Saturday, March 14, 2009

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due (to Me)

Alright. Things are getting better.
I'm almost ready to return to normal blogging.
(I know that is a huge weight off your shoulders!)

#1 The insurance nightmare is OVER. Want to know what plan we ended up with? Mr F's fucking work plan!!!! After debating 4 plans (6 if you count Kid's individual plans), and signing up (and canceling) 2 separate plans... in the end... I just couldn't beat his work premiums. Damn it! Also since we are on month 3 of his insurance cycle switching now would mean even more money out of pocket for a new set of deductibles. It was really close but due to our collective health history, and needs, his current policy is most likely our best bet. Plus at the end of the day we know exactly what we're getting... these other plans not so much.
I'm disappointed and somewhat pissed about wasting a week and half on all of this (and really folks it was like a full time job negotiating all these policies) but it is a huge relief to just be done with it.
Moving on!

#2 I finished our taxes last night. I can't believe it. The Feds owe us 2500 buckaroos. That is a landmark development in the Furious Kingdom. I have only our failed business and a ridiculous amount of stock losses to thank for it. WE LOVE YOU FAILING ECONOMY. We did end up still owing Michigan $33 dollars and I will NOT owe them money... last year they screwed us with a $500 fine for failure to pay our estimated taxes. If we don't owe them anything that can't happen. So I paid an additional estimated tax payment to cover that and put it in the mail TODAY. I gave them a little something extra just in case (now who owes who money?!!... that's right... screw you Michigan!!) Once they've cashed it I'll file. Until then I'm going back through Mr F's wacky drawer of receipts and all our medical bills to be sure I got EVERY SINGLE possible deduction.
Also, I once again want to recommend Taxact. Dude... if I can do it with all our total craziness... stock sales, business, business use of home, moving expenses... complete itemized deductions... ANYONE can (okay I can only vouch for those of you with genius level IQs).

#3 Due to the aforementioned accomplishments I can finally clean off my desk... er... the desk area and a three foot radius of piles. I could make out with all that shit now... and scream with joy "I'm done with you... you are no longer a potential deduction... you are not my cross to bear!!!" Let me tell you having my laptop perched on the precipice of a teetering pile of papers has been a serious hinderance to my blogging. Now I'm free. Well. Except for all those medical bills.

At the end of all this I just have this to say...



Oh I almost forgot

#4 Mr F is selling his car this week. And if I have my way (and honestly when do I not?) we will NOT be replacing it right away. Every month we don't have a 2nd car is cash money we aren't putting out for insurance. Plus didn't Mr F buy a fancy bike and day glow yellow jacket... and weird leg strap... with the sole purpose of riding his bike to work? Yeah... that's what I thought.

#5 Today I treated myself to two Burger King "Burger Shots" and let me tell you... HOT. DIGGITY. DOG.
Burger King, I think I love you.


Renee said...

YEAHHHHHH!!!! I'm so glad to get the news that the insurance nightmare is over for you-what a mess.....and seeing other's comments about being declined coverage when they are in excellent health has made me defininitely realize that we are lucky to have the policy we do...even thought it is a significant portion of our monthly budget I vow to NEVER complain about our insurance costs again!!!!

I am definitely bowing to you Mrs. F and you indeed ROCK!

julie said...

bad ass.

Mr Furious said...

Indeed Mrs F is a badass, and she has been repeatedly honored.

Heather said...


There's our girl! There ya are! Glad to see your badass self is back!

Torey said...


And the whole thing about Mr. F's ridiculous. . .er. . . ridiculously COOL bicycle outfit requires pictures. . .

Supermom said...

I am glad you were able to make it today! I always enjoy your company!!!

Christy said...

Good for you!!

Is there anything new on the in-law front?

Mrs Furious said...

Ah thank you... although it is most important that Mr F bow to me... since much of the taxes were (or I should say should have been) his responsibility!

Julie & Heather,
Oh yes ladies I am bringing back the badass.

Oh I will take pictures ;)

Oh it hurt to see you in so much pain!! I'm glad you invited us. We had a good time. :)

Interesting you should ask. Supermom's husband asked me that today as well. Maybe something's about to go down?! ;)
I got nothing. They haven't called since right after xmas. I asked Mr F if he cared and he said he doesn't really think about it. I'm trying to get to the point where I don't either... but... I do. I think that they are making a point by not calling... like it is a decided action. I assume they are attempting to press Mr F to reach out... it isn't working. I really think if they want a relationship with him (and or the kids) they need to take appropriate action to make that happen... not make try to make a point... just open up and honestly say they wish for them to be in their lives. You know? It makes me crazy!

gooddog said...

LOVE that you have turned the tide! WAHOO! Love that they the feds owe you. Love that you will have some extra $ from Mr F's car to stash away.

Love that I have been so inspired my Mrs F that this weekend I made homemade chicken noodle soup and chicken salad with an old frozen bird I hadn't gotten around to using. We will be eating that all week for NOTHING!! Yum and yea!

Off to draw that line on the coffee pot so hubby will stop overfilling :) Congrats, Mrs F! You have made great strides lately and inspired us along the way. Thank you.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh thank you :)
I'm really happy that things should be much less stressful around here pretty soon. I'm glad everything worked out the way it did and look forward to having a little emergency fund at the ready.

The line on the pot should help ;)

kenady said...

so glad things are looking up! would love some photos of Mr. F on his fancy bike with the yellow jacket:) you kill me:)

Deb said...

You kick ass.

I've been wondering about those burger shots. I like that someone else admits they eat at BK.

P.O.M. said...

Hot Diggity Dog back at ya!
I ended up with Kaiser. Better than nothing and at least it's not $400 per month like my work insurance would have been. Crazy. I got denied Blue Shield - so weird. I have no idea why. Well kinda an idea, but it's stupid.

Glad everything is lookin' on the up and up!!!

In other news, (sorry for the novel) I am following your lead with the consumption reduction plan at home. I am giong to try to not buy anything new until I move - just use what I have!

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