Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh No He Didn't!

Did I just hear Bob Harper tell his new Blue Team to chew gum to stave off sweet cravings? Well where have I heard that before? Oh yeah I said that HERE! As if you needed any more proof that I am indeed a Bad Ass!


Chris Howard said...

Orbit Sweet Mint is the best gum out there, period. I chew it all day long. Although, since my eating habits suck right now, I'm just chewing it because I like it, not because I'm fighting off cravings. Man, if it weren't for the gym I'd be a blob right now.

michelline said...

Orbit Sweet Mint is pretty awesome. But I like the cinnamon too (maybe mostly because Chris doesn't like it so I actually get some!).

Mrs. Furious said...

Orbit Sweet Mint is the best gum out there, period.

Tell me about it! I only discovered this flavor about a month ago... fantastic... and it really does solve my eating because I'm bored, procrastinating, need a finisher, etc.

I'm going to have to look for the cinnamon next time I'm at Target... I don't think I've seen it before... and I am a huge cinnamon fan! Mr F did abscond with a big 3 pack of sweet mint the other day so I know exactly what you are talking about.
By the way how do you pronounce your name? Is it like Michelle - ine? I've never seen your name before :)

etbroderick said...

Orbit gum rocks. Isn't The Biggest Loser so motivating? It actually got me to set my alarm for 6:01 this morning. The bad news is that I didn't end up exercising, which was the whole point, but I really am going to try! Back to The Biggest Loser. I watch them work so hard and I feel so happy for them when they weigh-in. I get choked up multiple times whenever I watch. Last night was the first one I've caught this season. I always feel so bad that someone has to get kicked off b/c I worry that they won't be able to sustain it on their own. Amber seemed pretty bitchy, so I guess if someone had to go, maybe it was good that it was her. But I hate watching them get kicked off. Especially people with kids at home b/c I worry about their futures...I tuned in to that other show where the people are walking across the country--b-o-r-i-n-g. Just missing the kick-ass factor. Plus one guy who gets way too much airtime bugs the crap out of me! Anyway--how crazy was it when the Red team captain weighed and had lost 31 Freakin' pounds!! SIGN ME UP!

Mrs. Furious said...

I'll write a post on this later... but I have been working out to Biggest Loser reruns all summer. It is on every night on the Style channel. I find working out to it to be totally motivational and has a lot to do with my workout success! Try it!

etbroderick said...

Well--we get, like, 8 channels on our cheap-o cable. So never heard of a channel called "Style." Oh, well. Ya--when I manage to drag my butt out of bed at 6:00ish there is nothing good to watch. Sometimes I get a cheesy infomercial about an exercise video or piece of equipment and I try to get pumped up imagining myself skinny and fit like the women on TV! Hilarious. I've been meaning to ask--are you running or walking or what?

Mrs. Furious said...

rent movies!
Matt works out to movies. I've got enough shows on Tivo that I don't do it that much but when I have its great.. no commercials.. so you are totally sucked in and the time flies!

I walk, I only run when say... there is a gunman in the grocery store ;)... my knees are too bad for that. I actually walk relatively slow.. 3.0 but I alternate my incline every 1/12th mile. I started alternating every 1/4 mile 0, 3, 6, 3, 0...repeat and doing 30-35 min. Now I do 0,7,0..7,0,7...repeat so within each 1/4 mile I change it up 3x and workout 60-70 min. you burn more this way... it keeps you at a lower fat burn level. It also keeps me from getting bored. And let me tell you my legs are unbelievably toned.. no cellulite at all! I'm short so 3.0 w/ the inclines still feels hard.. normal people might need to go a little faster. I definitely couldn't maintain a conversation.

Mr Furious said...

Matt works out to movies.

That stack of movies from the library just isn't burning the calories the way they should...

What's that? I have to put them in the DVD player and then get on the treadmill?

It's been so long since I've successfully executed my plans (at least a few weeks) that I can't believe you even gave me credit for doing it.

At least I rode my bike to work again today.

Mrs. Furious said...

well i was giving you created for the thought.. Dude I'm down to 118.8 today... mother fucking unbelievable!

michelline said...

I'm going to have to look for the cinnamon next time I'm at Target.
The cinnamon version is Orbit Cinnamint. It's in a red package.

By the way how do you pronounce your name? Is it like Michelle - ine?
It's pronounced like mish-a-leen with the accent on the first syllable. I've met a few others, believe it or not. As a matter of fact, Sean Connery's wife is a Michelline, although I believe she misspells it as Micheline:)

michelline said...

At least I rode my bike to work again today. LOL! I have a 35 mile drive on the interstate to work. One way. And it took 50 minutes today. How long is your drive/bike trip?

Mrs. Furious said...

How long is your drive/bike trip?
His office is only 6.8 miles away. It takes him about 25-30 min which is pretty much exactly how long it takes to drive that same distance.

Cinnamint... ah yes... I have seen it and was afraid of what that meant.

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