the week and as close to 2000 as I can on the weekends.

Cleaning & Errands:

Monday - grocery shopping, laundry

Tuesday - vacuum, grocery shop

Wednesday - pick up Kid's room

Thursday - vacuum stairs

Smarty Pants

"You guys are the only kids in the world who won't eat chocolate chip pancakes." Mrs F says somewhat annoyed as she looks at Kid's plate.

"Except kids in Africa." Kid replies somewhat smugly.
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