Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Test

"If we were outside, in the dark, and I turned to you and said... just like this (making my face and voice as serious as possible)...

'Get Inside.' ...

What would you do?" Mrs F asks Kid.

"Go inside." Kid says.

"Okay, what if I said it like this...."

"get inside." I whisper quietly but sternly.

"Go inside." Kid says.

Mrs F turns to Baby and repeats the exercise.

"What would you do?" Mrs F asks Baby.

"Keep playing outside." Baby shrugs and says.

"What if I said... 'I'm serious, there is something dangerous, you need to go inside right now.'?" Mrs F asks.

"Probably not hear you and keep playing." Baby suggests.


Julie said...

At least she's honest;)

Gigs said...

Not listening to mom...it's like you've got a teenager already! :)

Deb said...

It's the second child. I'm slowly reaching that conclusion after having my own and hanging out with other people's second children.

lucinda said...

Ask her what she'd do if Ruby told her to go inside.

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