Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Sure It Just Came Out Wrong

Last night while Mr F and I were watching The Bachelorette I thought I'd ask him some DEEP and pressing questions.

"So if we had been killed in a horrific car accident would you update the blog?" I ask.

"Probably. Probably before I told my parents." Mr F replies.

"Well, what if some of them wanted to attend my funeral?" I suggest.

"Oh... yeah... okay I'll get right on it." Mr F agrees.

"Plus you might really need the support." I offer.

"This has happened to other bloggers and they ended up getting a lot of support... hey you might even get remarried!" I continue.

"I could have a "Who wants to marry Mr F?" Bachelor kind of contest." Mr F adds.

Okay. That's not exactly where I was going with it.... but... whatever.

I guess Mr F has his grief plan.

It would be worse if I didn't already have my own.

Let's review them together shall we?

Mrs F's Grief Plan

To sell our house and our belongings (they'd just stir up painful memories) and buy an RV. Travel the country with the girls for a year while processing our grief and writing about our experience in my soon to be published book "Grief Tour" (which will of course be made into a movie).

Mr F's Grief Plan

To date all my eligible readers.

Notice the notable lack of grief in Mr F's plan?


katieo said...


(and can you please still go forward with "Grief Tour"? I really want to read that book...and see the movie. (heh. although maybe not after that road trip with the girls)

Robin said...


HaleyBird said...

Yeahhhhh... I'm pretty satisfied with the Christmas giftbox in terms of Furious giveaways. I'll stop there.

Kiki said...

My Grief Plan involves me moving back to NY, living in a loft, becoming a professor and teaching at NYU or Cooper Union maybe....

Andrea said...

I laughed so hard Mr.Fs grief plan that's funny shit, aren't you glad you have a blog to document the crazy things in life :)

julie said...


Marie said...

Too funny! You might want to add one of those limosine-type windows right behind the driver in the rv...then if things get tough you could just shut the window!!

(i dream of that sometimes in my suburban....zzzzzzip....peace and quiet!)

Anita C. McCants said...

I know how you feel
regarding someone updating
your blog should something
happen. :~)

inkelywinkely said... It could be worse- I guess. LOL

Smitty said...

In Mr. F's did open the door to horrific accident-related snark.

See...he just didn't pick up on your clue that he should have said "aw, no honey, there's no replacement for you. In fact, I'll prolly just climb into a whiskey/beer/scotch/vodka bottle."

Hilarious stuff, Mrs. F. Reminds me so much of the Smitty household.

Mrs Furious said...

Look for it in bookstores near you... soon ;)

thank God he didn't just come up with that out of the blue.

Good idea.

"aren't you glad you have a blog to document the crazy things in life"

"i dream of that sometimes in my suburban....zzzzzzip....peace and quiet."

I'd never thought of that before. I could have really put that to use on the trip!

Mr F is always good for a little blog fodder!

Isn't it funny (disturbing?) that the first thing I think of when I think about something horrible happening to me is not how will Mr F cope... but will he update my blog?!!?!

Ooh I like it! Good plan.

Yes I suppose it could be worse... he could be doing it now!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh it is always good times over here.
And, really, I can't complain too much... he was watching The Bachelorette After The Rose after all.

Rah said...

that's hilarious!

i also have a random food question. i had frozen broccoli from whole foods. when i had it for dinner it was VERY mushy. i thought that i had read a post about how you prepared it and now i can't find that post. did i imagine that or was it another blog? if it was yours, could you refresh my memory? thanks!!

Mr Furious said...

You were watching "The Bachelorette," I was spending time with my wife...

Mrs Furious said...

That was me. I pop it into boiling salted water for 2 minutes. That is all. Then I drain it. If I want to saute it I do that first and run it under cold water to stop the cooking and then dry it on some towels before sauteing it... but do it briefly it really doesn't need a lot of cooking.

Claire said...

Mr. F's last comment here is the best! This whole blog had me laughing - I love it!

About the Chocolate Croissants - did they make it back ok - did you use freezer packs or ice or what - I need to know what works best for my next run to Trader Joe's - better known as a trip to see my grandchildren - ha!!!

Mrs Furious said...

I brought back some in the winter in just a Trader Joe's reusable frozen foods bag and they made it the whole day... BUT... it was winter. This time I had them in a cooler but by the time I got them my cool packs weren't frozen. With frozen cool packs they should make it in a cooler for a whole day. Mine were in there for 48 hours. I didn't have to throw them out though. I baked up the exploding package and just refroze the rest.

gooddog said...

Love it!

Btw, my hubby's assured me that he would wait "at least 6 weeks" before remarrying. At least they're (sort of) honest!

Welcome home :) Glad you are safe so we don't have to walk Mr.s F through any sort of version of his plan...

Penelope Anne said...


Preppy Mama said...

I'm still laughing. I like the "Grief Tour"....sounds like a Lifetime movie to me!!

Deb said...

Ha! One of my girlfriends who also has a blog guest-posted for me during my daughter's birth, so she is has my password info and is under strict instructions to post a eulogy for me. I know my husband would never get around to it, so no fear of him ever dating my readers. Now I'm curious about his grief plan. (Mine is similar to yours, minus the RV, plus some hotel rooms with room service.)

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