Monday, November 12, 2007

This Week The Plan

Alrighty...last week was a wee bit crazy...what with my part time fame and all. Again thank you to all my voters. Although I only came in 6th place, managing to get 450 votes placed after only blogging for 3 months was pretty spectacular!

This week should be substantially more relaxing and to prove it I am happy to display this new nifty award...

That's right.. this week I don't have to kill myself trying to convert hundreds of new readers! So enjoy the next couple of "good enough" posts while I try to get all the stuff done that I didn't do while obsessively checking my stats last week!
Thanks Deb for the award!

Okay time fore a little "week in review"

I failed miserably to meet my exercise goals. Turns out having Mr F out of town was a serious hindrance in that area. Once he came home on Saturday night.. lets face it... I was pretty burned out and I just didn't feel like it. That spilled over into the last 2 nights. I'm hoping to pull my shit together and get back on board tonight. It usually doesn't bode well for me to miss Monday's workout.. but I'm going to try and keep from letting the inactivity continue to steamroll.

The tremendous good news is that last night instead of working out I updated both Kid's and Baby's memory books. That took me 2.5 hours. Starting at Kid's birth I have written notes about her development and personality every two weeks. At around 3 years of age that dropped down to every couple of months, since she changed less quickly, and in between I keep notes and quotes jotted down on scraps of paper and I compile all of those when I sit down to update her book. Sadly Baby's is not updated every two weeks.. but I have adopted the scraps method for her as well so I haven't really missed anything. I've been updating hers every six weeks or so. This was a major feat... and a pretty big stress.. so I am happy to say after 2 weeks of complaining about it over on my anxieties list.. it is finally done! More proof that the anxieties list is working!

My menu went pretty well and I even made the meatballs on Sunday and now have 8 dinners worth in the freezer! I actually didn't waste any food this week!

LOL... I just checked my last week's plan... and lets say I didn't do most of it! I didn't make the vet appointment...although seeing that still on there reminded me and I just took care of it. I didn't do my paperwork. I didn't PUT AWAY the clothes from last week and we've been digging through the laundry basket all week. The only thing I did do was take down the Halloween decorations.. but overall not my best week.

As for weight loss/gain I actually got my first cycle back. So last week when I said I had gone up to 114 was obviously based on some bloating. I am now 112 and my body fat % finally dropped below 22% (barely) so I have now officially surpassed both my weight loss and fat loss goals!! I was somewhat confused last week with the gain despite not really changing my exercise or eating so this explains that. And the great news is that 2000 calories is fine and depending on my exercise I may even need to eat a bit more than that. As long as I keep my food diary I think the holidays will be completely manageable on that calorie limit. Now I do not want to drop any more weight and I do want to start building some more muscle so instead of trying to fit the pilates in around my cardio I am going to switch my focus.

Okay onto this week..


Monday - Salmon Noodle Casserole w/ Butternut Squash & Green Beans

Tuesday - Tortellini w/Bacon and Steamed Vegetables

Wednesday - Kid F & Mr F's date night (so yeah Mrs F goes to Mc D's)

Thursday - Spaghetti & Meatballs w/ Steamed Broccoli

Friday - Mr F & Mrs F are going out ... you read that right.. that's only the 2nd time all year!

Saturday - Double Batch of Sweet Potato and Molasses Beef Stew

Sunday - Pork Tenderloin w/ Rice Pilaf & Green Beans


I am going to do 2 -60 minute pilates workouts and 2 - 70 minute cardio sessions. That's it. I am not going to do more cardio until I have put in the pilates sessions.


vacuum the living room furniture (does that sound like a stretch to you?)
do laundry
actually put away the clothes

To Do:

make Disney Dining reservations
file my paperwork


Mr Furious' Stomach said...


Mr Furious said...

RE: Anxiety List

Using a Mrs. F-inspired motivational technique, I'm making incremental progress on the basement...

Chris Howard said...

Hey speaking of Disney, I sent you an email asking about dining plans.

Mr Furious' stomach said...

"Buffets. And lot's of 'em!"

michelline said...

make Disney Dining reservations

Where are we going? I can't wait!! :)

P.O.M. said...

Date night? How exciting!!!!

Mrs. Furious said...

hey Chris..
thanks for the heads up on that... I don't check it everyday!

Mrs. Furious said...


yes I might even actually be able to down a drink or two ;)

Tina said...

You're a lot more organized than I am!

Mrs. Furious said...

never fear Tina...
saying it and doing it are two very different things! ;)

Cara said...

how do you measure your body fat percentage? I want to get it done.

Mrs. Furious said...

I have this scale. I got it in the summer when I had lost enough weight that I felt I had earned it.
I have had my cousin, who is an athlete, over and she used it right after having been calibrated and it was accurate for her. Whether or not it is 100% right doesn't really matter to me.. it is just another measurement I can use to see how things are going. These scales are best for men, a woman's fluctuating water weight can throw the reading.. but I haven't had that problem (but as I said up until last week I hadn't gotten my period back). I had a cheaper one before (several years old) and the body fat readings are completely different.. for whatever that is worth.

Cara said...

i want this really bad now! haha

Mrs. Furious said...

oh god I love it. When I started out in August.. it was giving me a metabolic age of 27.. I'm 31. Now I've got it down to 13!!!!

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