Friday, October 15, 2010

The Cats Have Ringworm

Do you need me to go on?

I spent the entire day yesterday washing everything they've been on (everything) and vacuuming. Dipping them in a nasty sulphur solution. And trying to quarantine them. This is a goddamn nightmare. And it could go on for weeks if not a month or more. (They had it all along, just weren't showing symptoms when we adopted them).

Oh... and now I have it.


And Kid is routinely found reading in bed (nude) with cats nestled up on either side... so... um... I think she's next.

And, of course, this all went down while Mr F was out of town. Isn't that always the way?

Yes, it is.

It's like the lice all over again.

And I still managed to make Kid a kickass hair bow for her Cheerleading performance (thank you YouTube tutorial).

Oh and Kid didn't go to school today, or yesterday.

More to come.


Gigs said...

Okay, I have to say I did a quick search on this, and was somewhat relieved for you that it is a fungus like athlete's foot, and not an actual worm. That's good, right? What a pain in the ass for you. Glad to hear Kid's still doing cheer (does she love it?) even if you're still working out the school thing. It will all work out the way it should sooner or later (hopefully sooner for all of you!)

Mrs Furious said...

Yes, it's a fungus. But the crazy thing is that Mr F had it as a child (from kittens) and has a permanent scar the size of a golf ball on his head, which is more than a little apparent since he's going bald... so... we're a little on edge about it. The girls keep running around yelling "Am I going to go BALD?!!"
The good news is that our carpets are getting replaced next week... and with it... most of the contamination (since their hairs can be infected with it).

Mrs Furious said...

Oh and re:cheerleading...
it was just this one week camp. She alternately enjoyed it and was frustrated by it. Mostly because the practices were 2 hours long and went until 8 PM which is her usual bedtime. She didn't have any luck making any friends but she did enjoy the attention of the cheerleaders. They'll run it again in a couple of months for basketball and we'll see if she's up for it again. She's a perfectionist, so only a week of practice and then performing at a game with fans was stressful for her. I kept telling her that all of the kids were messing up, but she is hard on herself. Overall it was exciting for her (and sexy!) and I'm proud of her for stepping up to a challenge that was intimidating and making it through. She has really taken a lot of risks lately, and keeps on trying.
The last two days of her sleeping a little more have been so nice! For me... but also... for her mood. Huge difference. She is having a hard time deciding when she wanted to stop going to school, she's a rule follower so quitting is hard, but in the mornings it's been easier to just stay in bed ;) I think she'll go to school next week as her last week and go in and talk to her teacher & principal.

Marie said...

How are you going to handle the last week? Are you going to tell the school at the beginning that Friday will be her last day? Or on Friday just go "by the way...." I was just wondering if the school might make her last week more difficult if they label her as "one of THOSE.." or such. I would go with the Friday...or a letter the next week...cause I am a chicken when it comes to confrontation! LOL...

Good luck and I am glad its been better already with the "practice" days and extra sleep! Can't wait to hear your badass lessons! :)

Marie said... ringworm here..but when we adopted our two kittens about 6 months later we discovered they had fleas. FLEAS!! (thank you vet for not noticing when we took them in initially...). It took about 3 months and turning our house into a chemical fall-out but I think we are finally flea free... YUCK.

Gigs said...

I've didn't know ringworm could leave scars! We had the flea problem marie had when we got one of our does suck, but at least fleas can't leave scars...can they? I'm proud of Kid for putting herself out there with cheer too. It's awesome when you see your child surmount a known obstacle. And I've got a perfectionist here too (my high school freshman); sometimes it is so painful to watch him try to do so much and do it all perfectly. He is struggling with having been recommended for, and put into, an honors math class that he may not be adequetly prepared for, but refusing to drop to the mid-level math group (b/c to him dropping = failure, even though it would surely be easier for him to pull his usual As). This stuff really never ends - just changes the form it comes in. But Kid's got great parents who get her and advocate for her. That's why I know she will be successful and happy. She's a lucky little lady. BTW, do you have bday plans for her in the new neighborhood? Coming up soon!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I am freaking out about how to give our notice. I'm having Mr F do it. He doesn't care what they think so it's easier for him. If Kid wants to go next week (we're on the fence if that is a good idea or bad... I kind of think there is never going to be the *right* time and we should just cut the cord), then we'll go in and give our notice on Thursday. Then on Friday we'll bring her stuff home (this is her primary concern!). If she decides not to go back Mr F can just go in on Monday morning and let them know and Kid can go in after school and get her stuff. I don't know... it's giving me angina!

no bday plan yet. Up to now I thought she'd be in school and was debating if she'd have a big party out somewhere that would accommodate the entire class, since she didn't have any close school friends. Now I think maybe she'll have a smaller family/friend party.

G in Berlin said...

We took our daughter out "during" vacation, so she started at the new school the day after vacation. I did bring her back a week later, but only to say hi to her friends and good-bye to her teachers (she had made cards and loved the teacher- our change was due to the curriculum, not the socialization). If Kid doesn't have friends, why make her go back?
And with ringworm, the scarring generally comes when the fungus has been ignored too long and is on a hairy surface- you are attacking it right away and before you se any infection, so you shouldn't be stressed.

Mr Furious said...

"Scarring" is kind of a strong way to describe what happened to me from the ringworm as a kid. I have a swirl in my hair that looks like a haircut/clipper mistake more than anything else. Until I started buzzing my hair close due to losing it everywhere else, you never really knew it was there.

I suspect that when I was a kid, it went unnoticed too long because it was hidden.

We're on it now, and it shouldn't be a problem for the kids.

In theory.

Mr Furious said...

As for Kid and school, it times out well that we have an extended weekend to think about it (she didn't go Thurs and Fri).

Having Kid change her mind and want to go BACK is really the big issue now. I think if we get right on making the homeschool/no school as exciting and fun as possible, she won't have any remorse about leaving.

Mrs Furious said...

Um... scarring is not too strong of a word. He can't see his own head!

Mrs Furious said...

I don't need her to go back one more week. Originally I thought we'd go until Thanksgiving or Christmas break and it would all be a little neat & tidier in terms of the cutoff. I just want her to be sure, because she is a mind changer... and typically with some strong feelings when that change comes about. We're kind of at the point where we need to make the decision and just remove her from the process, she's 7 and both can't & shouldn't have to make a decision about what to do. It would just be easier for me if she cried everyday and said "I hate school!". She doesn't. She just isn't thriving, and that's a parental decision. I'm just at the freak out point of "what am I about to do?!!" And it would be easier (on me) if she was 100% initiating this. I have a deluded idea that one more week of school might provide her with this insight. I know it won't. I'm just chicken.

Deb said...

You had me (gagging) at ringworm.

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