Saturday, October 4, 2008

On Call

It's not that I don't have something to say... believe me... I'm rarely at a loss for words. But I've got some serious work to do around the house and while I'd love a little bloggy chit chat I can't commit to a serious sit down this weekend.

So I've decided to take this time for a little Furious family Q & A.

Got a question for us (or... well... for me... I can't promise the rest of the family will cooperate) now is the time to ask it.


Supermom said...

Ummmmmm, let me think....
One question that us blogging babes want to know about you.

Okay, I have one.

Where does the name Mrs. Furious come from?

Since I have met you I would think it would be Mrs. BeautifulNiceIntelligent.

Seriously, I cannot understand the "furious" part.

Have fun today!!! Hubs is going to go tomorrow. I know it will be exciting!!!!


Dana said...

Okay...I'm a new reader (only been reading you for a few months and I heart you), but I want to know how you stay so cool during your vlogs. I've wanted to do one for so long but I sound so geeky and I'm too afraid to post one!

Feener said...

do you have siblings and where do they live, are you in contact with them

Mrs Furious said...

You are too nice and going to give me a big head if you aren't careful ;)

Mr F had his blog Mr Furious for a few years before I started blogging... I just was kind of going for a spinoff with the added hilarity of the juxtaposition between my overall love of good old homemaking and my love of a well place swear word ;)

Ah... LOTS of practice (and occasionally a few takes) I use my little canon digital camera so it's small and portable. Also I don't think my first videos were quite as "cool"... I've definitely gotten used to talking to myself and really do feel like I'm talking to you all when I do them.

Yes I do.
I have an older brother, 35 (I'm 32), who lives in Ann Arbor and has 3 daughters. He's a landscape architect. We have the same mother & father.

From my father...
I have a younger brother, 24, who lives in North Jersey he's a Jazz musician.
And a little sister, 21, who lives in Wilmington , NC (unfortunately 7 hours away from us)... she works in a daycare and is still in school.

From my mother...
I have a little sister, 24, who lives near Woodstock, NY and is an artist.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I forgot... yes I am in contact (to differing degrees at different times) with all of them.

wootini said...

Did you know that you would co-sleep and do extended breastfeeding before you had Kid, or did your parenting approach evolve after she was born?


Mrs Furious said...

No we didn't plan it. I was probably more open to co-sleeping than some... but we had a fully furnished nursery and fully planned to use it. As for breastfeeding... Hell NO... I was planning to try and make it to 12 months. But "attachment parenting" was really just what happened naturally for Mr F & I, we didn't read a book and think "that's what we're going to do". We just met her needs in the way that felt right and it never felt right to have her sleeping away from me. And breastfeeding is just something that unfolded naturally too. I was the opposite of attachment parented so... you know... meeting my kids needs in an empathetic child oriented way has been really important and therapeutic for me.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know more about your life in New York, but I don't have any specific question, LOL!

Mrs Furious said...

well the first time I went was for a summer art program at Parson's School of Design when I was in high school. I loved it.
So when I was applying to colleges I threw NYU in as kind of wild card and in the end I decided to go there and have the NY experience over a traditional college experience. It was the best decision I could have made for myself. If you ever watch "Felicity" that was set at NYU and a lot like what it was like there and in the area. Our dorms were beautiful converted old apartment buildings and hotels. We lived right in Greenwich village. So fun and so dynamic... and completely different from "college". I started studying social work in my Sophmore year and had internships in domestic violence & foster care. I enjoyed the energy and freedom and individuality of the city. It was exciting and stimulating. I'm a fairly independent sort so it suited me. I ended up continuing on to get my Master's from NYU as well and then worked in a Mental Health Clinic on the Lower East Side for a couple years. During that time I had moved to Brooklyn and lived in lovely brownstone buildings on tree lined streets. There were a lot of high end restaurants and cute cutting edge boutiques. Really beautiful big park and botanical gardens. I LOVED it!! I really miss it.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Ooh... I was JUST thinking the other day that I wanted to email you to ask you a question, so this is perfect timing!

Co-sleeping. Our little guy just turned 2 a few months ago, and he still sleeps with us. I don't see that changing any time soon, because it's clear to me this kid was destined to be a co-sleeper from day one (even though that wasn't our intention, either). It's fine. We love it. He's an easy kid to sleep with, etc. BUT Child #2 is due in December, and I'm not sure how all of that is going to work. Obviously, she'll be in a bassinet next to me for the first few months, but I'm kind of worried about them waking each other up.

Suggestions? I can't remember if you've ever talked about the transition with Kid or not. Was there ever a time when you were co-sleeping with Kid after Baby was born?

Oh, and comfort me and tell me that two kids is somehow magically easier than one, because I'm out of my mind contemplating the logistics of taking two kids anywhere.

Mrs Furious said...

well Kid was nearly 4.5 when we had Baby and by then she was in her own room. It took 6 months from age 3.25-3.75 to get her to sleep through the night on her own. For that to work I initially pretty much slept w/her in her room. Then I lied with her until she was asleep and returned and did the same for her wakings. Then I sat in a chair until she was asleep. I did it very slowly but it worked.
If it were me I'd have Hubby & the Ambassador share a bed in a separate room.

wootini said...

Thanks for answering Mrs. F. I find it so interesting to hear about parenting choices. We had a similar evolution... never in my pre-mom life did I ever imagine that I would be nursing a toddler while pregnant, and then nursing two!! It even sounds crazy to me now, 5 years later. But it worked out really well for us.

Deb, if you happen to check back here again, I will tell you that we were still cosleeping with #1 when our second kid was born. We got a low twin bed from Ikea and put it next to our big bed, and our older child slept in that, while the baby slept with us (I always kept her on the outside, next to me, rather than between my husband and I). We were lucky never to have a problem with them waking each other up. After about a year we moved our older child into his own, newly redecorated (and so therefore enticing) room - he was about 4 at the time. It went really well, no major issues in getting him to change (and he is not typically one to accept change well, so we were glad). And I am happy to report that both kids (now 5 and 7) are fabulous sleepers, have no problems/fear of going to bed in their own room and sleep through. Good luck!

Marie said...

Here's one for ya..if you and Mr. F didn't have kids--it was just the two of you--do you think that you still would have ended up going down the organic foods/green products road or stuck to "mainstream" cleaners and foods? (just wondering cause I think my changes are mainly related to having kids)

And if you had kid-free time (like when they are older and in school) is ther any particular hobby/activity/etc... that you would love to take up or learn?

And if you choose to work outside the home when the girls are older, do you think you would go back to social work or choose something totally different?

Mrs Furious said...

Ah good question... No we probably wouldn't have switched to organic. Mr F & I are terrible sweet tooths and brand snobs and without the kids we'd be living off sugar cereal and soda.
Green cleaners? Maybe... I think I might have still switched for environmental reasons/non toxic reasons.

Kiki asked me about the social work too...
I'm undecided. I did like social work but it doesn't pay very well and going into private practice (which was my original goal carries a ton of financial responsibility with malpractice insurance etc. I've been thinking of going to law school when the kids are older. I'd also still really like to have a neighborhood bakery. Who knows? I think our income will dictate what direction I pursue.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Many, many thanks, ladies. I appreciate Wootini's advice! That's the direction we were considering, and if it didn't work, we were going to take Mrs. F's route with separate rooms. You can always have sex in the living room, right?

Mrs Furious said...

why would you have sex anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. F,
That sounds like such an exciting experience! I loved reading about it! I have GOT to get my family to New York soon, LOL--get us started on this 49-state trek...

BTW, I think I have weaned my's been h-a-r-d. His feelings are SO hurt. I haven't nursed him in 3 nights... :( sad times...

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