Friday, August 24, 2007

Bait and Switch

Those of you who are also my husband's readers will know that we at the Furious house take full advantage of our public library. In addition to the books, movies and cds we also rent magazines. We could pretend we are doing it to reduce our carbon footprint but in reality we do it so that Mr Furious and I won't kill each other! We both have a thing for the glossy (or even better... matte) finish of a high (or low!) end magazine and at one point had close to 20 subscriptions. We are both also hoarders and so you can see where this is all going.. I didn't want to throw out my Martha's and he didn't want to toss his mags either. Now we mostly "borrow" our magazines and no longer have to fight over our basement shelf space. So I was delighted when Mr Furious came home with this little baby last night and it is the first thing I picked up this morning.

Now I was getting very excited, you can see that it looks like those might be delicious looking cheesecake brownies. Where? you ask... Oh behind all those library stickers. And you see where it says "OWNIE INTS" I'm pretty sure under the sticker lies a B and an R. I'm not sure what comes before the "ints" maybe an H or a P and an O? Yeah you're catching on now... its kind of like playing Wheel of Fortune... only you don't win anything. So I scour the magazine for those brownies. Where the hell are they?!? Maybe those aren't brownies? They look like brownies.... I open the table of contents and sure enough page 44 "How to with Allie - brownies". Page 44.... hmmm.. page 40... turn page, ad, ad, ad,turn page, mother fucking 54!!!! Goddammit where are my brownies!?! Do NOT even tell me some "previous" reader absconded with the brownie recipe!! Goddamn library!!!!


The plateau has ended!

"By the Power of Greyskull... I have the Power!"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

And For Kicks...

For the record this is not my baby this is a random stranger's baby laughing. Even Mr. Furious was momentarily thrown by this... which is interesting since this baby doesn't look anything like our baby!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bat Wings

What's that you ask? Oh that, that hanging down fat sack? And where the hell did it come from?!?! I swear to god I didn't have those before I was pregnant... and yes I said those... I have a matching set of BAT WINGS!!! Now I'm not exactly sporting a flabby Oprah arm... YET!... but she's got 20 years on me. At this rate I could take flight by then! What the hell!?! And how do I get rid of them?!? Dude this is so not cool...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

God...These Things SUCK!

Planters "peanut butter cookie crisps" 100 Calorie Packs
Disgusting! I'm not even sure they taste like peanut butter... I'm not sure what they taste like. I am sure that they are terrible and a total waste of money and my precious calories! Damn marketing....

What I need is my cookie dough, which I will be making post-haste!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Meatballs on Tuesday

It is pouring out.
Not a little bit of rain but pouring.
I am not going to the grocery store, despite my desperate need for chocolate chips! I am pushing my menu back a day and will figure out something for tonight. This is why I don't like planning! And if you are all thinking I'm a wuss or I am just trying to come up with excuses to fail so I can go back to my old ways.... CURSES! It is not true! Number one it is a complete pain in the ass to go shopping when it is pouring... and no it is not going to let up later, we are getting 5" today!... your bags get all wet and rip... Okay, okay not mine because I have these bad ass reusable bags... but you get the point. Plus I have the two kids who are going to get soaked, especially Baby Furious, since I don't have a raincoat for her, and have you ever tried to hold an umbrella with your teeth while trying desperately to buckle in your baby?!? I have.... and I don't intend to do it again. Meatballs on Tuesday. Back off!

This Week... the plan

So I was up last night lying in bed, filled with anxiety, thinking of this week's menu. My anxiety and sleeplessness might also have been due to the cup of coffee I had, to satisfy a chocolate craving (it works!), right before bed. But either way menu planning, although completely effective and I sing its praises, is still not natural to me.

Here it is...

Monday: spaghetti & meatballs (also make 3 extra batches for freezer... that's what happens when you over think things!)
Tuesday: cornflake crusted tilapia, green beans & oven fries
Wednesday: chicken (in Stubb's...mmmm) & barley salad
Thursday: meatball subs, salad
Fri: take-out
Sat: wedding
Sunday: shrimp & pasta salad

Also I'm making the cookie dough again. I haven't lost any weight since I ran out, and I gave it a full week to really see. At this point I am calling this a plateau and you all know what worked last time... The Magic Cookie Dough... so I am bringing it back.
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