Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Clear

We went to the hospital for Baby's cardiology appointment. She packed her new preschool backpack full of everything she could possibly stuff in there... just in case.

Which was smart, since she was able to wait for her tests in relative comfort.

(FYI Mr F was crying in this pic)

She was a total trooper. As always.

It really highlights the differences between Kid and Baby.

Kid has had an unfortunate amount of medical issues, but even the most basic appointment is really hard on her.

Baby just does what needs to be done.

And WHOA does that make it so much easier to get through.

(although I guess not on Mr F... )

Before the appointment she asked if she would have to get shots.

I explained to her that they would just listen to her and take some pictures.

"Oh good, I don't think I could be brave as a knight for THREE shots!" she said.

She's so cute.

And thankfully she's also perfectly healthy.

She does have two different murmurs, yes TWO, but they are both innocent and are in no way a health concern.


I even let her get one of those nasty Monster High dolls she's been begging me for in congratulations.

I already regret it.

It's really, really creepy.


Julie said...


I have got to say that Murph is such a trooper, too, with all the appointments and such. Jack, not so much. I am lucky in that way that it is Murph who has to do all of the medical & therapy stuff. If I had to look for a silver lining;).

Gigs said...

So relieved for you! Glad all is well and that Baby is good to go! Love all the photos you're posting too!

Um, I know that face of Kid's in the previous post waaaay too well. And K just got depression added to his litany of issues, which explains a lot about the last few weeks at our house...Really, never a dull moment, yes?

Torey said...


STACI said...


So happy for you all!!! :)

Mrs. Smitty said...

Glad to hear it!! (and agreed, those dolls are a bit creepy looking)

Tracy said...

Glad to hear all went well. And I think its cute when guys show their sensitive side with a little crying shows they really care.

steves said...

Good to hear. I find those dolls somewhat creepy, too. Fortunately, my oldest isn't all that interested in them, but that will probably change if her friends start getting them.

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