Friday, June 20, 2008

On The Road Again

We're headed down to Asheville today.
Don't worry this time I am taking the computer. Hopefully I'll get to post pics of the potential houses.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's A Deal

Our house just sold. Of course we still have our contractor's inspection on Tuesday... but all that will mean is at most some money coming off the sale.

Now for the juicy part...

Mr F and I just had a major blow out about going down to Asheville this weekend. He thinks we should wait a week so that we have an extra day on the trip. I think what the hell difference is one day going to make? I know this for sure... if we don't get a house now we'll never get one that can turn around as fast as we need. What if my dream Victorian is gone next week?
While I don't want to jump into a house sale... there isn't really much choice. No matter what we're moving to a new city from out of state essentially sight unseen. Even if I don't find a house I feel sure about I NEED to go down there ASAP in order to start this process. In less than 4 weeks we're out of here and I need a place to go.

This Week's Reading Selections Brought To You By Kid


Has everybody already got their "Economic Stimulus Check"?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Return Of The Videos...

Assessing The Damage

Yesterday I was starving... not just a little hungry... starving. The kind of constant hunger that makes you wonder if you might have gotten a tapeworm or some such parasitic pariah while vacationing in paradise. Then I remembered how much I ate... and... the rate with which I was throwing back "the juice" (aka "the Dr"... "sir pep-a-lot" to you). It's possible that during the course of my two week binge-fest (starting with the lemon square bonanza during the house staging phase and ending with a week long vacation) that I "stretched" my stomach. It appears that I ate like such a wild pig that my body forgot what was normal consumption and now expects 5000 calories a day to survive. So I did the unthinkable... I weighed myself. I wasn't going to do it. I was planning to give myself a week to rebound but I felt like I needed to know where I stand and how much willpower I need to be bringing to the table this week. It turns out that my weight isn't so far off (it's off just not ridiculous off) but Sweet Jesus my goddamn body fat is through the freaking roof!!! Apparently when you go cold turkey on any type of exercise for 3 weeks you will actually become fatter... as in actually composed of more fat. Due to all the basement redoing and whatnot the TV (and even more importantly the TIVO) has been unplugged as has my dear old treadmill. Mr F is hooking 'em up for me tonight and I'm going to get back on the "Crazy Cardio" bandwagon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm back. It was a great trip and much needed.
We relaxed.
We got tan.
We collected sea shells.
We saw boats and sunsets and seals.
We clearly gained some weight.
We.... we....we sold our house!

Okay, okay, we may have sold our house. Things are getting hammered out today.

The good news? If this goes through then we are done. Done keeping it clean. Done showing it. Done trying not to "live in" our own freaking house too much.

The bad news? We got pressured into low balling our selling price and while I guess it worked... we can't shake the gnawing feeling that we could have gotten more (a much needed more I might add).

Oh the other bad news? That gives me 4 weeks to get all packed and moved... and I haven't even been to Asheville yet!
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