Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Indulge Me...


Jennifer said...

WHAT?! I can't believe you cut your own hair! It looks GREAT! Fits your personality better I think! woo woo!

I just got mine cut today too actually. Of course, I paid someone to do it. lol. AND since I have figured out how to post pictures, maybe I will have the boy take a picture of my head and put it up too.

Um, yeh. I have never gotten my eyebrows waxed before and I got them done today too .. yeh .. now I know why I don't get my eyebrows done. OUCH! Maybe I will picturize those too! BAH!

Mrs Furious said...

I agree, I think it does suit my personality better as well.

Ooh post a pic!

Yeah... the eyebrows... as you can tell I do not wax mine ;)

Julie said...

You do look terrific!! and I totally know what you mean about when you do something and it works out great, you feel a little in love with yourself:)

Anonymous said...

What are the names of the fairy books?

Heather said...

Is it possible you look smaller now? I think the answer is yes, friends. I LOVE IT. It looks amazing. The bob is you. You are the bob.

Mrs Furious said...

Yes! I look thinner, feel thinner (must be having exposed neck?!)... why the hell didn't I do this months ago?!?

I want to date me ;)

"In The Realm Of The Never Fairies: The Secret World Of Pixie Hollow" It's a Disney Book.
It's cute and nicely done. Wonderful detailed illustrations.

SawSaw said...


Mrs Furious said...

thanks :)

Robin said...

I'm so glad you like it so much. It does look really, really cute. I know what a change like that can do for your attitude! Way to go.

(I can't believe I am about to share this...only on your blog.) I also know what you mean about being in love with yourself for doing something like that. It is exactly how I felt after I gave myself...a (brazilian!) bikini wax. I know you think I am crazy, but I have had them done for a while, and at $60 a pop, I decided to give it a try. I bought professional waxing stuff, and did it. It didn't hurt and turned out just like I had it professionally done. I was so thrilled, and now I don't have to spend $60 a month on bikini waxes. (Everyone, if you've never had a wax, don't try this. I had it done so much that I know the procedure, and the only reason it didn't hurt is because I had them done regularly. I would never attempt to wax myself for the first time. Yikes!) Hehe, sorry for the TMI. I don't know what came over me.

Mrs Furious said...

OMG! I once tried to give myself a regular bikini wax and when push came to shove I couldn't pull the strips off... I just couldn't do that to myself. I can't believe you can do that.
Way to save money ;)

Andrea said...

Do you use any type of hair product or does your hair never get frizzy I have the same wavy/curly hair but it frizzes so bad Im afraid to cut it short I might look like a frizzball.
love love love your haircut it drys nicely, and looks easy maintenance.

Mrs Furious said...

oh sweet jesus my hair frizzes. Summer might be interesting ;)
I've got 2 products on a straightening balm (which I just run through it wet and find that helps defrizz) and then a Frizz Ease gel on top of that. Plus I use super dooper heavy conditioner (Pantene for Women of Color... it does help with the frizz) then I didn't brush I just styled with my fingers and let it air dry.
I'll keep you updated as the humidity rises!

Haley said...

Dare I look a bit French??

That is, by the way, the highest compliment in my arsenal.

Mrs Furious said...

Merci ;)

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