Monday, August 6, 2007

This Week... the plan

Okay I am on an organizational kick, that god willing, will actually stick this time ;)
Sometime last week I stumbled upon The Fly Lady who is kind of an organizational guru for crazy people. At first you are blown away by the cheesy graphics and subtle, but disturbing, references to a higher power. Then you are blown away by the fact that these women are talking about you . I thought I was the only, read: special, person out there whose perfectionism got in the way of maintaining an organized home. What? You have thousands of members who all fall into this same category? This is not because I am a genius? Everyone else thinks that they are crippled by their own genius too? Anyway, it was like they were speaking directly to me. They email you little challenges through out the day, and truth be told I haven't actually done any yet.. well I did do one I couldn't resist it was such a light bulb moment.... "when you are on your way to another room, look around you first and see if there is anything you can pick up and take with you" Say what?!? Ingenious! I immediately saw a Putty poop bag (unused!) Mr. Furious had left on the dining room table, I was heading to the bathroom, which took me right by the bag holder in the closet, I couldn't believe it.... it was so easy , effortless even! The whole Fly Lady mentality, slogan really, is "Progress not Perfection in 2007". Well I'm on board... kind of. So far I am still in the obsessive read everything and think about it phase. I haven't really started "daily" cleaning, but my god... BEHOLD my cupboards! It has worked for something at least. And it is free!
So instead of just going shopping I actually made a list and a menu plan. This means that this week will be short on new recipes, since I am trying out a new concept of actually making something more than once! Fly Lady assures me this will save me time and money!
Here's my menu:
Monday: Flank Steak, yukon gold potatoes & corn on the cob
Tuesday: Cornflake crusted Tilapia, cesar orzo salad
Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas
Thursday: Salad w/ flank steak
Friday: Ginger Salmon w/ stir fried peppers, pea pods & asparagus
Weekend: pulled pork

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Gypsie Family said...

My Internet got cut off yesterday before I had a chance to comment to the earlier posts - meant to say, congrats on the weight loss!! And now you're getting organized too?? Now I might have to hate you. Naively thought I might have lost some weight on this trip only to try on some shorts yesterday and discover they were as tight as ever. waaahhh...

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