Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Twilight Zone...

WTF is going on?!?

You are reading my blog. A blog is an online journal. You are reading my online journal. If you don't like it then don't read it. It's not going to change.

If you are reading it and think you were "invited" to read my blog... you are mistaken. No one has ever been "invited" to read my blog. The only people who have been given my blogs address are my good friends and close family members.

If you are related to Mr F and have taken offense at the few (very few) posts written about my difficult relationship with his parents I am sorry for that. But I did not know you were reading the blog. I did not write the holiday letter (which was not sent to very many people... and not to his parents... and not to the cousin who commented...) and I know for a fact that my blog address was not included. Mentioning that I have a blog is not the same thing as asking you to read it. If you have been reading the blog for 5 months and have enjoyed it so be it. I can only hope that you read it the way you would read any humorous blog and that you are able to detach yourself from some of the posts... and read them in the way they were written. If you cannot then you shouldn't read the blog. I wish that you wouldn't... it is obviously uncomfortable for everyone involved. If you googled my blog and have been reading it without commenting you need to know that I do not know you are a reader (and have not assumed you would be) and was not able to take your readership into account when writing my posts. However, I have written hundreds of posts and no more than a handful have mentioned my relationship with my in-laws. They really aren't a dominating presence on the blog or in my life. If you have just come to the blog this week you have a very distorted view of my blog. Again I'm sorry if you read it as an attack... but it is my space and I write about my feelings both good and bad.

Having said all that I must point out that these two comments...
"You are so self-centered & I can't believe other people are actually dumb enough to get off on your blog. Particularly because, as a niece of your inlaws, I feel as though your blog is full of mistruths & lies.
You had boasted about the sucess of your blog in your holiday letter, yet you have the nerve, stupidity, & arrogance to complain about those that you sent the letter to.
What kind of person blogs & bitches about their family & inlaws, when you know everyone has access?!?
I could truly write a few more pages about your character, but I have more class than you to destroy an individuals character. Although in my case it wouldn't be the cheap half-truths that you take at others.

"You are so self-centered & I can't believe you all get off on this blog!!! It is a pile of shit.
What kind of person blogs & bitches about their family & inlaws, when you know everyone has access?!?
You had boasted about the sucess of your blog in your holiday letter.
Talk about nerve!!!

Are far and away more judgmental and character blasting than anything I have ever written about anyone. Ever. I would, in fact, never write something that condemning on my own blog let alone comment that way on someone else's. If you have pages to write please do... on your own blog. The truth is you don't know me. Please stop reading.

If you are "swalk"
I enjoyed this comment too...
"Shame on you !! I have been reading you "blog" for months. You are a most selfish wife. And if you were my daugher in law, I would disown you. But that might make you happy. And why would I want to do that. You are a psychotic bitch! You are stuck on only yourself.You are the most disrespectful, stuck up, pompous ass I have ever come across. ( and a lousy housekeeper) I assume that your children suffer for inadequacies. And Mr. F.doesnt seem to have much of a spine either. How dare you throw away gifts from the girls matter how trivial they may seem to you, they meant enough from her to be sent to them. Some day they will see you for the selfish person you are. And your recipes..( If I were you, I would not share them or the the pictures,(especially of yourself) some of us want to keep our lunch down!!) Who ever told you that you can cook???? And for your supporters-alot of them need a trip to the therapist too. Or better yet- I think that Divorce Court might be a better place. Maybe Mr.F. may find his spine again!!


I feel sorry for you-find a good therapist Miss Genious


Because it is ... CRAZY.
Please stop reading the blog... you are clearly torturing yourself.


Danielle said...

HOlY CRAP, can I relate (in some way.) Did you notice that I had to delete my whole mother fucking blog? I whole-heartedly agree that (although the blog IS public) you shouldn't be reading unless you are invited. And don't pay any attention to SWALK (is that supposed to be some stupid ass play on "Sealed With a Little Kiss"?) Well, let's just call SWALK "Seriously Whacked Ass Loco Kook"

Honestly, you know how I feel about anonymous posters...CHICKEN SHIT!?!

Mrs Furious said...

I've missed you.
Are you doing well?

Today has been the blog day from hell.
Sweet Jesus. I wish I could block IPs.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Mrs. F,
I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. You're open and honest and frankly I am always curious about what you'll say next. Why this truckload of shit seems to be falling on you I don't know but I do want you to know that from a stranger's point of view you're interesting and funny (and slightly odd LOL) but always real. I hope you don't let the haters get to you. I for one have become a Mrs. Furious fan.

And what kind of nut reads a blog they hate?

Danielle said...

Thanks for asking. I'm doing as well as I can be, given my current situation (divorce). I'm still reading when I can. As soon as the dust has settled, I'll be back! :)

Amy said...

MF: omg - i actually always wondered about your "take" on blogging about topics that could potentially start fires in your family. Yours and MrF's post clears that up. And I admire that you are sticking to your guns. You shouldn't have to hide your feelings like so many other bloggers do. I have to admit that nearly every single internet-accessing person that I know/care about reads my blog so I have to be sort of careful about what I say...AND I HATE IT! I tried starting an "honesty" blog but found that I worried all the time that say, my husband (who was frequently the topic of my posts) would find it! Lol, talk about passive aggressive! I applaud you that you don't care one way or another if they read it. No one's going to wonder where you stand, and in my family, I just wish that was where I could get to. But then, you have your husband's support in a big way. His post seemed very healthy, and I liked it.

Mrs Furious said...

Sandcastle Momma,
Thank you. I appreciate your support. Today has been a rough day... and on Mr F's birthday no less (I guess he's getting his Mother's Day comeuppance LOL)!

I know times are tough. I'm thinking of you and your kiddos. You are strong and wonderful caring mother... and everything will work out for the best.
Good luck!!!

Mrs Furious said...

If Mr F didn't back me up I wouldn't do it.
I do wish that the blog was more anonymous and that our relatives didn't read it. It is hard not to give into the fear of what might happen or who might see what.
Until this week I really didn't know his extended family was reading... but what can I do? They don't know me... I don't know them. It is the downside to the public aspect.
The upside is I've met so many nice supportive women that I would never have otherwise.
In my day to day life it's worth it.

If it gets worse I'll get back to you ;)

Justin said...

You keep it up Mrs. F. Whenever you get down, remember I'll have some hot delicious bread for you when you visit!

Deb said...

Wow. That is a whole lotta venom and a whole lotta ignorance about how the world works from a few sad people. I'm sorry people can't get a grip on themselves and at least be civil about their gripes, Mrs. F.

You can block IPs if you know them. Let me know if you can't find that option on Blogger. I'm about ready to block a few myself. "Oh, you can't access the blog? Gee, I wonder what's wrong? Hmmm..."

Deb said...

OMG -- I love Justin! He's still reading and commenting!

Amy said...

Mrs F.
There have been times that I've let my blog effect me far too much. I completely understand why you're upset, but it seems like in the last few weeks your blog is rubbing off on Mr F and the kids, too.
Sometimes you have to look at a really crappy comments, yell, delete it, stew in it for a few days and move on.
You're putting a lot of energy into reacting to negitive comments and personally, I enjoy your humor a lot more!!!!
I'm sorry you're so bothered about all of this stuff, I know it can be stressful.

Mrs Furious said...

Please tell me how to block them. Yes I have IPs.

Marie said...

Mrs F-
What a sucky week!! I hang my head a little low for living in CT...honestly, were all not that bad!

Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. NOT because I agree with everything you do or every way you raise your children or every aspect of your marriage. But because you THINK about all of these things and make what you feel are the BEST decisions for your family and life. And I believe this kind of caring is what makes a wonderful environment for raising your two smart, intelligent, curious girls. And with such a supportive spouse as Mr. F, who supports his family first and stands WITH his wife in everything they do, that environment can only flourish.

And if you have some addresses, I'm sure I can find a few rotten eggs to toss their way....

Mrs Furious said...

Ah you don't recommend "The I'm Rubber and You're Glue" policy?!? ;)


Blogger doesn't block IPs... haloscan lets you block the comments of certain IPs but not their access. If I can't block their access what's the point?

lol... thanks for the offer ;)

Chris Howard said...

I think to actually have a private blog, you'd have to go to Myspace, or set up your own domain with something like WordPress. I understand the temptation, especially with the family issues. Of course, with a private blog, you'd never have gotten to know most of the regulars here either.

Robin said...

Wow. Swalk is seriously CRAZY. If you hate the blog and the person writing it so much, why have you been reading for months. Do you enjoy punishing yourself? Wierd.

Mrs. F, you know we all love you. I wonder where these crazies are coming from. Maybe you should make your blog invite only. (But only if you invite me to read!) :)

Shirls said...

I just wanted to say happy birthday Mr. F! And for Mrs. F, I only wish I had your kind of ugly

lucinda said...

You have just raped my daughter.
You are dead to me.
I wish I could do more.

Julie said...

Oh, Mrs F, your labels made me laugh out loud!

And I agree with Shirls, I wish I had your kind of ugly, too!

Oh my God, I am so cracking up over all of this. It is so fucking crazy that it is actually funny.

Don't you just love this wonderful group of supportive bloggers, though. We have your back, Mr and Mrs F (and Baby and Kid, too!).

Nutmeg said...

if the lyrica and the poison ivy weren't making me feel out of my mind I'd write more than.


love you mrs. f.

Andrea said...

This is precisly why my blog went down in smoke family members find it they dont like what they read dosent that mean the truth hurts and then theyre all pissed off at you or your spouse and well it got old I deleted everything on it except a few picture posts and havent given it a second thought this is insane all thats going on with you and YOUR blog I just dont understand why do people read if they dont like what you have to say! I love reading your blog you have been a place to come and see your real your a person and thats what this is all about you.seriously people need to back up off you MRS.F. and just so you know Ive tried most of your reciepes and every time I make something of yours my husband who is picky as hell loves them so your a fabulous cook I actually laughed at that part in the one comment!

moi.bloggirl said...

Mrs F - I absolutely enjoy reading your blog, your take on various issues and your stand-up attitude. I am very glad that you are NOT letting these comments get to you.

I mean Seriously..those comments were shocking and beyond rude. For Kendyl/Swahl (hopefully I got the names right) - You have a point to make-Make it without being derogatory. You start being derogatory, it simply means that you have nothing to say and dont know how. It is better to be not related to such people.

Deb said...

You can tweak your Blogger code to block IP's. A few days ago, I asked my blogging guru about it, because I was contemplating doing it, and he gave me this:

Good luck.

Gigs said...

Wow, I missed a few days, but here's my take:

Of course the person who comes off looking absolutely psychotic is swalk. You really just can't put out comments like that in this environment and appear to have all your faculties. It was completely beyond inappropriate. Don't worry, karma will pay that person back.

You know we love you, Mrs F, and the whole Furious family.

Mr F - happy b-day to you! Now we're the same age (for a few months!)

AshinMT said...

Mrs. F,
With all this talk about reading when uninvited i realized i needed to buck up and get a google account. That said, I love it here.
I have been snooping around for quite a while and have fallen in love with this blog, your family and this community. Im 23, i have no children and i find it the most uplifting and entertaining place around.
Thank you for being so honest about your family and your life in general. Swalk is obviously off her/his rocker. And a big poon (had to throw that in)Regardless of your feelings anger or whatever, i dont think it is acceptable to be so negative to another peer, mother, domestic goddess whatever. Family is not a perfect painting (beleive me, i come from a gaggle of wonderful/disfunctional gooses)But so often people want to hang their problems on the wall and pretend they dont exist. Idiots. I love how open and upfront you are about your family and your life. Thank You!

Mrs Furious said...

Your right and that's why I'm not taking it private. 95% of the time the good outweighs the bad.
I can't block a few whacks without losing all the great friends I've met along the way.

AshinMT said...

Excuse me... one more thing. I notice that swalk has not commented in a while. Feel free to defend yourself you fucking kook. I would really like to see you take responsibility for your obviously unfounded accusations. You apparently have access to the internet and freely rape and pillage it, so spend some time and research the benefits of breasfeeding. Also, maybe you should post some videos and pics of your parenting so we can all judge them and have a good laugh. Nah, i bet you dont have the tits.
(certainly mouthy for being new, sorry.. but this person was rediculous.(sp))

Chrissy said...

Mrs F - I'm sorry you're having such a shitty week. Except for the hail storm that has rained down upon you as a result of the Mother's Day fiasco post - it was some of the best reading I've had in a while! Your drama is sometimes our entertainment - something that lifts us up, makes us laugh out loudm, makes us recognize - hey, you too??? - you have lots of loyal blog readers who look forward to your posts each day and YES, while we are just a bunch of strangers we have come to appreciate the humor, wit and sarcasm that you dish out on a million different topics - hardly any of which are about your freakin' in-laws.

And - double "screw you" to "SWALK" who said you shouldn't post recipes! That bi-ach has obviously never made the Potato and Leek Soup which is GD fantabulous!!!

Hang in there. This too shall pass and you'll do something else to piss them off. :)

Mrs Furious said...

Hey thanks for outing yourself and commenting!
And I don't mind the "mouthiness" ;)

"This too shall pass and you'll do something else to piss them off. :)"
LOL... most likely ;)

Thank you everyone for your supportive, generous, and kind comments. You know I appreciate them. It makes the blogging (especially the bad parts) more than worthwhile.
Thanks for the love :)

Randi said...

Well...I guess it gave you something to post about today...

This is your diary, it's about you and your thoughts and feelings, particularly in that moment. I remember in my first diary as a little girl I said I hated my sister and that she was a BITCH (big deal to use this language at age 8!). Later on I ripped that page out because obviously I love my sister and she isn't a bitch (and the guilt!!). While I'm not saying you don't necessarily still feel exactly the same as you did when you wrote whatever, that doesn't matter. It is EXACTLY what you were feeling then and there and that's why you wrote it. It's part of you who you are and you own it, good bad and otherwise, good for you.

hopefully that made sense...

Mrs Furious said...

I would like to make a note to the CT readership that has suddenly flourished in the last few days...
Please stop reading my blog.
You are not invited to do so. If you continue to visit the blog you are doing so against my wishes and are invading my privacy.

emmyjw said...

wow,I cant believe how mean people are! Why cant they just stop reading and move on? Sorry you are having to deal with such a bunch of haters, it is really unbelieveable. I always appreciate your candor and you are adorable.

Anonymous said...


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