Thursday, April 17, 2008



Robin said...

Haha, does that baby ever have pants on?

Re: dimply butt. I wonder that constantly when I see Kara's little chubby, dimply butt. Why is it so cute on her, but not on me? Hmmmmm.

Robin said...

Oh, and Kara's a total shoe whore. She wants her shoes on constantly and wants to wear everyone else's. "Shoe" was one of her first words.

Andrea said...

Gotta love those chubby little rolls on her legs.

Mrs Furious said...

Baby is the exact same way... she is always putting on shoes or collecting them and bringing them to me to put on her. And she does a little dance when she puts on fancy ones!

workout mommy said...

how CUTE!!! I love it! and it is very unfair that the dimples don't look as cute on ourselves.

save this pic for her high school yearbook!

Mrs Furious said...

oh and, no, my kids are almost never fully dressed!

I know it! I can't wait for summer when her fatty little legs will be out all the time :)

Workout Mommy,
"save this pic for her high school yearbook!"

Julie said...

You know I love that little tushy!!

kenady said...

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing:)

Deb said...

Oh, you nailed it when you said you can't wait for summer so you can see her fatty little legs all the time!! I am DYING to see my little guy's rolls in shorts again.

And, you're right. It really is unfair that no one ever says, "Man, I am DYING to see Deb's cottage cheese thighs and dimply butt in bathing suits again!"

Mrs Furious said...

"Man, I am DYING to see Deb's cottage cheese thighs and dimply butt in bathing suits again!"

Hey you never know.... ;)

kathi d said...

That looks like one of Britney's skirts.

ashley said...

Whew! For a second there I thought you posted some pictures of me!

(I agree with Deb- why does nobody look forward to seeing our chub?)

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