Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

So last night I was running downstairs after dealing with Baby and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was wearing my "Shrinking Woman" uniform of old nursing sports bra and capris. I haven't actually worn this in awhile because... um... the bra is no longer "supportive".

I know I've said it before lately... but... I was really taken aback by how thin I looked. What a striking comparison to my original "before" picture!

Just out of curiosity I pulled up the last progression shot I took back in December when I first reached the 110 zone. Allegedly, according, to my fancy scale I not only weigh about the same but also have similar body fat %.
I kind of doubt it...
Me in December:

Me Now:

Come on Tanita... give me my props!


Nutmeg said...

Your arms and your boobs (and your stomach) are significantly smaller than in the middle picks.

And my poor, poor boobs. I can't imagine what another pregnancy and nursing for another 3 years would do to them. I think yours have handled it remarkably well. My stomach is fine from the baby because I never really measured past 34 weeks (pre-eclampsia's rarely mentioned upside). I can't say the same for the breasts.

Oh well.


Gigs said...

Those shots really do never get old. Plus I am still totally loving the haircut. It makes you look tons younger and metropolitan...

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks Nutmeg,
Yeah I was showing Mr F my boobs last night (in a completely clinical style) and informed him that for 20 months of pregnancy & over 4.5 years of nursing their doing pretty well. Sure their smaller... but you can't lose this much weight and keep your boobs... so whatever.
I'll let you know what they look like after another 2 years of nursing...

Mrs Furious said...

thanks.... Metropolitan?! I don't hear that very often!

I'm thinking of taking it all off... Natalie Portman style.

Robin said...

I have decided that Tanita sucks. I measured my body fat last week, and it is only 1% lower than 10 pounds ago. I highly doubt that. I have been doing my weight training.

You are definitely smaller and more muscular now, and Tanita needs to recognize that. :)

I love me some progression shots.

Hmmmmm, boobs. Well, I try to focus on the fact that although they are small, droopy and very squishy, at least my nipples still point up! Thank god for padded bras.

Mrs Furious said...

Seriously?!?! It hasn't dropped your body fat%?!? Interesting...
that is obviously wrong.
I'm actually really glad I took this pic last night since it is an obvious direct comparison photo. I've been really discouraged/not motivated since I've gotten no results via the scale. Once I saw the pic I was totally re-motivated since I had some proof that I'm getting results after all.
Damn you Tanita!

me said...

wow, you really have done a fantastic job!

one thing about tanita--if you are dehydrated, the body fat # will not be accurate. (it will be higher)

aka: workout mommy

Mrs Furious said...

Well... it is true that I weigh in 1st thing in the morning... so I probably am dehydrated at that time. But I just hate HATE hate to weigh in at the end of the day because I weigh more ;)

Robin said...

Lisa - re: body fat % - I always measure under the same conditions, so even if the number is higher or lower than my actual body fat %, it should be an accurate reflection of the change in body fat. And there is no way that my body fat hasn't decreased as I've lost 10 pounds. I don't expect all 10 pounds to be fat, but most, I would think.

Damn Tanita.

Mrs Furious said...

true. I also weigh in under the same conditions every day. I felt like during my loss phase July-Dec that it was accurate. I was losing fat % when I weighed in.
But the other day I was watching a FIT tv show and they had someone on there with 22% body fat ... and she was MUCH bigger than I am. And right now I'm get a 21-22% reading. The lowest I've ever got (by doing it in the evening is 20)... and there is no way she was only 2% more than I am. No freaking way.
I wish I could go get a good accurate reading somewhere.

Robin said...

hmmm, maybe I have a defective scale. Or maybe during my initial reading or my last reading, I had had a big meal before, or something. Who know. All I know, is my pants are looser! :)

I have been tempted to have my body fat done at my gym with the calipers. But I have read that can be inaccurate, too, depending on how good the person doing it is. I have no idea how to find out where you can do the dunking method.

Heather said...

These are very inspiring! And agreed -- your haircut is SO cute and really makes you look lighter overall.

Mr Furious said...

Something tells me Baby's not gonna be nursing that long...just a hunch.

For me the biggest difference is apparent in your arms and on your face. The haircut really underscores that part as well. you look great.

(And I'm all-in on the shorter haircut.)

Julie said...

You look so great!! Wow.

Yup, my 2nd child did not nurse as long...he was too busy making mischief.

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F,
what makes you say that!?!?

Oddly it is 5 pm and she hasn't nursed at all today.
I do remember Kid going through a phase like this though.

Waaaaaaaahhh.... :(

Andrea said...

Wow you look great, cant wait to start working out like a mad woman only 22 weeks to go. Your arms are what made my mouth drop because I tend to gain a lot of weight in my arms during pregnancy and I know theres hope I wont have wings one day!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh Lord... I gained a huge amount to my arms... and my back this time. I was really worried about the back fat... 'cause it is just gross! No worries. You can do it. Seriously if I can do it... anyone can.

Feener said...

wow ROCK ON !!

what do you think helped your midsection (abs) the most ??

Mrs Furious said...

hmm. Well I continued my pilates throughout my pregs so I think I had maintained my abs pretty well they were just covered with fat! ;)
I haven't done much but cardio to be honest and I think that most of my definition comes from the muscles being revealed. I do pilates once a week for an hour or so.

P.O.M. said...

I'm with ya. I actaully LOVE looking back at my fat pics.
Maybe I"ll post some tomorrow.

Gigs said...

I know... I wasn't sure metropolitan was the word I was looking for... :) I started to say "so much less frumpy", but didn't want to imply you were ever frumpy (you're too bad-ass to be frumpy)... maybe "mature", "hip", or "sophisticated" works better? My brain thesaurus isn't coming through for me today! Let's just say the hair is definitely working for you!

Mrs Furious said...

do it do it do it
I love fat pics

Oh I didn't have a problem with Metropolitan.
I'm into it.

Erin said...

You don't just look a million time smaller, you really are looking fit also - you can tell that you have worked out a lot!

Julie said...

I just checked the pictures out again and they are just fucking amazing. Really. You look so fit and fantastic.

How much did you weigh in the first picture? Was that after you lost the bulk of the weight before you starting going hardcore with the exercise?

What an awesome body transformation. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.

Mrs Furious said...

In the 1st pick I weigh 131. The difference is only 21 pounds.

That was taken right when I first started the hardcore cardio. At that point I had only been working out about 3-4x a week for 30-45 min. After this pic I started the 5-6x a week for 60+.

I don't workout that much anymore. I do about 3-4 hours of cardio and 1 hour of pilates.

Mrs Furious said...


Deb said...

Yeah... I kind of doubt it, too. You look like a rock in that last round of shots. Your cardio paid off in a big way, and you're clearly carrying more muscle.

Nice JOB!

Deb said...

I had to go back and look again. Gosh DANG you're tiny. I just want to pick you up and swing you around.

Margo said...

Great pics! I don't have the guts to do the before pics. I agree, that haircut is awesome.

Cara said...

hottie! you have some rocking abs!!

Mrs Furious said...

I didn't have the guts to post mine until I had a thinner pic to post along side of it ;)
You should take them just to have for yourself.

"I just want to pick you up and swing you around."
ill advised... just ask Mr F! ;)

thanks :)

emmyjw said...

you are definately smaller in the last pics, and the hair really is fantastic. After nursing 4 kids my boobs will never be the same...oh well. Rainee is mortified when I walk around in my pj's because of my droopy "mom boobs". Her time will come ;)

Mrs Furious said...

"Her time will come ;)"

Red Lotus Mama said...

Good for you! You look fabulous. I have finally come to terms with my need to lose weight. I created a blog to help me ( and track my caloric intake on The Daily Plate. It is making a difference. I hope I have the success you are.

Mrs Furious said...

Red Lotus Mama,
Good luck with your efforts. I really believe anyone can do this... it is just consistency. And I found the blogging/accountability to be a huge inspirational factor. I hope it works for you too. :)

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