Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Assessing The Damage

Yesterday I was starving... not just a little hungry... starving. The kind of constant hunger that makes you wonder if you might have gotten a tapeworm or some such parasitic pariah while vacationing in paradise. Then I remembered how much I ate... and... the rate with which I was throwing back "the juice" (aka "the Dr"... "sir pep-a-lot" to you). It's possible that during the course of my two week binge-fest (starting with the lemon square bonanza during the house staging phase and ending with a week long vacation) that I "stretched" my stomach. It appears that I ate like such a wild pig that my body forgot what was normal consumption and now expects 5000 calories a day to survive. So I did the unthinkable... I weighed myself. I wasn't going to do it. I was planning to give myself a week to rebound but I felt like I needed to know where I stand and how much willpower I need to be bringing to the table this week. It turns out that my weight isn't so far off (it's off just not ridiculous off) but Sweet Jesus my goddamn body fat is through the freaking roof!!! Apparently when you go cold turkey on any type of exercise for 3 weeks you will actually become fatter... as in actually composed of more fat. Due to all the basement redoing and whatnot the TV (and even more importantly the TIVO) has been unplugged as has my dear old treadmill. Mr F is hooking 'em up for me tonight and I'm going to get back on the "Crazy Cardio" bandwagon.


titus said...

you should try to find devin alexander's show on discovery health called healthy decadence.... awesome show, teaches you how to make cravable foods for LOW calorie, like taco hell, mickey d's, pizza hut, awesome stuff. she also has some recipes online for these. i can vouch they are worth trying.... i really like trading spouses and nanny 911.. they're on cmt during the daytime and new episodes come on abc on wednesday nights starting at 7. i hope that helps. in my current situation i had to learn to love tv and alot of it. these are my few favorites, of course my fav of all j&k+8....

Haley said...

Ugh, I hate that first weigh-in post vacation/weekend off. Always so terrifying, but usually not as bad as you fear.

Hop back on that wagon -- you've done it before and you shall do it again! Not to mention, besides controlling the fat, it should hopefully put a dent in the moving stress. Hopefully.

Robin said...

Good for you for braving the scale (including the body fat.) Like Dr. Phil says, "you cannot change what you don't acknowledge." I have to tell myself that a lot.

I'm so glad you are back. :)

Mr Furious said...

At least I hooked up the new range first, so we can get back on the lemon squares!

Mrs Furious said...

who knew CMT aired regular shows? I'll have to check into that when the Tivo is hooked up.

" it should hopefully put a dent in the moving stress"
Yeah yeah yeah... that's what they all say. We'll see. I'll definitely be putting that to the test.

" Like Dr. Phil says"
and yet so true

Mr F,
I'm not making lemon squares until we start packing.

Laura said...

I'm trying to get back on track right now too... it's tough! What's ironic is, I did my first marathon a few weeks ago, and that's actually what got me "off" exercise because first I tried to rest up for a week before the marathon, then I needed to rest for a week after... and two weeks off just makes it hard to get back into it.

Heather said...

Dude. I went back to strength training after oh, I dunno, 2 months off? And I am SORE today. So I feel your pain with missing workouts and um, feeling the results. I've stopped looking at my body fat numbers, but I'm confident it'll come down with exercise. I was on a mission yesterday, I did high steps in the pool for 10-15 minutes, then walked to the grocery store and back (with groceries on the way back).

Julie said...

I hate that whole being starving thing after eating whateva for a period of time. Shrink that stomach, baby.

Mmm...lemon squares. I want that recipe. No, actually, I don't because I will be the only one to eat them in this house.

Love Robin's Dr. Phil quote. So damn true. It is how I gained so much weight in the first place...thinking that it is only 10 pounds and not 30.

Heather, I was such a lazy beached whale pregnant are so good about the exercise. I laid around and watched TLC's A Baby Story and ate PBJ's the entire time. Hence, the huge weight gain I guess.

Heather said...

Julie -- I've done NADA in 2 months, aside from whining while walking around Norway/Denmark with ice cream in hand. :)

I'm with you on the huge weight gain = 37 lbs, and 13 weeks to go. I predict I'll go over 50. Gawd.

Deb said...

Hit Blockbuster and check out all the previous seasons of "Weeds". I think it's one of the best shows on TV, and since we don't have HBO anymore, I am desperately waiting for the latest season to come out.

eurydice said...

i would pay upwards of $20 to find out my body fat %. i'm secretly hoping my current digital scale kicks the bucket soon so i can get a better one with fancy options like that!

Mrs Furious said...

"two weeks off just makes it hard to get back into it."
It doesn't seem to take long for the sloth in me to take back over ;)

Do NOT look at your fat % until 6 months after you have that baby! Trust me.

Shhh.... Krusteaz ;)
(somethings are better from a mix)
" I laid around and watched TLC's A Baby Story and ate PBJ's the entire time"
HA! Me too... but it was bowls of angel hair pasta...

Mrs Furious said...

Weeds... I'm on it.

Dude your body fat % is going to be low. Don't you have a friend with a guest pass to their gym? A lot of them have the body fat scales.

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