Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This Week The Plan

It's Tuesday so you know what that means... my one day late weekly plan!

Last week went pretty well.... I was really worried about all the meat I bought when I ended up making Meatball Soup at Kid's request for her birthday bumping my menu back a bit. But I sucked it up and did more cooking on the weekend and for the first time... in a long time... I didn't have to throw anything out.

I feel sufficiently recovered from all the birthday craziness and from the time change (which had sucked my life force out of me for a while there) and am ready to bust out some good workouts this week. I didn't quite meet my lofty exercise goals last week. I hoped for 3 - 30 minute interval sessions and 3 - 60 minute sessions. I did 2- 60 minute sessions and 3- 30 minute sessions. This was my first time trying to do shorter more intense workouts. I'm not feelin' it and don't intend to do them again. First of all I'm already doing interval training in my 60 minute workouts and even with running for my intervals I just didn't feel the same kind of overall burn that I do from a longer session. Plus it was harder to find MORE days to workout then to just workout LONGER on a few days. Lesson learned.

I was fairly out of control with my eating this past week... but the good news is that it didn't effect my weight. I have by the way updated my weight on the sidebar.. I had kind of let that sit at 112.. cause... well.. I was waiting to see if that was a weird fluke weigh-in or not. Two weeks later I can attest it was a fluke.. I must have had the emptiest bowels of all time that day. I've been pretty consistently between 114 and 114.4 the past few weeks. I perfectly happy with that and think it is a realistic maintenance weight. Now I'd really like to work on lowering my body fat percentage, which hasn't budged in a while... maybe it won't while I'm nursing. I'd also like to drastically reduce my sugar intake.. it has kind of been a sugar free-for-all around here and I'm not feeling any better for it!

As for cleaning I really didn't do any. I did the laundry and am happy to report I have successfully removed the burger grease from my sweatshirt! Yay!

Oh and I wrote all of the thank you notes and got Kid to sign then and mailed them!! Triumph!

Okay on to this week...


Monday - Pork Tenderloin sandwiches with Apple Butter and Horseradish on Homemade Bread with Salad

Tuesday - Meatball Soup (FYI.. I now use Trader Joes "party meatballs" & Trader Joes "organic creamy tomato soup")

Wednesday - Kid and Mr F date night

Thursday - Tortellini Sauteed with Bacon and Steamed Broccoli

Friday - Go out with girls and my mom

Saturday - Pizza Night

Sunday - Homemade Meatballs with Spaghetti and Broccoli (plus freeze 4 batches!)


Okay I'm planning to do 4 - 60 minute cardio sessions and 1 - 60 minute pilates session.


I need to put away all the clothes.
I need to put away all the Halloween decorations.

To Do:

I want to update both Kid and Baby's memory books... I'm falling really behind!
I need to file my paperwork.
Make vet appointment for Canine Furious

Let's be realistic.. that is all I could possibly accomplish in one week.. especially with Mr F going out of town!!


Heather said...

Is that what's wrong with me? The damn time change? I feel like ass and am operating in a fog. Mayhaps that's the cause.

"Canine Furious" I nearly spit out my water!

Mrs. Furious said...

Well the Furious family can't very well admit to having a Bichon named Putty now can we?!? ;)

and yeah the time change is a killer! I thought I was doing better and then around 5 I wanted to crumple to the ground sobbing... I will still workout damn it!... I hope

Deb said...

That's more than I can accomplish in a week WITH my husband in town.

Time change... Working Out? Man, you guys are rockin' compared to me. In fact, I'm typing in my sleep at this very moment.

Mrs. Furious said...


Ah...Yes... I liked putting that in there... it made me sound ever so much more badass!
Although in reality I find it much easier to be organized when Mr F is not around.. so his trip isn't actually much of a hinderence!

Chris Howard said...

So what's the deal with the time change affecting everyone? Is it just that getting darker earlier makes you sleepier?

Mrs. Furious said...

So what's the deal with the time change affecting everyone
well... we are at the far end of the time zone so before the time change it wasn't dark until after dinner. Now that is pushed up an hour so it is actually dark before my "day" is over... that kind of sucks the life out of me.
also the baby didn't change her clock.. so essentially I have to get up an hour earlier.. but since Mr F doesn't come home an hour earlier my day just became an hour longer. By the end of the day that is the difference between tolerating the kids and wanting to kill them ;)

katieo said...

Time change has wreaked havoc over here too. (although the one plus is when I went to the gym this morning, I was like, whaaa? It not darks?) Although the rest of the day *especially * with the chillens I kept muttering unkind things about agricultural traditions...

I dropped the intervals too. Just not doin it for me. But I'll still sneak them when I can't get a full workout in...


Heather said...

Does it help to put your to do list on your blog? Does it give you the motivation you need to get the stuff done, knowing everyone else has seen your list? I have to say, the sticky notes are no longer working for me.


Mrs. Furious said...

Hi Heather!

Yes absolutely... I'm feeding the baby and desperately need a shower.. I'll be back in a few with a thoughtful explanation....

Mrs. Furious said...

Okay Heather I'm back..
sorry about that but the shower led to nap which led to preschool and grocery shopping....

here is the thing (for me) I thrive on accountabliity. This became really apparent when I started losing weight by sharing my food journal. So once I started this blog I kept that up and then slowly started adding the menu planning and anxieties and to do list. Not only do I see them every day but by doing a weekly plan I have kind of been able to track my success and figure out what is my doable amount of tasks. When you see it all out it is a lot easier to realize somethings just are not going to happen and focus on what you can do in a week.
I definately waste less time... meal planning has been huge!.. and when I don't know what I'm making I can just look it up (plus I have a lot of my regular recipes on here.. I just go to those posts and bring my laptop into the kitchen!)
The anxiety list has also been helpful because while somethings are "big stresses" that I can't do anything about others are just nit picky things that I tend to procrastinate... seeing something so stupid as thank you notes or meal planning on there for a couple of days makes me really think about why I torture myself with these small things and I am more motivated to knock them off my list.
I'm trying to be concise.. but the baby is about to get up!!
Overall for me yes it helps, I also am a perfectionist and never want to disappoint anyone so by public laying it all out these I am more likely to accomplish my goals then if I had a hundred list lying around... as I have explained to my therapist.. I'm working with my craziness...

sorry if there are a 100 typos or spelling mistakes!

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