Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Laying Low

Not feeling up to blogging today. Maybe I'll make it a video post week ;)

Check back later to see if I was able to muster up the energy to shoot one.

You knew I would...


Elizabeth said...

oh, it says this video is no longer available

Mary Poppins said...

copy that. and just when i had my hopes up that i'd get to see you.

Mrs Furious said...

sometimes they're especially slow on the processing over at YouTube... hang tight it'll be up eventually.

Colleen said...

So glad that you and the dr. seem to have the same strategy and plan. Can't imagine dealing with that stress/decision making.

On a totally lighter note, LOVE the halloween plaque! So cute!

gooddog said...

Ok, what I like it that it seems like the MD is treating kid like he would treat his very own child: questioning, investigating, not taking the "easy" way out. (Not to mention the finger puppets!)

I am SO sorry though that you have to go through it all. So sorry for kiddo too. how is she taking it all?

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks on both fronts :)
That plaque I got when Kid was little (her b'day is Halloween) and I never could really figure out what to do with it... our door is so perfect for it... I'm thrilled!

Thanks for the support... and I am really really happy about the Dr.

Mrs Furious said...

I just answered a similar ? regarding Kid's take on everything... so I'll just repost it here:
Kid has a pretty good idea about her condition. She doesn't remember the seizures themselves since she was not fully conscious... but I've been straight forward in non-scary terms about what happened and why she needs medication. I have to talk about it in front of her to doctors, teachers, etc so it's best that she know everything I'm telling them. It happened at the best time developmentally for her since being between 4-6 there isn't that feeling of differentness as being bad yet. That was a blessing.

Her entire childhood memory is filled with both her eye issues, the seizures, and MANY freaking ER trips for raging fevers... all this is her normal. She knows what her procedures are and I really do approach them in a very matter of fact way so that she has no reason to sense that she should be concerned. She knows she'll have an EEG... which we remind her is when you get buttons on your head and watch TV so they can take a picture of what your brain is doing. Like I said above she is at the perfect age for all of this. She's excited that it is a "sleep deprived" EEG and that she is supposed to stay up until midnight the night before. She really is at the exact right age for this... when she's older it'll be much more difficult I'm sure.

katieo said...

Oh geez. That's a LOT to deal with right now -on top of everything else.

(and I so get the terrible toddler thing!)

I agree with colleen. Halloween sign = really cute. I was wondering for a second there if you were going to hang up a wooden sign with smiley pumkins and ghosts dancing around haystacks or something like that...

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks... I got to say that I am really feelin' it these days stress wise.

Word has it Asheville is CRAZY for Halloween... so I'm feeling a little pressure to set it up around here.

Julie said...

Mrs F, I am so sorry that you have this all going on. I understand about the bulk of the stress and decision making and worry being on you...to no fault of Mr F...it is just how it is. You are the main caregiver and home in charge of the girls full time. It is so hard.

One of your labels says "I want candy". Just curious, is that a stress eating thing? I only ask because I have eaten a ton of little snacks and candy today because I am totally stressed and have anxiety about a education plan meeting I have tomorrow for Murphy at his school. It is nothing compared to Kid's heatlh issue, but it has me so full of anxiety. I actually feel sick because I ate a whole big box of grape Mike and Ike's (does anyone know what candy I am talking about?).

Oh and as you may have noticed, just as quickly as I got back on track with the food diary, I fell off again.

I am thinking of you and your family and hoping that whatever way it all turns out, it will be positive for you guys (whether it is with the definitive diagnosis of epilepsy or the need for more investigation.) Obviously, we all just want only good things to happen for your family.

Love the witch plaque. That is fantastic! Also, your house looks really good. I love the colors of the rooms. Did you guys paint them or were they already those colors?

Kiki said...

Ugh...the weening and waiting...sucks, I remember. I'll be praying like crazy for some clear answer...either way, just not knowing is awful!!!

That plaque is cute and the mat is fun...I know your place will be Halloween ready and I can't wait to see all the decorations...you'll show us, right???


Marie said...

I can't imagine the stress. I understand what you mean by if she just has a seizure right away we'll KNOW what it is...not knowing is worse because your always afraid that something/anything/nothing will happen every minute/hour/day/year. At least then you would know what it was, how to treat it, etc.. But at the same time who wants someone to have a lifetime issue?? Big (((hugs))).

Who knows?? With the intelligence of that kid, she might just go out and find a cure for epilepsy...wouldn't put it past her :-)

Mrs Furious said...

Oh yes I crave candy and soda when I'm stressed... I think in part since I'm running on so little reserves I naturally crave the sugar rush.

As for the paint... we've only repainted the kid's room so far. We're happy with the dining room (our sitting room) and I'm perfectly content to leave the living room (the big) room as is. The kitchen, office, and master bedroom MUST be repainted... they are peachy/browns and just wrong. The hallway is the same as the living room... I'm okay with it although I probably wouldn't have chosen it... but the trim is the wrong shade for the walls... just weirdly off and it drives Mr F crazy. The thing is he isn't going to get around to everything so I'm prioritizing... bedroom... kitchen (and I think we're going to wall paper the eating area)... office.

Mrs Furious said...

thanks :)

I've got some plans cooking for our Halloween decor. We've got one weekend left before my Dad & g'parents arrive... so we'll be hustling to get the rest of the stuff hung up. After that I'm going Halloween crazy. I saw this really cool black glittered paper chandelier at Michael's and I need it!!

Oh it's an awful can't win situation really. But I think it's just the human condition to not be able to sit with not knowing....

Kiki said...

Pottery Barn has the cutest things too, I am taking the day after Halloween off just so I can pillage(sp? why does that look wrong?) the good sales....I wasn't much for trick or treating (the candy yes, the scary bits, no) but I LOVE decorating for it!!!

Can't wait to see!!!

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