Sunday, April 4, 2010

That's What You Think

The kids spent Saturday holding mock egg hunts with my mother, using some decorative eggs she had on hand.

Last night, as Mr F was putting Kid to bed, Kid reflected on the day's activities:

"It will probably be a lot harder to find the eggs tomorrow." Kid contemplated.

"They're being hidden by a PROFESSIONAL." She added seriously.


gooddog said...

That is super precious!! So glad you are getting time to enjoy and not just run ragged. Happy Easter!

julie said...

Now that is just awesome.

P.O.M. said...

Happy Easter. We were watching on my 4yro neice look for eggs. She hates when people watch her so she yelled to the family "Have your own consummation." She meant conversation, but it had us in stitches.

Deb said...

The Easter Bunny gets paid? Now that's a good gig.

Kiki said...

How did it go???? Pictures???

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