Friday, October 3, 2008

Decorating for Dummies

When I was out on the screened-in deck I looked forlornly at the box of partially unwrapped framed pieces in the corner... and cursed Mr F for exposing this antique piece to the elements. Then while I was blowing off the dust and thinking it might be best to bring it in before it rusted... I remembered that the former owner had thoughtfully left us a whole bunch of nails sticking out of the "dining room" walls. Well wouldn't you know that one of them was at just the right height.

(P.S. I'm getting all your comments and emails... I'm trying to spend a little less time at the computer since staring at the screen doesn't seem to help my mood or situation... go figure... I am doing my best to get back to everyone it might just take a little longer than usual)


Kiki said...

I love it!! Is there something written on the bottom half? It looks awesome on that wall...where did you pick this up? The frame makes it look really special!!!

Mrs Furious said...

It's Mexican Folk Art... I got it at an import store (where I also got the red painted hutch from Argentina... that is in the same room) that was in Park Slope when I lived there. It does say something at the bottom but it's in Spanish and I'm English only sad to say. The piece & frame are all one.

Shirls said...

how freaking handy was that?? nail ready and waiting and the wall colour thing, well it just works perfect!

Kiki said...

I love Mexican Folk Art, I have some Mexican religious art and I love have great taste!!!

Colleen said...

looks awesome! I keep meaning to comment that I love the two tonal room. Is the ceiling and wall separated by some sort of molding? We live in a 100 year brick house that has super high ceilings that make everything seem so much larger, but we've been at a loss on how/what/where to paint. Your house is making me think of some new ideas! =)

Piper said...

(Daily lurker, first-time commenting though) Your artwork is beautiful. I recognize the Cholula name - it's a relatively smallish (60,000 population) town in Mexico, located 8 miles west of the city of Puebla (population 1+ million). The Spanish, led by Hernán Cortés, overran the previously Aztec-controlled area around 1519. They eventually built a number of catholic churches in the area – one of which is on the truncated Pyramid of Quetalcoatl site - I believe it is the one depicted in your artwork. What's really cool is that if you were to look at a picture of the town as it is today, you'll see the church (Nuestra Señora de los Remedios or “Our Lady of the Remedies” church) still stands – not all that different from the way it was painted in your picture way back in 1926 evidently. =) Here is a link to the modern day picture – I thought you might enjoy seeing it (if you haven’t already). It also goes by the name Iglesia de los Remedios. The church was named after a small statue of the virgin mary believed to have been brought by the conquistadores. Wiki describes it as a major pilgramage site for catholics that live down there. The colonial architecture really is lovely – google the name of the church as well as the Great Pyramid of Cholula, and you’ll find lots of gorgeous pictures – including what it looks like inside. Looking from one side, it is framed by a positively breath-taking snowy topped volcano Popocatepetl – or Popo as they often call it. It’s an active volcano that smoke plumes come out of the top of frequently. Anyway – thought I’d pass on that info in case you didn’t already know it. Sometimes seeing the “real-life” locations depicted in art makes it even more exciting!

Mrs Furious said...

We haven't painted anything here but the girls room... and I think the yellow always comes out a bit on in pics but is really nice in person. Our ceilings are freaking ridiculous at least 10 ft. Several rooms have picture rails around the top of the rooms about a foot down from the ceiling... which I love and they really help bring the height of the room down and make it easier to place pictures. It would be easy enough (relatively speaking of course) to add that to your walls.

Hey thanks for the info.... I didn't know any of that!
Thanks for the link it is cool to be able to see a picture. :)

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