Friday, May 2, 2008


Okay apparently the thing I'm finding a hard time fitting in while Mr F is gone is blogging. Who knew? I'm not really sure why... except that I usually use my down time to think of things to blog about... and without that apparently my mind is an empty void.

Here are some things to ponder as you see fit:

#1 While at Target I discovered that one of the aisles is partly a "Natural Beauty Products" aisle. Now I've noticed that before but now they have a huge sign saying that they pledge these products to be Paraben free, Phthalate free, and SLS free. So check it out next time you're there.

#2 Trash. We need to reduce our trash output. It's ridiculous. I'm looking into composting... but I'm not exactly excited about it. Not into the worm variety (although oddly I do love worms). I saw a show featuring the "Tumbleweed" composter.

#3 Mr F thinks Jon from Jon & Kate plus 8 is ugly. I don't see it.... but he's adamant about it.

#4 Mr F is not calling me. WTF?

Mr F finally called. Things seem to be going well. Is it just me or is it weird that he'll be sleeping at the publisher/owner's Asheville apartment tonight... with the owner.... ??!?


Andrea said...

#1 thanks for the tip Im not a cosmetic person beside my love for lipgloss but I should replace my mascara and concealer and since Im going to stock up this evening on Calif. Baby stuff might as well have a look.

#2 trash yeah we take out the garbage all the time it seems like where does it all come from I dont know ok well theres diapers which will be gone hopefully in the next few weeks and the next one were going cloth but still I dont know where all the garbage come from.

#3 Jon- I dont think hes ugly but I think alot of it is I have respect for the man he supports his familiy and he is pretty funny and he seems like a great Dad I still cant get hubby to do bath night and this man he does for six kids that makes him hot in my book!

P.O.M. said...

Worms? Worms are like rodents but slithery and slimy.

Marie said...

Going to have to check that out in Target next time! I love when places group everything together like that..otherwise its just too difficult to look at 900 items and figure out which one is good with a 4yo, 3yo, and 10month old in tow!

As far as the trash, I would LOVE to decrease ours. I have no idea why, but we have TONS of garbage it seems. I know some of it is the diapers and such, but a lot of it is just..well..i really don't know. The crazy thing is most weeks we have only 1 bag until about 2 days before garbage day when suddenly there is TONS of trash! Let us know if you find out anything good about the composters. I was looking at them after reading the Oprah link, and was finding prices to be $150 and up...not sure I can convince dh we need to spend that for trash! Was thinking of maybe a small homemade one in the very back of the yard behind the shed...

Haley said...

I've been trying to motivate myself to get informed about composting, but I've been lazy. However, I'm having happy hour with my family tonight and my mom is a gardening/naturey whizbang so I'm going to see if she has a cheap, easy-ish solution...

moi.bloggirl said...

#1 Nice Idea about target. I am going to definitely try that out this weekend.

#2- I would love to compost but have a small yard and I heard that it smells..

hicktowndiva said...

We have cut down on our garbage so much in the past year. But we sort and recycle everything we can. I use cloth diapers (BumGenius 3.0)and I have a basket of washcloths on my kitchen counter which we use in place of paper towels and sponges. Keeping the kitchen trash down has been the key for us, and also the cloth diapering. We also use cloth bags for shopping so that trash is minimized as well. I don't compost but I should.


I don't think Jon is ugly...I love Jon and Kate!

Smitty said...

#4 He's not calling.

This is normal male behavior.

When I go on junkets for work, I don't call either. If I do, I do it when I am reasonably sure that it's a time when she won't pick up. And then I don't leave a message.

It's not because i don't lke my wife. I love her dearly. It has more to do with a genetic tic. When alone, I immediately revert to bachelorhood. I could write a whole post about what happens to me, the house and my attitude when left alone and kidless.

Mrs Furious said...

"If I do, I do it when I am reasonably sure that it's a time when she won't pick up. And then I don't leave a message."
lol.... poor Mrs Smitty...

Congrats by the way! Those are some good sized twins!

Mrs Furious said...

agreed. I think Jon is a great dad so maybe that sways my judgment.

earthworms... you don't like earthworms?!?
Come on the regenerate!

the Tumbleweed was about 150 also. But since it's not a worm one you need to have a lot of yard refuse to use it... something crazy like 80-90% brown matter... I don't know if we could maintain that during the winter months.

Let me know what she says. You know of my rodent fears so it needs to be absolutely rodent free in order for me to even start to consider it.

It is not supposed to smell if you do it right. Or so I've been told.

Hicktown Diva,
so what do you know about Greensville? Turns out if he's offered the job we can choose which office location. Greensville or Asheville.

We use cloth napkins, towels, etc (except dog poop clean up... that is strictly paper towels!!! yuck) and we recycle everything we can but I still feel like we have a lot of trash. Mostly all my waffle boxes I guess... (can't recycle the freezer boxes)

Sunshine Mom,
I wouldn't say I think he's attractive (to me) but he's certainly not ugly. Mr F has a thing about him though... he takes it personally for some reason.

emmyjw said...

I do think it is wierd to sleep at the guy's place, but hey, what do I know? I actually went several places todya wearing my shearling slippers without realizing it... We are huge trash makers and I feel so guilty about it, let me know if you come up with a fantastic idea...after Mr F comes back and you can thinbk again of course;) Love the pic of the kids in the pack n play, Kid cracks me up, so content in there.

Erin said...

I think Jon is kinda cute....not hot, but not ugly. Maybe it is more that he acts cute. That is funny that Mr. F is so adamant about it.

Mrs Furious said...

I went to therapy last week in my slippers. I realized it right before I drove off but was like "what difference does it make?!"
As for Kid... she's gonna spend a lot of time in there... she's making me nuts tonight!

I think it has something to do with the balding issue.

angie said...

Of course I don't think Jon is ugly...but then again look at my husband :-)

His dad is white. Do you know what race his mom is? His he adopted or is he mixed?

Hope your surviving. Just got back from DC. Is it lame to go to bed at 9?

hicktowndiva said...

Mrs. F-
I don't know much about Greensville. Asheville was part of my territory for a former job so I visited semi-frequently (the husband and I also went there for a few weekends--such a cool place). Asheville just has a really cool vibe--it's a small town but it's kind of an artsy community. It gets a fair amount of tourism from people who want to see Biltmore House (which is incredible if you like that sort of thing, and I do). It's just a neat town with lots of personality. Plus, it's really beautiful and the weather is pretty good. I love it. My son is going to summer camp outside of Asheville in June and I just made our hotel reservations to stay in Brevard when we drive him down (we live in Sewanee, TN).

Mrs Furious said...

LOL... Mr F made the specific point that Tony is much better looking :)

Jon is half Korean.

Mrs Furious said...

Hicktown Diva,
Thanks for the feedback.
It is strange to contemplate a move to an area you've never been to.

Deb said...

I think I can identify with Mr. F on some level. Not about Jon, specifically, but I am adamant that Mariah Carey is ugly as sin, and my husband tells me that's only because I don't like her image. He says if I looked at her objectively, I'd see she's quite pretty. He's wrong, of course.

Nice tip on Target. Thanks. You just gave me an excuse to go there tomorrow.

angie said...

LOL Tony and I are dying laughing. Tell Mr F thanks for the props.

We were at peaceable kingdom and bought a bunch of burt bees stuff at 50% off.

We have dinner every month with friends (Holly and Russ) to talk about environmental issues. We are going to talk about this issue tonight.

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