Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not To Beat A Dead Horse, But...

Seeing as I had nearly 2000 hits a day during this past week... it appears that you all are interested in the "in-law incident".

For those of you have have been wondering how this came about let me explain. Because it is important to know that I did not know my mother in law (or her extended family) was reading. In fact the whole reason I actually don't feel crippled with guilt is that I know my own heart on this one... and I know I wasn't writing anything about anyone to intentionally hurt their feelings. If I had known who was reading I would have altered my writing.

So what about the infamous holiday letter? Ah yes. The holiday letter. Well the thing is although the blog was a "here's what Mrs F is up to" tidbit... we didn't actually think it would interest many. Let's face it Mr F has had a blog for years (which was also mentioned in several past letters) and he didn't exactly rack up a devout family following (not that your blog isn't any good Honey). So why on Earth would we think these same people would take a sudden interest in mine? Naive? I don't know. The card was sent to a couple of his aunts and uncles (you know the card sending usual) who are in their 50s and 60s... not all of whom are computer savvy or have jobs with ample "blog downtime". It's not like they have blogs of their own. After the letter where we talked about my cake decorating (Xmas '04) it's not like anyone called with a cake order if you know what I mean. It just seemed so incredibly unlikely. And with no feedback (no comments, no emails, no phone calls... no mention whatsoever) it really never occurred to me that they were reading. In fact I would have bet serious money that they weren't.

At this point I feel this way... I'm going to write what I want. Not out of rebellion but because I feel that I have made my peace with the situation. And because the blog is both more interesting to write and interesting to read when I am as uncensored as possible. Am I sorry that my Mother-in-law's feelings were hurt? Absolutely. Do I wish her family, who knew she was reading and hurt, had told me MONTHS ago? Yes (and I can't really understand their actions). But do I feel that what I wrote was cruel? No. It wasn't written to be seen by her. It isn't any different than the countless times she (and everyone else reading) has gossiped or complained about her own extended family. It's human nature. It's why I've had 2000 hits a day. At this point they can read at their own risk. I've asked that they not, but I, of course, can't enforce that.

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

No we haven't heard back from the job in Asheville.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yep I'm One Of Those People

The kind that loses weight when stressed....

Looks like a little interpersonal conflict has it's upside:

That weight is at 6 PM people... not my usual first thing in the AM "empty vessel" weight.

Check it...
8 = Thin & Muscular = Athlete = Badass

I officially have the body fat of a man...

And the metabolism of a 12 year old...

Feeling Better Than Ever... Seriously

This whole situation has actually brought to light, and completely illustrated for me (and for the readership), precisely why I have difficulty fitting into Mr F's family. Mr F and I had been certain that his mother was not reading the blog. We were, it turns out, wrong. I think there has been a pervasive feeling amongst his family that we did know and were writing things to be hurtful. That is not the case... and is in direct opposition to how I handle both my feelings and my relationships. In fact upon learning this morning that she had been reading I immediately wrote her a letter to address it.

His family holds the opinion that this blog is damaging, or could be damaging if it went on "unchecked", to our already fragile relationship. I don't agree. The thing that is damaging to the relationship is the complete and utter lack of direct communication. If you were reading it, and upset by it, it would have taken one conversation, which I would have willingly had, to explain the situation. And if that happened maybe the relationship would have been able to correct itself or improve in that area.

If I wrote something that was upsetting to my own mother she would either find a place for that feeling, discuss it with me, or in the unlikely case that she were so upset that she discussed it with my siblings they would have called me themselves to let me know. We communicate. Sometimes that means things are said you don't want to hear and that can be difficult, or uncomfortable, or infuriating. Sometimes you have to air those feelings in order to make room for a new way to perceive each other. We may have more drama and conflict but we also have a deeper closeness because of it. Even if my brother and I weren't speaking he's the first person (and was) to speed to the hospital to sit by my side as we watched vigil over Kid that terrible day and night. Conflict does not erase or negate love. In fact I find it is usually a sign of a desire for a deeper connection. And if you have the patience and insight to work through the differences you may come out closer than you ever were.

Having said that I highly doubt that will be the outcome. I highly doubt I will receive a response to the letter I wrote... as I have never received any response to my past attempts. And I'm okay with that. It has been nearly ten years. The relationship isn't better or worse. It, as Mr F so eloquently put it, "withers on the vine". The fact that she has been reading is her choice and I can't be responsible for her decision or how she has chosen to handle that decision.

So it's out there. It crashed and burned... and you know what? We all survived. And I feel lighter for it. So they've been reading. So they've been judging me. I'm not going to die or even be embarrassed about it. It was unfortunate, and not what I had intended, but maybe there is room here to grow. If this is rock bottom in the relationship it isn't that bad. I can sit here. And knowing where we stand, and what is what, and who has and hasn't been reading, is no longer a looming cloud. It is what it is. I am who I am. And I'm comfortable with that.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sometimes You Just Need A Good Laugh

One More Thing...

To all you outraged "relations".
Where the hell were you when our family has faced sorrow and unbearable difficulties?
We're you reading the blog?
We're you here lurking bearing witness to the pain of a mother as she cares for her sick child?
And yet never once... never once commenting a supportive comment or sending a thoughtful email.
Shame on you.
Shame on you for looking for the bad in a situation and in someone.

I cannot believe that someone has the fucking audacity to feel outrage that I would complain about a bad brunch, in my personal space in an anonymous format, and yet are able to write this about a person they hardly know:

"Shame on you !! I have been reading you "blog" for months. You are a most selfish wife. And if you were my daugher in law, I would disown you. But that might make you happy. And why would I want to do that. You are a psychotic bitch! You are stuck on only yourself.You are the most disrespectful, stuck up, pompous ass I have ever come across. ( and a lousy housekeeper) I assume that your children suffer for inadequacies. And Mr. F.doesnt seem to have much of a spine either. How dare you throw away gifts from the girls matter how trivial they may seem to you, they meant enough from her to be sent to them. Some day they will see you for the selfish person you are. And your recipes..( If I were you, I would not share them or the the pictures,(especially of yourself) some of us want to keep our lunch down!!) Who ever told you that you can cook???? And for your supporters-alot of them need a trip to the therapist too. Or better yet- I think that Divorce Court might be a better place. Maybe Mr.F. may find his spine again!!"

You may be "related" but you do not know me or my family.
I honestly don't care if this makes it worse. We don't want your friendship or your presence in our family.
And we certainly do not want your presence on the blog.
That was despicable.
I am ashamed for you.

Cease And Desist

I would like to make a note to the Connecticut readership that has suddenly flourished in the last few days...
Please stop reading my blog.
You are not invited to do so.
If you continue to visit the blog you are doing so against my wishes and are invading my privacy.
This is an anonymous blog that was not written as a "family blog". I am sorry if you were mislead.
It appears that you are not able to read the blog in the way in which is was meant to be read and for everyone's well being I request that you stop.

Jungle Fever

Welcome to Paradise...

Yet Another Blow...

Kid got up early and puked.

I'm on seizure watch.

See you later.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Twilight Zone...

WTF is going on?!?

You are reading my blog. A blog is an online journal. You are reading my online journal. If you don't like it then don't read it. It's not going to change.

If you are reading it and think you were "invited" to read my blog... you are mistaken. No one has ever been "invited" to read my blog. The only people who have been given my blogs address are my good friends and close family members.

If you are related to Mr F and have taken offense at the few (very few) posts written about my difficult relationship with his parents I am sorry for that. But I did not know you were reading the blog. I did not write the holiday letter (which was not sent to very many people... and not to his parents... and not to the cousin who commented...) and I know for a fact that my blog address was not included. Mentioning that I have a blog is not the same thing as asking you to read it. If you have been reading the blog for 5 months and have enjoyed it so be it. I can only hope that you read it the way you would read any humorous blog and that you are able to detach yourself from some of the posts... and read them in the way they were written. If you cannot then you shouldn't read the blog. I wish that you wouldn't... it is obviously uncomfortable for everyone involved. If you googled my blog and have been reading it without commenting you need to know that I do not know you are a reader (and have not assumed you would be) and was not able to take your readership into account when writing my posts. However, I have written hundreds of posts and no more than a handful have mentioned my relationship with my in-laws. They really aren't a dominating presence on the blog or in my life. If you have just come to the blog this week you have a very distorted view of my blog. Again I'm sorry if you read it as an attack... but it is my space and I write about my feelings both good and bad.

Having said all that I must point out that these two comments...
"You are so self-centered & I can't believe other people are actually dumb enough to get off on your blog. Particularly because, as a niece of your inlaws, I feel as though your blog is full of mistruths & lies.
You had boasted about the sucess of your blog in your holiday letter, yet you have the nerve, stupidity, & arrogance to complain about those that you sent the letter to.
What kind of person blogs & bitches about their family & inlaws, when you know everyone has access?!?
I could truly write a few more pages about your character, but I have more class than you to destroy an individuals character. Although in my case it wouldn't be the cheap half-truths that you take at others.

"You are so self-centered & I can't believe you all get off on this blog!!! It is a pile of shit.
What kind of person blogs & bitches about their family & inlaws, when you know everyone has access?!?
You had boasted about the sucess of your blog in your holiday letter.
Talk about nerve!!!

Are far and away more judgmental and character blasting than anything I have ever written about anyone. Ever. I would, in fact, never write something that condemning on my own blog let alone comment that way on someone else's. If you have pages to write please do... on your own blog. The truth is you don't know me. Please stop reading.

If you are "swalk"
I enjoyed this comment too...
"Shame on you !! I have been reading you "blog" for months. You are a most selfish wife. And if you were my daugher in law, I would disown you. But that might make you happy. And why would I want to do that. You are a psychotic bitch! You are stuck on only yourself.You are the most disrespectful, stuck up, pompous ass I have ever come across. ( and a lousy housekeeper) I assume that your children suffer for inadequacies. And Mr. F.doesnt seem to have much of a spine either. How dare you throw away gifts from the girls matter how trivial they may seem to you, they meant enough from her to be sent to them. Some day they will see you for the selfish person you are. And your recipes..( If I were you, I would not share them or the the pictures,(especially of yourself) some of us want to keep our lunch down!!) Who ever told you that you can cook???? And for your supporters-alot of them need a trip to the therapist too. Or better yet- I think that Divorce Court might be a better place. Maybe Mr.F. may find his spine again!!


I feel sorry for you-find a good therapist Miss Genious


Because it is ... CRAZY.
Please stop reading the blog... you are clearly torturing yourself.

A Note From Mr F

Hoo Boy. I think I need to step in and address something...
An Open Letter to My Family,

This is Mrs F's blog. She writes about whatever she wants to, and with very rare exception I don't ever have a problem with anything she's ever posted.

This is a personal space. It is a diary. Mrs F shares her thoughts and feelings here with what has become a pretty close group of supportive, yet mostly anonymous "friends."

It can be about safe topics like organic foods, recipes, kids or shopping. But this blog is really about her life. Good and not-as-good.

But more than anything else, this blog is honest. Always. And despite today's objection from my cousin, nobody has ever been treated cruelly here.

This isn't a "family keep-in-touch blog."

Not everything here (or at my blog for that matter) is suitable for everyone. No one has ever been "invited to" or "excluded from" here. If you read, it is your choice—and if you read something you don't like, it is up to you decide what you want to do with that. Do NOT expect things here to be stifled. I have lived the first 30-plus years of my life withdrawn and suppressing emotions, and the single biggest impact Mrs F has had on my life has been helping me break through that, and I will NEVER ask her to do the opposite.

Nothing here is ever written to hurt anyone's feelings. But at the same time, it is not Mrs F's job to protect everyone from their own feelings.

Two of my sisters read the blog. And comment—not as regularly as some of you, but it's a pretty safe bet that they'll see this. It will probably make them uncomfortable, and I'm sorry about that, but they'll live. They can acknowledge everything they read here is true and own it—[gasp!] sometimes their brother might be an asshole—or they can pretend everything is always perfectly normal and not think about it—and live only on the surface—it's what we in my family were all trained to do.

My parents may or may not have ever read the blog. I honestly cannot see them being interested in anything that takes place here at all topically, and the fact that it constantly deals with actual emotions and opinions, etc is nothing I expect they want to experience regularly. Either way, they have never discussed it with us and they were just here.

So, as far as I'm concerned, if my mom, dad or anyone else surreptitiously reads the blog without ever revealing it, it's akin to reading somebody's diary when they're not in their room and taking offense at what they find.

This isn't talking behind their back—we've tried to have a dialogue about all of this stuff with them, I poured it all out and we went waaay out on the limb—it went nowhere. Mrs F has done more than anyone in my family to foster the relationships that we have let whither on the vine. Through her efforts much of that has improved, but only as far as all parties will let it. My parents force a level of interaction that is far more shallow than I would like, and that means painful awkwardness or complete cluelessness depending on how aware you want to be. A visit means lots of small talk, tiptoeing and when they leave, there is usually some pressure that needs to be let off.

That's what this blog is for.

There's a natural reaction from me to ask Mrs F to pretend this weekend never happened—but that's not being honest. Not by me, and it's not right to expect her to pretend Mothers Day was great if it wasn't or that "everything's swell" when it's not.

It is her blog, and she shouldn't have to censor herself to protect my family—they are all adults.

If you ever read anything here that brings you up short or offends you, before you lash out at Mrs F., or condemn her, stop to think about why you reacted that way. If you think she's crazy for breastfeeding a two-year-old or for co-sleeping, maybe you have some of your own guilt to deal with. If you are offended that somebody would dare say something truthful and admit their family is less than perfect, than perhaps that, too, is an issue you need to deal with.

Love (and tough-love, too),
Mr. F.

Let The Birthday Adventure Begin!

Mr F pack your bags.
We're headed to the Rainforest Jungles of Borneo!
Believe it.

Cheesy? Yes.
Potentially gross? Maybe.
But surely Mr F will never forget spending his 40th birthday at the weird, yet strangely appealing, "Hot Tub Gardens".

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down In The Dumps

I'm feeling a bit depressed.
This weekend really sucked the life out of me and has left me just depleted. Even though nothing really went down... no actual disagreements or some other horrible type situation... having to stifle my emotions for 72 hours is exhausting.
I don't know how they do it every day.
I really just can't imagine living my whole life with a great big dampener covering everything. It doesn't just affect the negatives but the positives as well. If you aren't open to feeling, and bearing witness to, a full range of emotion you aren't just protecting yourself from sorrow and pain... you're preventing yourself from feeling happiness to its full extent.
It's sad.

Comedy or Tragedy... You Decide

Some background information before we begin:
Mr F's parents do not like to go out to eat... or rather not outside of a very rare occasion. They particularly don't like to go out for breakfast. I'm unsure exactly why... I don't know if that seems like a particularly wasteful meal to go out for, or if they are just too food picky to eat someone else's eggs. I imagine it is a bit of both.
We love to go out for brunch... particularly a good brunch buffet. Love it.

This Mother's Day fell on a Sunday... like it always does. This particular Sunday was the last day of Mr F's parents visit. The fact that it was Mother's Day (my Mother's Day) trumped the fact that they were in town and Mr F booked reservations at a local hotel for brunch.

This is a pretty nice restaurant and we've had brunch there quite a few times. They have a nice buffet and it is surprisingly inexpensive. Win win right? Who wouldn't like that? Which is exactly why we took Mr F's parents there on a previous visit. That is how we found out how seriously they take their "we don't like to eat out for breakfast... especially buffets" stance. They ordered a muffin off the menu. Seriously. The buffet was all you can eat with a freaking carving station, drinks included, for 9.99 but whatever...

Well there aren't a whole lot of nice type breakfast venues to choose from so Mr F made reservations there (Weber's for you local readers). Mr F being Mr F he didn't ask any questions about their "Mother's Day Brunch". Nor was he tipped off by the 2 PM reservation slot when normally they have switched to the menu by then. He booked it. He told me... but he didn't not tell his parents... not when they arrived, not the following day... not even Sunday morning. At approximately 12 PM I asked Mr F if he was operating in "secret mode". He laughed and said he was operating on an "as need to know basis". Perfect... because that tactic has been so useful in the past...

Shortly thereafter Mr F finally decides it is time to inform his parents that we are going out to brunch at 2. I sense a stiffening and maybe a confusion since 2 is pretty late for brunch so I pipe up "Linner... we're going out for linner." Funny... yes I know (Trust me it's not a discriminating audience and there is no point in busting out my A- list humor). Pretty close to 2 PM I make mention that it is close to 2 PM. Yes that's kind of how it goes during these visits. Noticing that Mr F's parents were... um... in casual attire (and by casual I do mean a brown sweat suit) I decide to wear jeans. Not because it was appropriate (it wasn't) but because I didn't want them to feel awkwardly underdressed. Of course it would have been better if Mr F had told them of the plans ahead of time so they could have dressed nicely... but that's a whole different post.

We get everyone in the car and head out. The first sign of our impending doom was visible from quite a ways off. Hundreds of cars were in the parking lot... and on the surrounding grass. I've seen that before... when they are having their "special" dining for Thanksgiving. It never occurred to me that this would be one of those holidays. As it turns out they had over 3000 reservations on Sunday. It was a madhouse. Did I already mention that Mr F's parents don't like to go out to eat and are pretty out of their element when going to Chili's... yeah so you can start to see this is not going to go well.

The last time we were at Weber's for a holiday was Thanksgiving of '03. I had been making my mother's wedding cake and could not take the evening off to go out to her house for dinner. We ate at the hotel with friends. It wasn't good. The food wasn't bad but the atmosphere of the (clearly) third tier banquet room... sitting at long tables with strangers (hey like the Pilgrims!)... other people's crumbs and food bits covering the floor... was less than festive. Apparently it is impossible to turn these tables over as quickly as they are and keep things appealing. So when his mom and I got inside and the maitre 'de said "Brunch? You need to check in downstairs." I knew Mr F had royally fucked up.

To start things down the slippery slope to Hell was the checking in process. The reservation is really just a ballpark time apparently. You check in and then are seated in order. We were #13 to check in for 2 PM. We were seated around 3 PM. Fine. While we're waiting we can see into a gorgeous banquet room. When our name is called we are told we're going to "The Atrium". Oh Uh. Remember that 3rd tier banquet room? The one right next to the indoor pool? Yup... that's "The Atrium".

On the way there Mr F's mother pipes up to the hostess "I'm so glad we are being seated before the woman who cut in front of us." I'm sorry what? I checked us in. We had a reservation. No one was cutting... it was just a total madhouse. "What?" I ask. "The woman who barged in with the 2:30 PM reservation I'm glad we got seated first!" She replied. To which the hostess said "Oh well we go by reservation time and seat all the 2s before the 2:30s." "Well... I really didn't want to see her get a way with it" My MIL continues. What is there even to say... um... she didn't... why are we bitching about that?

Now we enter the "banquet room". Hmm... 2 PM means a LOT of people have already eaten in here.... and it shows. We get seated at a table with no settings. The food is not "hot"... not bad... but not "hot". My FIL has a thing for his food being served piping hot. Since I'm sitting next to Baby (of course) and I am on kid food prep duty my food is not going to be hot either which way so I might not have noticed had I not overheard him saying to my MIL "it's not hot (referring to his coffee) either is the food." I'm a little tense because obviously this is pretty much a worst case dining scenario. On top of that no one is talking... well outside of muttered complaints.

So I'm "enjoying" my Mother's Day. Eating cold food, drinking room temperature coffee (yum), and wrangling the wild one while she rubs watermelon all over the white tablecloth. Just then I notice a commotion at a table behind us. Some woman is yelling at the manager about something... fun... that definitely improves the mood. And then... then people... the goddamn emergency door alarm gets triggered. So there we are sitting, awkwardly not talking, with the alarm going off for a good 5 minutes. It was really unbelievable. I almost could have cried had it not been just so perfect... so perfectly horrendous. I mean really what else could have gone wrong... oh I know...

When my FIL finally got the attention of the wait staff (who never cleared our plates mind you...we actually "bussed" our own table) and complained about the cold coffee... the waiter poured him a fresh cup... and kept on pouring... until it had overflowed the cup... and the saucer. Okay now that is perfect. Could we just stop there?

No you say? You'd be right...

When we get the bill I think I see a 7 on the upside down slip and think to myself "You have got to be kidding me... 70 bucks?!" So I pick it up and see that it is actually closer to 80. Okay so apparently Mr F did not ask how much this "Special Mother's Day Brunch (in Hell)" was. Well I know his Dad would have a heart attack if he had any idea that is how much it was so I hand it to Mr F. He is unphased (of course). I'm pissed. On top of a horrible day and truthfully horrible brunch with horrible service we are now out 80 bucks.

Out of nowhere his Dad gets up and intercepts the waiter and apparently gives his own credit card. While I'm anxious because I didn't really wish for him to know how much it was, I'm also relieved because I won't have to go home resenting everyone as much as if we had paid (just being honest folks). When his Dad sits down to pay the bill he says to me (yes the first thing he had said all day) "How much tip should I pay on this?" Are kidding me? Why are you asking me? How about asking your freaking son who is sitting right next to me? So I said "I don't know." And he said "Well how much would you usually tip for Mother's Day Brunch?" Well... I wouldn't.... I'm the mom! After an awkward pause I said "I don't know... we've never been here for Mother's Day Brunch before." (a refrain that I had repeated about 100 times since the moment we had arrived in the parking lot... along with "Ask [Mr F]... he made the reservation.") Since he wouldn't relent I just said "well I would certainly not give more than 10%."

He paid the check and then looked at us and said "Well.... Happy Birthday [Mr F].... and Happy Mother's Day [Mrs F]." in as flat an affect as possible.
Um.... thanks?

Monday, May 12, 2008

This Week The Plan

I don't have the energy left in my to wrap up last week. It sucked. We still haven't heard the word on the Asheville job. Mr F's parents are gone. I ate way too much and didn't exercise enough.

Onto this week...
After the $130 ticket, the $480 MI state tax penalty, Kid's new glasses, my NY state social work license renewal, & renewing both cars plates last week... talk about cha-ching... I am trying to plan the cheapest grocery week of all time.


Monday - Spaghetti w/ mixed vegetables

Tuesday - hummus, pita, turkey & tomato salad

Wednesday - Mr F's 40th birthday!! Triple Berry Pie

Thursday - eggs, toast & fruit salad

Friday - pizza night

Saturday - Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon, veggie stir fry & spring rolls

Sunday - Tomato & Meatball Soup w/ crescent rolls

Diet & Exercise:
I'm going hard core this week. I really need to get back on the exercise wagon. This week I'm actually going to calorie count and keep under 1900 calories (except Mr F's b'day). I'm also going to do 1 hour of pilates and 4 hours of cardio. Period. I"m going to do it. I'm not weighing myself this week... because I'm sure I gained and I just don't need to know about it. I'm fixing it. I'll weigh-in next week.

Errands & Chores:

Monday - put away clothes, do laundry

Tuesday - vacuum, Target, grocery shop

Wednesday - make pie

Thursday - vacuum upstairs & hallway

Friday - zoo?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Update

Okay I'm back

This One Goes Out To The Ones I Love

The moment, the very first moment, your eyes looked into mine I loved you in a way I had never loved or known I could. You girls are my everything.

Not a single day goes by that I do not thank the powers that be that you, my dear Ruby, are alive. And of course not just alive as in born... but alive as in you have survived. More than any young little body should have to. But I am thankful that you have... and grateful, so grateful, because not every mother is so lucky.

And Charlotte, my little wild one, I am thankful everyday that you are... that you exist on this Earth and in our home. That you were chosen and came to be. You have touched my heart and changed our family. You are small but mighty and my heart is filled to over flowing.

Good Times

Yesterday I drove back to my hometown of Rochester to attend a good friend's bridal shower. I was pretty excited to head out for a couple of reasons...

#1 I absolutely love this family. Seriously. They were practically my adoptive family during my high school years and really made what could have been a pretty bad few years for me completely bearable. I always felt welcome... and that was something I didn't necessarily feel at home. Also they are just a fun loud family... the whole extended family... and they never disappoint.

#2 The shower was being held at Kruse & Muer ... my all time favorite hometown restaurant. My family no longer lives in Rochester... but when they did I'd inevitably head here to eat EVERY time I went home. Why? might ask... well, I"ll tell you... because they have the best bread I've ever had in my life. Period. I don't know anyone who doesn't love it. When I was in high school you could actually pop in and just buy a "bag of bread". It's kind of like a baguette made of pizza dough, rolled in oil and covered in salt, poppy seeds & other herbs. Fantastic and addicting.

#3 This is the very same restaurant where I met Justin when I came out to meet up with blogger friend Heather. And that is literally the third thing to pop into my mind... "How great would that be if Justin was there?!?!" You might recall that I felt compelled to write about him after he waited on our table and that he actually came to my blog and commented. Oh those were some good times....

Anyway yesterday I hit some unfortunate road closures and despite my best intentions was running about 15 minutes late. I had planned to ask the wait staff when I arrived if Justin was on duty.... because how could I not?... it would be too funny to miss! But I was late and I didn't feel I had any time for shenanigans. When I parked my car I saw another waiter heading in and thought to ask him but then I kind of had an odd moment of shyness and I just went straight into the party.

Well not moments after saying my hellos who do you think walks into the room?

YES! The one and only Justin was actually assigned to serve the party. How freaking great is that?! I think Justin was more than I little shocked to see me... I mean why wouldn't he be? It's been over 4 months since our infamous meeting. Since then I've cut my own hair... yes, Justin, I cut it myself... believe it! I've gone on with my little bloggy life and he's gone on serving other crazy women (possibly not quite as crazy). Anyway having Justin there only improved what was already a fun outing for me. He gave me the VIP treatment. Seriously it was the best. It was like I had my own special waiter. It almost made me feel a little bit famous.

Shhh... he even sent me home with fresh bread...

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