Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chin Up?

It's not.

I'm starting to really feel the pressure of 3+ months of separation, trying to sell a house in a down market without losing the kids college funds, and overall loneliness (for real peeps... it can be a bit much at times).

All in all, things are not going well for me. I need something to change soon.

I've got a good plan for the property/finance situation. We're moving the fence (as soon as the guy calls me back!!!). Then as of August 1st we're selling the lot, and refinancing the house (for less obviously, lower rates now too... bonus). That way I can pull out a majority of the equity we have locked up in the house & lot (unnecessarily at this point) and we will still have a lower mortgage on the house than we do now. I'll feel a whole lot better when we have real cash back in our hands and not trapped under this roof. Then we can move forward in Ann Arbor, put money down on the new house, and still reserve some to cover the carrying costs we'll have here until it sells. Again, hopefully it all sells before August 1st... but if not, I have a good solid plan.

I do have a lawn guy, and we came back from our trip, in part, to check and make sure he showed up and did what he said. He did.

On the tedium front, I've got the car inspected and renewed... also had to come back for that before the end of June. And on Friday I've got the car going to the shop for maintenance before we head out AGAIN. I've also got calls in to the fence guy (please call me back) and movers who are coming on Friday to give me some estimates (just in case). Then I'll feel like I can close up and head north until our house is in contract, and or we need to sell the lot and refinance, whichever comes first.

Assuming the fence guy can bump us up (please) we'll stay until the fence is moved. If that isn't going to happen in the next week then the girls and I will leave on Sunday or Monday and just trust the guy to do it right (we do-ish). Mr F is coming down to help me tie everything up and leave the house good for awhile (which involves a million small annoying tasks like replacing our porch flowers with drought tolerant ones, etc... the list is endless). I had to give him my old "Thundercats Ho!" call.... aka... crying into the phone completely overwhelmed by having to manage everything on my own. So plans were changed and he's coming down to help me load up and haul out the nasty rotting apples before we go (seriously... it's an overwhelming task), rather than having me drive up for Father's Day after pushing myself to the brink of my emotional/physical capabilities. It's just not worth the risk on that front, peeps.


julie said...

Thinking of you. It really sucks right now for you. Really, really sucks. I have nothing more eloquent to say. Hope the kids are doing okay...or as well as they can be in this state of craziness.

Liz said...

Ugh, you have way too much on your plate. I'm sorry you're on your own. Your plan is solid and forward moving. Hey, at least no light bulbs burnt out while you were gone!? Or at least not that you've mentioned:) Thinking of you...

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, there's not much I can say that doesn't sound all stupid and trite.

But I mean all the good wishes behind things like "hang in there" and "i hope it gets better soon" and all that.

Lori said...

Great Plan!
You really are amazing...
Look at all that you have accomplished. You may have moments of despair, but you always come out fighting!.
Your moving mountains. Don't you see your strength?
I'm far away and I can feel your power.
Chin up, move forward, carry on...
Good Job Mrs. F!!

skye1124 said...

I've never posted before, but I've been following your blog for a few months now. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate it. I'm in a similar boat these days. In a few months my husband is getting deployed for 7 months. Before the deployment, he's being stationed about 650 miles away. We can't sell our house (and have gotten several obnoxiously low offers, and one pretty solid offer that then fell through). We also have two small children, a boy (almost 4) and a girl (6 months). Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog and love how you are able to inject a little humor into situations that I'm sure don't feel very funny. I'm sorry things are so crazy for you now, but thanks for sharing your life stories. Best wishes...

G in Berlin said...

Sounds like you have a solid plan. Great and I hope that everything falls in line for you. We are off to the US to empty our house in July (we rented it furnished last time) and next year, if the new tenants don't renew, we are just going to sell it and untie our albatross.

Gigs said...

Excellent that Mr. F. can come down and help. Sounds MUCH easier than making the drive up again. And your plan sounds good - things always feel better when there is a plan of some sort, instead of the weight of indecision. Keep in mind the end is near. And I mean that in a good way, not a world-imploding, apocalyptic way, even though it probably feels like that sometimes! :)

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks guys. Having a plan is helping. I'm calling the mortgage broker today (after the showing, and moving company estimate, and picking up the car!) to find out the time frame needed to split apart the parcel and refinance the house. Better to be safe than sorry.


Oh I hope you all get an offer soon too! I know it's rough, and I'm not looking at 7 months of separation. I hope things work out for you soon and you can take the house stress off of the stress of deployment.

ha! Believe it or not there have been more burnt out bulbs! And when we came home our air had stopped working again! But we're all fixed up now, and fingers crossed, everything will stay in working order while we're out of town!

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