Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tea For Two

You know those pictures you come across... pictures of other people's children? The pictures of kids happily doing something so classic and iconic it makes you long for your own childhood. I, usually, secretly question the validity of such pictures thinking they must be set up... how else could I explain the fact that my own kids are typically drawing on their own eyeballs or getting themselves stuck under the shopping cart?

Until today folks! This morning I walked around the corner and spied the kids enjoying a perfectly set tea party... and surprisingly Baby was even invited...

It didn't last long. A few moments later Kid came hobbling into the kitchen with china tea cups stashed in her dress like a sack... she called back to Baby "Just grab the rest Chars!". I questioned the order thinking that perhaps having a 20 month old "grab the rest" of your china tea set was misguided but I didn't interfere. I did manage to grab her up and buckle her in for the "real" tea party... with milk and cookies... that Kid was preparing (no spills!) since it was obvious that Kid had not thought about Baby's lack of fine motor skills when she set her a place at the table.

Kid looked like this:

Baby looked like this:

Kid thoughtfully reflected ... "Well, I guess I learned it's not such a good idea to invite a baby to a tea party."

True enough.


Mary Poppins said...

Too cute. Send that one to your friend over at Martha.
Did you go see Obama today in Asheville? I read in the Washington Post that gave a speech at the high school football field today. I'm dying to see him at some point.

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F went and got a press pass so he got to take a lot of pictures. We thought we'd go... but then it turned out you had to stand in line for hours and the you'd be out with no shade... which is not so great with the kids along.
I did dishes.

Dana said...

That is just so adorably sweet it makes my teeth hurt! What cute little girls they are. :)

Kiki said...

My question: Will you go back to social work when both girls are on school?? Or on to something else?

Those pics are so sweet, the girls are precious...reminds me of when I was little...sweet times!!!

Elizabeth said...

That completely reminds me of Carolyn and myself.

We called her Baby Destructo. It was her favorite thing to do: destory whatever I was building. Mom and Dad explained that it was just her stage of development. I was four, I was not amused.

Missives From Suburbia said...

This is particularly ironic, because I'm watching my son shove Play-Doh into his ears and stick it to the bridge of his nose. We are certainly not going to make an issue of Cookie Magazine or Parenting any time soon over here.

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