Thursday, June 10, 2010


The other day we drove up the road a bit to see (and hear) the Ringing Rocks.

It's this huge field of boulders, which is somewhat awe inspiring in and of itself.

But the crazy thing is that they ring in different tones when you strike them like bells, or dinner plates, or something else of that sort.
You can see the light colored hollows where many a hammer have gone before us.

We came armed with hammers and wrenches. (FYI hammers work best)

Right before we left, I realized that the pictures would be meaningless without an audio to go with it:
Sadly not the best ring to capture but you get the gist.


Anonymous said...

You were so close! The only thing that makes that trip more fun is a good rain storm the night before you go so everything is slippery as well. If you managed that maybe you want to go tubing if it ever warms up again...

Gigs said...

That's actually pretty amazing!

Claire said...

I went to the site you referenced and it was really interesting!! Thanks for providing the info. I hope I get to go there while I'm visiting the next few weeks!!! Hope and pray you're doing well!!!

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