Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Test

"If we were outside, in the dark, and I turned to you and said... just like this (making my face and voice as serious as possible)...

'Get Inside.' ...

What would you do?" Mrs F asks Kid.

"Go inside." Kid says.

"Okay, what if I said it like this...."

"get inside." I whisper quietly but sternly.

"Go inside." Kid says.

Mrs F turns to Baby and repeats the exercise.

"What would you do?" Mrs F asks Baby.

"Keep playing outside." Baby shrugs and says.

"What if I said... 'I'm serious, there is something dangerous, you need to go inside right now.'?" Mrs F asks.

"Probably not hear you and keep playing." Baby suggests.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Light Switch

Remember Golden Boobs?

We've finally swapped out all of those big brass halogen banquet hall lights we had all over the house!

(Sorry most of these pics are super soft focus... I was using my iPhone... with the lights on you can't see them... with them off it's too blurry... at least you get the gist)

Replaced golden boob for track lighting.

Dining Room:
Replaced golden boob for vintage chandelier.

(this is that vintage metal chandelier we got at the antiques fair last Fall)
Family Room:
Replaced two golden boobs for a pendant light and fan.

The pendant light hangs over the kids work table. We removed the second light in favor of a fan (with no lights) because we needed more overhead room for our active Wii games ... and this room is not connected to our central air. We're going to put in some floor lamps instead.
This room still needs paint and window treatments... and not to have taped up coloring pages for artwork... hoping this is the next room completed.

Oh and we changed out this entryway light...

for this...

Once we were going with a more craftsman vibe in the hallway that black chandelier was on the outs (now in a bedroom). This is actually a fairly decent fake Tiffany style light... you can't see it's details in this... but I promise it's not cheesy.
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