Monday, April 14, 2014

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Mr F heaves himself onto the couch and queries aloud:

"What new show are we going to watch?"

"I've been thinking of watching...

 Murder She Wrote"  I reply deadpan.

"What is that bullshit??  Jesus Christ.  No, I don't want to watch that."  Mr F spews.

"Give me something else. Give me something else." He continues, muttering to himself,

clearly shaken by old Jessica Fletcher memories.


Samantha said...

MSW is a classic! Just watched an episode this week.

katieo said...

oh my gosh I'm laughing so hard...

Julie said...

Thank you thank you thank you so much for the laugh.

Hey, I haven't watched it yet, but I have heard good things about Doc Marten (the show, not the shoe.)

Mrs Furious said...

I've had it sitting in my streaming queue for awhile... and now I know what to start watching when I want a little alone time. Clearly, it will empty the room! ;)

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