Saturday, September 1, 2007


How does that sound to everybody? That might be my new goal weight... I know, I know but I haven't even reached my current goal. Yeah I'm aware of that. My cousin came over and tried out my scale the other day. So just in case you are all wondering how it compares to say... calibration... it was on the money! She had just had her trainer calibrate her and it was in line with my scale's assessment. Now she is an actual bad ass and so this was a good reliable test. And a wake up call. The scale gave her a metabolic age of get this... 12 !!!... she's 38! I had just gotten my metabolic age down from 27 to 22 and was feeling pretty good about that. She really is more of an athlete and is a runner, weight trains, does pilates and didn't just have a baby (so don't try telling me this stuff... I know), but the point is this: I'm striving to be in the best shape of my life and 118 is 3.something (depending on the day) pounds away and honestly I am more than 3.something pounds away from my physical prime. I think I'm going to have to keep at the calorie counting and weight loss a little longer. Plus I need a new goal anyway, the closer I get the less motivated I feel. I need a new carrot.


Chris Howard said...

So you're 121 now with a new goal of 114? It sounds like you've been doing great.

As someone who has struggled with weight all my life, I'm interested to know, once you reach your goal, how do you think your maintenance will go? Do you think you'll still have to do the long workouts, or are you planning on keeping those up anyway?

Mrs. Furious said...

I'm really not sure. I actually haven't struggled with my weight really I usually can eat mostly what i want and not workout too much (2 hour pilates a week for and maintain an average weight (124-6) or that's what I've done in between kids. But I was certainly not in "good" shape cardiovascularly and I knew I wasn't healthy or really living up to my potential. I've got 2 girls and I want them growing up with a mom who models an active lifestyle and moderate eating... 2 things I did not see growing up! I also want to be happy with my body not always... "uggh I need to lose 5 pounds"... or "do I look fat in my bathing suit", etc. True I've never been overweight but I haven't been happy with where I have been most of my life. And it is on me to finally change it. It has been alot easier adopting new things and activity since I needed to work at losing the postpartum weight than just picking up and trying to start something with no external motivator.
As for keeping up the workout I don't know.. I've never worked out this much before. I think I would like to be healthy and active and for me that means doing something regularly and consistently or my laziness will kick in and I won't do it anymore. I'd rather workout more and be able to not worry about calorie counting anymore. I think that will be my biggest maintainence challenge. Once I hit 118 I'm going to add 200 calories back but keep my workouts up to lose the rest. Then I'll try and drop calorie counting and just bring it back if I start gaining.
I'm actually nervous and unsure of what I'll do since it is unchartered territory. I don't know if my new goal is a reflection of that or not I've been thinking about it... I am just so in the dieting zone. But I am a pretty short person so 114 is unreasonable in that regard.

Mr Furious said...

I think getting to 114 might be tougher than what you've done so far...only because I think you're going to start gaining muscle. I don't think you have that much more "fat" to lose. Luckily, your Star Trek scale should account for that!

No matter what your "number" ends up being, I'm really proud of you. I know how hard you are working (much harder than me!) and the results are great (much better than me!). You look fantastic.

Mr Furious said...

Okay. doing my work now.

Mrs. Furious said...

Mr F I love you too.

114 sure it might be harder it is more of a long term goal. I think I might actually be a leaner person than I have been representing in recent years. I mean look at my Dad. I think I might have 7 pounds of fat left. My pre preg clothes (even at 124-6) still are snug. I did weigh 114 in college when I doing the farmer's markets out in CA and we all know I could lift& toss 60 lb boxes of potatoes then, so I was in great shape. That was probably my most active time and I never felt better. We shall see...

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