Monday, October 11, 2010

Polar Opposites

While it was not our intention, both of our girls left the American Girl Place with little expensive versions of themselves. Kid opted not to get suckered into the retiring of historical dolls (after a lengthy discussion of this marketing ploy... because once you start down that path where will it end?!). She picked out her mini me and we sprang for glasses to boot. I was hoping this might make the doll more of a play doll and less of a *too special to play* doll (like Kaya turned out to be).
Baby had just assumed she was getting a doll too. Um... she was not. And she was not happy to hear it. After some thought (we made the girls think about their choice for 2 days before we made our purchases), we decided to let her get one of the Bitty Baby twin dolls... which looked enough like her to meet her needs (and was half the price).

Once we got them back to the hotel room we unpacked them.

Baby immediately started brushing her doll's hair.
She slept with her doll slung across her chest, one real cheek joined to one plastic one (glued with sweat).

Kid put her doll carefully on an upholstered bench.
The next morning she had her doll boxed back up for travel.

Baby's doll rode in the back in her own seat with seat belt.
Kid's doll rode safely in it's box.

Baby's slept in the bed last night.
Kid's doll slept in it's box, where it had been since the morning before.

Kid's doll is still safe and sound and in perfect condition in it's box.
Baby's doll has a noose around it's neck and is being thrown forcefully face first onto the cold hard floor.


Gigs said...

So Kid's is still too special to play? Or that's just how she rolls? But yeah, sometimes I look at my kids' personalities and can't believe they are from the same genetic pool. Funny how different they can be...

Mr Furious said...

The other night in the hotel I had a moment of "Yikes! If we don't stop her, Baby's doll is going to look like Kojak—or Phylis Diller—by the end of the week." and then I decided to get over it. She's actually loving the doll, and is playing with it.

I look at that and regard one doll as a complete waste of money and one a sound investment. Depending on whether you value play or collectibility, your mileage may vary...

Mrs Furious said...

That's how she rolls. Most of her toys aren't played with. She will, however, happily play with Baby's toys.

She just got home and seeing Baby's doll said...
"Is she going to ruin her doll?"

And I said "At least she's playing with it."

And she said "Yes... I understand what you are saying."

Smitty said...

Is this in Baby's future?

Mrs Furious said...

Yesterday, I said "Oh, you might hurt her" , and Baby replied "It can't get hurt... it's not a human!"

G in Berlin said...

We did somewhat the same thing with our two (although expected to get the Bitty Twin (and was so grateful to be told that we didn'nt need to buy both!) but we have talked about the water rusting eyes and that if my younger lets her baby's nose get wached, I can't fix it. So the dolls are both a bit messed up, but I expect they'll get a childhood's use out of them. And they can add hair back later if too much gets pulled out:).

Mrs Furious said...

Yes that's what we got for Baby. She is young enough that we convinced her she looked more like a twin than a full size doll. And very happy that you can buy singular twins... or I don't know how we could have pulled that off.
Rusting eyes? If water gets on them I presume?

And, yeah, I'm sure Baby's doll will be getting refreshed at the hospital at some point!

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