Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Return Of The Videos...


Julie said...

I loved seeing a video...I missed them!

Your hair looks fantastic.

Baby and Kid are as cute as ever:)

Good luck on the drive down to Ashville and the whole checking it out!

Haley said...

That baby should be in commercials -- oh the check-check cuteness!

Kiki said...

Ahhhh, a Furious video post, so happy!!! I am so excited to hear all about the new house hunt, so glad you like the realtor in NC, and most of all excited about the new Furious adventures!!!!

Glad your back, you look great and of course Kid and Baby couldn't be more precious!!! Keep your strength up, take care of yourself!!!

gooddog said...

seriously, i never knew kid and baby look so much alike! great to have you back for a couple of days. and ps, ALOT of us sound like John Edwards down here! It IS fun.

Gigs said...

I had people gathered 'round my computer to witness the cuteness of Baby Furious... Nothing attracts fellow moms like the adorable sound of baby speak... It was like bees to the hive!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh Baby would make a killing... she already hams it up to the camera!

thanks, it's good to be back :)

Yes Kid and Baby have similar facial features just different coloring and face shape. But a lot of Kid's baby pictures look more like Baby's than you might expect at first.

That is hilarious... I'm glad I could provide a little mom entertainment!

Andrea said...

Yeah Ive missed the videos and I could so kidnap baby she is so cute I miss that age oh wait Ill see that age again soon!

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