Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life Lessons

If you accept less than you are worth... People will start to treat you like that is all you are worth.

Don't work 60- 80 hours a week for people who promise you things... work 60- 80 hours a week for people who actually deliver.

Better yet, don't except a job at a temporary title and pay demotion... pretty soon it's 2 years later and you are being told you haven't *earned* a promotion by your supervisor (to the title you were originally hired for and preform the duties of) despite never having a poor performance review and being told repeatedly that you are "irreplaceable".

If your boss calls you at home and says they are giving you a substantial raise... Don't get mad when 8 weeks later you still haven't received it and then are told there really wasn't a raise to offer... that will only get you blacklisted for any further promotions or raises.  In fact you'll be told that all promotions and raises will now go through your direct supervisor (see above).

Also if you find out that very same supervisor is stealing your creative content for his own personal gain... Despite the fact that it is both illegal and an ethical violation of your supervisory relationship, don't expect HR to back you on that.  

The End.


Brenda said...

Still unbelievable. So sad for Mr. F. This sucks.

Julie said...

oh eff.


-amy said...

Ugh. I saw your note. I have more too, so parallel, but so different, but so parallel.

All I keep thinking about is that little bit about Traverse City a few years ago. That is a great town! And the beach, so close. That's what I'm thinking for you. Or, Utah! Ski passes at Alta are cheaper than "Mt. Brighton", don't think we haven't thought about it. Your opportunities are wide open, and I swear it's got to be the best time for a bold move.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm always pulling for TC! I would love for something to work out in that direction. Plus you can snatch up houses cheapity cheap up there now!

it's total fucking bull shit

I just can't believe he's done so much for them and it's all a waste. Pretty sure the supervisor has been falsely bad mouthing him saying he hasn't stepped up his workload, etc, to the boss all along. Mr F does over 60% of all the design work in a team of 3... plus all the photography... he can't possibly step up more.... there is no *more*. But of course only the supervisor is in the management meetings and his word is all they hear. He's been playing his cards from the beginning. Not exactly sure what he stands to gain, if Mr F leaves he'll have a 300% work load increase ;)

-amy said...

I LOVE what you said about the workload.

We are lucky enough to have lots of people who like to tell us what's going on at my husband's old place. I guess now there is a need to pay an extra person to do the tech stuff my husband did (for free) while carrying a (more than) full client load.

His 'partner' has been too busy to leave before lunch to go golfing, awww.

My husband said that the best part about finally realizing the lost cause a place might be is that suddenly the pressure is gone. it becomes fun to watch what is going on around you and fun to just do the job knowing that you'll get to escape.

Andrea said...

This kind of shit drives me crazy don't say something or promise someone something if you can't deliver, don't make my husband feel like all his hard work is futile. I had a conversaton yesterday with my much youger sister about getting shit on when your doing a great job too, this also makes me angry why punish the people who work hard and do a great job by giving them other people's tasks yet keep the asshats who are lazy and unethical liars. It's a very real topic that boils my blood. Rant over I need my cofee:)

Smitty said...


I know lawyers...

Better, though: I know rednecks.

Mr Furious said...

Smitty, Mrs F and I are watching back episodes of "Justified" every night, so I like the sound of the redneck option... Maybe a Mags hammer, or a Charlie-in-the-bag?

Mrs Furious said...

I'm thinking more along the lines of fire in the hole.

Kiki said...

I'm late to this post...but so freaking mad for Mr. F.....sick about it actually!!!

What are the next steps?

I just typed two different responses and deleted them because they were caustic...and I don't want anyone to think I'm that dangerous.

I'm with Smitty though.

wootini said...

Good god, that's insane. I'm late too but totally with Kiki and Smitty.

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