Monday, February 13, 2012

Bachelor Breakdown

"Dad! Courtney gets to go to a Mayan Temple; she doesn't deserve it!" An enraged Kid updates Mr F.

"Actually... she does." Kid continues, then breaks out in maniacal laughter.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Updates

Just finished making this super cute and easy felt Valentine's Day project for the girls:

(original found here)

The Furious Fam just discovered Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. (Pretty much, YES.) Mr F is inordinately into himself about it, though. I mean he's taking it very seriously... which I find to be both humorously embarrassing and moderately ANNOYING. I mean, it's not exactly Jeopardy.

Baby said, after answering something right, "I am smarter than a fifth grader... which means I'm smarter than a noodlecorn (unicorn)!" "I guess." I replied. "Noodlecorns are very smart." Baby returned sternly. Oh.


If we are gone from the house for more than an hour or two, we'll come home to this...

It turns out our new cat Big Boy thinks he's a dog. He's obsessed with that Marie stuffed cat and that yellow duck. He gets them out every time.

I mean have you ever seen a cat carrying around large stuffed animals? It cracks me up!
For comparison purposes this is Marie next to our largest cat toy...
He's such a gentle giant, though.


I've been sticking to our new $75/week grocery budget with no problem! One tip I've found for myself, is that I do better shopping at our more expensive grocery store (ironic)... since I'm more on guard there and do better sticking to the bare minimum of what I need. When I go to our big local grocery/everything store (which I consider to be a better priced store for most things) I always buy more than I intended, even if the basics are a bit cheaper there are more distractions and I find it much harder to stick to my basic list.


I've not been working out. Ugh. I need to start back from scratch... AGAIN. I hate how quickly you can lose your motivation and then it feels like you never did it. I mean, how did I do this every day? It seems like someone else's life. And yet I know that once I start again, it will seem easy to fit in, and I'll wonder why I ever stopped. Such a vicious cycle... and the starting is the hardest part.


That's all for now.
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