Saturday, October 16, 2010

Makeover... Baby Addition

Up until now Baby has not been a fan of haircuts. For an entire year the only way I could trim her bangs was if she fell asleep in the car, strapped into her carseat (and that did not make for a very even trim). Then one day a few months ago she woke up mid trim and, well, she never let me near her again. Hence the long bangs in the eyes look she's been sporting since last winter.

On a lark I asked the girls if tonight was Haircut Night and Baby joyously yell that it was. And then she sat (mostly still) while I cut away. Then she'd get down from her stool run to the bathroom to check it out, return and ask for more. Mr F and I were flabbergasted. And more than a little afraid that half way through she'd freak... and... well... look like a freak. But, as always, that girl knew what she wanted, and she made it through till the end.

(Just kidding... and, NO, it was not cold that day)


(don't mind her homemade double arm cat toys!)

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Cats Have Ringworm

Do you need me to go on?

I spent the entire day yesterday washing everything they've been on (everything) and vacuuming. Dipping them in a nasty sulphur solution. And trying to quarantine them. This is a goddamn nightmare. And it could go on for weeks if not a month or more. (They had it all along, just weren't showing symptoms when we adopted them).

Oh... and now I have it.


And Kid is routinely found reading in bed (nude) with cats nestled up on either side... so... um... I think she's next.

And, of course, this all went down while Mr F was out of town. Isn't that always the way?

Yes, it is.

It's like the lice all over again.

And I still managed to make Kid a kickass hair bow for her Cheerleading performance (thank you YouTube tutorial).

Oh and Kid didn't go to school today, or yesterday.

More to come.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear Mr F

I accidentally watched 2 episodes of Lost last night.

I'm sorry.

I tried not to.

But, well, you know how it is.

P.S. It took a turn for the MUCH better. So, you'll want to hop on it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pep Talks

So, lately, I've been saying things in my head.


"You don't need anyone's approval."


"Your an adult woman who successful manages a family."


"To Hell with them."


"It's okay to do the right thing...

even if it makes everyone else uncomfortable."

We've been giving some things a lot of thought and consideration.

We've been waiting and seeing.

We've been trying to dampen down our feelings.

We've been second guessing ourselves.

We've been stressed and upset.

Then we tried to avoid it and started talking about adopting handicapped children.

Cause that would make everything less stressful... right?

And then this morning I'm walking around beating myself up.

Why can't I just stand up for what I think is right?

Why do I care what OTHER people will think?

I don't even agree with those people, so why on Earth would I let the fear of their judgments hold me back from doing what is best for my family?

Or at least trying.

Trying to choose to live a different life.

One that is supportive and challenging.

Not unsupportive and challenging.

Why do I keep setting a deadline that's several months away?

Why do I need to allow us to continue suffering when I know it isn't working?

Why can't I just stand up for what I believe in, TODAY?

Peer pressure that's why.

I'm always battling that demon.

So maybe I'll just say it here.

We're taking Kid out of school.

Hopefully soon.

It's not working.

There is some bullying.

There is intensely disappointing academics.

There is a classroom structure that I just fundamentally disagree with.

Kid is bored.

And exhausted from getting too little sleep.

Kid is tantruming after school.

Kid still has no friends.

And it is just a slow, corrosive torture on our whole family.

Kid used to love school.

Now when I get her after school she isn't excited to tell me about her day.

She's just sort of dull in the eyes.

Every day is like the one before, and she's just getting through it.

And I just don't believe a child should spend 7 hours a day like that.

And it's hurting my heart that I'm letting it happen.

That I'm more worried about what other people think, then what is actually happening.

So, we're going to pursue something better.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Polar Opposites

While it was not our intention, both of our girls left the American Girl Place with little expensive versions of themselves. Kid opted not to get suckered into the retiring of historical dolls (after a lengthy discussion of this marketing ploy... because once you start down that path where will it end?!). She picked out her mini me and we sprang for glasses to boot. I was hoping this might make the doll more of a play doll and less of a *too special to play* doll (like Kaya turned out to be).
Baby had just assumed she was getting a doll too. Um... she was not. And she was not happy to hear it. After some thought (we made the girls think about their choice for 2 days before we made our purchases), we decided to let her get one of the Bitty Baby twin dolls... which looked enough like her to meet her needs (and was half the price).

Once we got them back to the hotel room we unpacked them.

Baby immediately started brushing her doll's hair.
She slept with her doll slung across her chest, one real cheek joined to one plastic one (glued with sweat).

Kid put her doll carefully on an upholstered bench.
The next morning she had her doll boxed back up for travel.

Baby's doll rode in the back in her own seat with seat belt.
Kid's doll rode safely in it's box.

Baby's slept in the bed last night.
Kid's doll slept in it's box, where it had been since the morning before.

Kid's doll is still safe and sound and in perfect condition in it's box.
Baby's doll has a noose around it's neck and is being thrown forcefully face first onto the cold hard floor.
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