Friday, January 14, 2011

I Really Am Sorry

It seems like I should have more time for blogging.

But I don't.

I'm having a kind of hard time theses days.

Trying to carve out any personal time... at all.

Everything has a price.

And the move, has been good on many fronts, but not on every front.

I am alone a lot. A LOT.

Mr F's hours are such that he is home MUCH less.

And, he can't really contact me in the day.

So, he can't read the blog, and catch up on what we're doing, as he used to.

It turns out that might have been more of my motivation than I realized.

He used to know, via my posts, some things.

He was still able to be "in on it".

Not so much anymore.

Plus, the homeschooling... which does, in fact, take some time.

And then.... you remember our driveway right?.... super long asphalt?

Well that doesn't shovel itself.

So that's another 2-3 hours a day (counts as exercise right?).

And that time comes out of any small window I had for myself (for blogging, for working out, for Oprah...).

And, yes, we could get it plowed.

But I'm not actually sure that is going to change very much.

(Plus I did ask Mr F to handle that 4 weeks ago.... he bought me a new shovel last weekend...)


On top of that I'm getting these migraines 2x a month.

So, that there, is another 6-7 days a month that I just can barely function.

It's been kinda rough.

So, long story short.

I miss you.

I have not forsaken you.

I'll be back, in whatever way I can, when I can.

I am trying the best I can to keep everything moving in the right direction.

(except maybe me).

And I am trying to figure out in what way(s) I can continue to blog regularly.

But, right now, I just have so many other pressing tasks, that I haven't been able to figure it out.

Hopefully soon, though.

Right after I get Sweet Pea to stop ripping up everything made of cloth and containing a stuffing.

Sometime after that.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Baby has taken to wearing this ski scarf over her head when she's in the car... like this... for every trip (the whole way).
I could not stop laughing when I saw her in the rearview mirror the first time (heck... I can't stop laughing now). She looks like she's a POW and we're transporting her to an undisclosed location. Just imagine if you were driving next to us on the highway. Hilarious.

Not that I think real hostage taking is funny.. just my daughter. I'm not making light of war crimes. Just want to be sure that's clear.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sweet Pea!

Guess who was waiting at the Humane Society after all?

This sweet Cajun girl came up from Baton Rouge on a rescue truck. She is everything we were looking for. Good with cats, good with kids, small, laid back. Only problem?... she's part Bassett Hound... so... she already ran away within 5 minutes of getting home! Caught the scent of a squirrel and took off. Gave us quite a little jolt! She's small... but very strong!... Kid cannot walk her on a leash. Lesson learned. Mr F is setting up a dog run right now, which we bought on our way home... we were prepared for this inevitability. She scored an "A" on all of her temperament test (except coming when called... which she got a "B" for... and again we expected as much). She was shy and scared at the shelter, but even so she never acted out. We took her for a walk and she warmed up quite a bit. Everyone there, and her former foster home in LA, all reported that she was an exceptional dog (and VERY well house broken!). She had passed the cat introduction test with flying colors and the shelter guy said he had 100% confidence that she would not show aggression towards our cat. So, how could we walk away?! I didn't want to risk losing her. Sure, there are more beautiful dogs out there (even at the shelter today) but... getting a laid back dog, that is house broken, good with kids and with cats?! Hello! She's ours. Once home, she is a different dog, tail waggin, toy playing, fun girl... who also likes to lie down in her new bed... a lot. She's very happy. The dog and cat have introduced themselves without so much as a bark (in fact she hasn't made any sounds at all since we met her). They smelled each other's butts and that's about it. We're keeping them separated for the next few days... just to keep everything on the safe side. The cat is sitting on his side of the door trying to open it and get in the dog's space as I write this. I think they'll be fine. Mr F is almost done setting up the run from our back door to a big tree in our yard... this girl will not ever be able to be out without being on a lead... so I'm happy to have this taken care of ASAP! It's actually kind of a good thing she took off like she did... Mr F got motivated to install it pronto... and without that nudge it might have taken a week or month or so.
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