Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A little Taste Of Furious Lingo..

Mrs F "Why are your glasses off?"
Kid F "'cause I don't like wearing them... and sometimes Little Sissy takes them off my eyes"
Mrs F "Is that what happened or did you take them off because you were losing your mind a little bit?"(refering to recent flailing tantrum)
Kid F "I took them off 'cause I was losing my mind."
Mrs F "Okay put 'em back on"

And moments later...
"Rubes could you please just go to the bathroom" Kid Furious proceeds to walk and starts flailing around again and hits her head on the door jam.."Oh Jesus... Rubes are you okay?...See that's what happens when you are being a total freak"

I guess it is no surprise she called me a "Jack Ass Freak" last week... in this house that is a compliment ;)


Haley said...

That is TOO funny.

God, when I have kids they're going to walk around calling everyone "dude".

Mrs. Furious said...

I've actually started saying "dude " lately and Ruby is not impressed she always snapping back at me "don't call me dude I am not a boy!"

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