Thursday, August 9, 2007

How Do I Love Thee...

Well my bionic scale arrived today. Kid Furious and I immediately opened that baby up and weighed in! Not only is it sleek and beautiful, in a modern sort of way, it measures every aspect of your physical being...and it practically shouts "You're a Bad Ass!" when you step on it. I am in love.
I'm also kind of in love with myself... I lost another pound and now weigh in at 125. Nothing says bad ass like losing a half a pound a day! It is hard to believe that it was not even 3 weeks ago that I was stuck at 131, feeling frustrated and forelorn. 20 days later I am 6 pounds lighter, have lost 2" from my waist and am down nearly 2% body fat. I couldn't be feeling more empowered! And I owe it all to GUM... well that and my longer, harder workouts ;) Seriously though, I do have a sweet tooth and eat when I am bored and not hungry. Having a piece of gum when I'm feeling like I might need another cookie dough ball in the afternoon, and then another piece right after dinner, has definitely helped satisfy my sweet tooth and obsessive need for a "finisher" without blowing my calorie limit. I'm also hitting the sheets a little earlier and that has cut out one of my nighttime snacks. At this point I usually eat a dessert as a preemptive measure (so I won't wake up hungry... its been known to happen) and not because I'm hungry for it. I also don't want to go to low on the calories as I am still a nursin' momma and don't want to lose any faster than I am. Can you believe I just wrote that?!? Who would have thought things would change so quickly?

So here are my current stats as taken from my new scale...

weight: 125 lb
body fat: 29.2% (healthy range)
body water: 49.0% (healthy range)
muscle mass: 84.0 lb
bone mass: 4.6 lb
metabolic rate: 2030 calories
metabolic age: 27.... so there Dr. Oz!
visceral fat rating: 3 (1-12 is good)
physique rating: 5 (standard body fat & muscle mass)


Mrs. Furious said...

Oh and Angie... come on over... I've already got you programed in!

angie said...

You crack me up. I was just going to say, see you tomorrow!

But seriously, congratulations. I am really happy for you.

Now lets hope I have some happy news tomorrow.

Heather said...

Er, what's the brand name?

Mrs. Furious said...

Did my 2nd comment link to it on your site?

It is a Tanita
that should link to it.
I love that thing!
I believe it is pretty accurate as my cousin had a really good calibration done with believable results and got the same reading from my scale.

Heather said...

Dangit. Sorry. Dinner was ready and I was famished and literally RAN to the kitchen.

Heather said...

Ok just checked it out. I'm totally getting one.

Mrs. Furious said...

Do it! :)

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