Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You Know I'm Depressed...

Cause I'm cool with this:

As breakfast.

And in the words of my dear bloggy friend Feener... "fuck you if you think that is horrible" ;)


Supermom said...

Oh hell!! That's a good breakfast! Just give her some milk with it. Consider it dairy and FRUIT!!

Michelle :)

Mrs Furious said...

At least it's a Saf-T-Pop ;)

See you Friday.

Julie said...

Hey, at least you fed her.

Canine looks kind of down in the background, too. His head is kind of sloped on the arm of the couch. Sad, sad Canine.

katieo said...

I just turned around and saw Thomas eating a glue stick. so you know, it could be worse.

Marie said...

soooo....sweets are NOT an acceptable breakfast??? This morning I found myself dumping WAY too much brown sugar into my girls oatmeal just so that they would eat their "healthy" breakfast...

yeah...thats how i roll...

Mary Poppins said...

well, it looks like our girls are two peas in a pod, since i have a nearly identical picture on my blog. for the record, i did nothing to stop it either.

Feener said...

see how happy she looks, she knows some days are just meant to cheat and you enjoy it, then you move on.

thanks for the linky love .....i think we would get along just fine if we met.

Mrs Furious said...

Canine had to get an extreme haircut last week... it makes him look pathetic.

oh that reminds me of Paste... remember that?

You are a wild woman. And why did I not know until today that you have your own blog?!

what's funny is that Baby got it for herself by dragging her bike up to the candy drawer and teetering on the seat like a step stool... it totally reminded me of your pic from yesterday.

"i think we would get along just fine if we met.
Oh I'm sure we would... we could take all the kids out for Happy Meals ;)

Missives From Suburbia said...

It beats the air my son subsisted on for the first 10 hours of his day today. How do they do that?

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