Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down In The Dumps

I'm feeling a bit depressed.
This weekend really sucked the life out of me and has left me just depleted. Even though nothing really went down... no actual disagreements or some other horrible type situation... having to stifle my emotions for 72 hours is exhausting.
I don't know how they do it every day.
I really just can't imagine living my whole life with a great big dampener covering everything. It doesn't just affect the negatives but the positives as well. If you aren't open to feeling, and bearing witness to, a full range of emotion you aren't just protecting yourself from sorrow and pain... you're preventing yourself from feeling happiness to its full extent.
It's sad.


P.O.M. said...

Want me to sing for you?
Just kidding, that would make you cry.

Hope you're able to shake off the In-Law residue soon!

Cindy said...

Good lord, woman! Why wouldn't you feel depressed after the weekend with the in-laws from hell (sorry, Mr. F, but the truth will out), the stress of wondering and waiting on word from Mr. F's Asheville gig, and the financial hits you've taken in the last week. It sucks to spend money on non-fun stuff.

Give yourself a few days, or more, if you need it to catch your breath. Take a do-over on Mom's day with just you guys.

Think of the bad times as great blog fodder. Lots of times something you tell your readers about strikes a familiar chord, even when you're probably thinking "No one would believe this." And I for one am up for the 20-minute video. While telling a tale at work today, caught myself saying "OK people."


Heather said...

Cindy I think you're OK until you start saying "check check" at the end of statements.

Mrs F, I agree with Cindy -- just let it all hang out, and maybe let yourself be a little down today. Taking a walk always helps me -- are the kiddos amenable to that?

Mrs Furious said...

"While telling a tale at work today, caught myself saying "OK people." "

Thanks for that... I got a good chuckle out of it! :)

"Hope you're able to shake off the In-Law residue soon!"
me too.

Robin said...

I'm sorry you are in the dumps. You've had a lot of crap going on the past few days. I hope it passes soon.

Shirls said...

I totally agree, without the lows how the heck are you suppose to know when its a high?

Julie said...

I'd send you some happy karma, but I am pms-ing and got none. Sorry:(

Man, emotional stuff is so draining and depressing. The whole "silent" passive agressive stuff is way worse than the in your face fighting stuff. I am so sorry that you and Mr F had to deal with all that.

You and Mr F have enough love for your little girls that they will never miss out on anything. Truly. I so know where you are coming from with the whole grandparents visit, but don't really hang with the kids thing...that is tough.

The job thing is a MAJOR DRAG. I hate the whole waiting and waiting. You just feel like your whole life is on hold. It really brings home the notion that just because it is your priority doesn't mean it is their (being the job) priority. We totally have been there on that front.

Cheer up, we blog bad-asses love you:) Actually just call me fat ass, that is so totally how I feel today. Thank you so much womanhood.

Mrs Furious said...

I was going to go to Target... but you're right I need my workout. I'm heading down to the treadmill!

I love that you're using your new picture! Looks great!!

I'm hoping it can't get any worse... knock on wood.

I'm right there with you on the PMS front (obviously not helping things!!).

Oh God ladies wait until tomorrow when I reveal my birthday plans for Mr F... there is no way this is not going down as the funniest b'day of all time!

Amy said...

i feel the EXACT same way about my in-laws. Well, not my FIL because he's the only one in his family besides my husband who actually GETS me. But DH's got a whole slew of catty gossipy sisters who I want to stab in the eyeball with poison pens each time I have to spend more than 15 minutes with them. 72 hours? i'd probably stab myself with a poison pen.

Deb said...

When you get your second wind, step back and yell, "THANK THE F*CKING UNIVERSE THAT'S NOT MY LIFE!!" into the wind.

Spending time with them gives you the opportunity to contrast their life with yours. You and Mr. F are raising your family entirely differently. Those girls are surrounded by joy and laughter (sarcasm and dry wit), but they'll have a place to land when things are rough and they'll know they won't have to hunker down and weather the emotional storm alone. They'll know they can tear open the hatches and just be present for the bad and good. That's an amazing gift you're giving them. ((HUGS))

Heather said...

I also second what Deb says. I'm out of original thoughts today!

Deborah said...

*I* am depressed about your weekend and I wasn't even there. Really. I think you are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. It is very stressful to try and hold your emotions in check in those situations. Once those bad in-law vibes are gone, you'll feel better. You may have to open a few windows and maybe hire an exorcist. But it will get better.

Mrs Furious said...

"I think you are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome."

Mrs Furious said...

well put.

ashley said...

You have reason to be upset.

Remember how awesome your family is. You guys are FUN! And I love reading about everything that comes out of that big house of yours.

Kiki said...

Mrs. F., You know I read this post and had to marinate for a few before commenting, I wish there was an easy way to console through a comment, but I know there isn't, it has to be enough for you that we all adore you and when you are feeling depressed that we will lift you up and whether that is through making you smile or offering our support and condolences, we are on your side...always!

You and Mr.F are great parents, you are an awesome mom and a wise woman...sending you all good wishes and lots of hugs!!!

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