Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holy Addiction Batman

I want to be sure you don't skip this post because you think I am being disingenuous!! As usual (ALWAYS!!!!) I do not "do" reviews. I do not get paid or compensated IN ANY WAY. I only tell you what things I happen to independently love. So I am being completely serious. This whole ancestry site rocks my old school American genes. Do it!! I'd love to hear what you all find out. I think you can get it all done in the 14 days and then print it out ... that's my plan anyway.

I've been watching both the PBS and the ABC geneology shows that have been on this month. Have you been watching them? I am totally into them... love it!

I've got really old American families on all sides of my family and I've always kind of wondered what my BIG tree would look like. These shows have only sparked that interest even more.

Both shows have constant commercials for and I was curious about it. So, when my nieces were here we checked it out and I was delighted to find the 2 week free trial. After that (you have to cancel it) it's actually pretty expensive. I put a email reminder in my google calendar so I don't forget to cancel.

It is crazy addictive and fun. This would be a great thing to do with your older kids. With every new connection made (amazingly I could get all the way back to the 1400s) you can see the real documents (census, Revolutionary War enrollment, etc). It is really cool!

For example:

#1... inbreeding!!!... crazy. Turns out there weren't a whole lot of different families in New Haven, CT in 1700.

#2... Belgium... who knew?! No wonder I love chocolate.


Supermom said...

Yep, been there done that!!! We both loved learning all about our families.

trifitmom said...

mrs. f guess what i have been doing all week, that is right ancestory !!! are we in the same mind or what. however i have a great twist to mine, my dad was adopted and so was my grandmother so we are on a quest.......and i am addicted to it.

trifitmom said...

i doubt i will complete in 14 days but i still plan on quitting and not paying and then you can use for free at libaray

P.O.M. said...

I have been watching "Who do you think you are." I love it too. My family (on dads side) is super hush hush and weird when I ask questions. I would LURVE to do this. Maybe with my sister...

P.O.M. said...

Dude... I'm already stuck. My dad's last name was changed illegally at some point. I think I know his real last name, but have no idea who his real father is. Also his mother changed her name so I have no idea what that is either. I can go back on moms side... that's where i'm putting my efforts.

You're right - this is fun and ADDICTING.

SK said...

I might have to try that! My great aunt, whom I was named for, had traced our family back to the Black Forest of Germany. I keep asking my mom for the paperwork--I love to learn our history!

In other news...I guess I was distracted with our move, because I went to the dr. on Monday and found out that I am almost 12 weeks pregnant! I am in shock. I had taken a test the Friday before and was thinking 4-5 wks. I am now realizing all the things I've done while being pregnant--like, falling down the stairs right after we moved in...

Mrs Furious said...


Mrs Furious said...

ooh that is an interesting challenge to the search. I hope you are able to connect the dots and get some good background for your family.
good to know about the library!

Isn't it fun?

Yeah I've got a weird change name thing going on to... totally stops with them. But on the sides I can go back I've been shocked at how quickly things connect up. It's crazy.

trifitmom said...

how are you searching, i need to learn how to do it, do you do one search by name and it searches all stuff or do you do by 1930 census then 1920 census

i need a lesson

Deb said...

I am CURSING you right now. DAMN IT!! I have spent the last four (five? Who knows?!) hours, sitting here, looking things up. I even called my mother to ask her questions. I hate talking to my mother.

On the bright side, this might actually give me and my mother something to talk about besides her weather, her allergies, and her... uh... well, it's TMI for me, so I know it's TMI for you.

So, I guess the net net is that I like you just as much as I did before, since I want to hate you for turning me on to this, but I have to love you for giving me talking points for my mom.

I have a really weird thing going on with an adoption. I feel like I need to get on a plane.

inkelywinkely said...

My grandfather travels all over the world getting old documents and land deeds and searching libraries and junk. So far, I have conclusive evidence of my family all the way back to 1500s in Naples.

I have so many of these documents and family tree print outs it isn't even funny. Because of these, though, I am a member of the Daughters of the Revolution as there is big time proof of HUGE activity in the Revolutionary war by both sides of my family.

inkelywinkely said...

Oh, and I found that my last name is nowhere near what it is now. Search war records for names CLOSE to yours. Ends up, the military changed mine- TWICE- because it wasn't "AMerican enough".. hrm.

Mrs Furious said...

I've gotten back to 1450 France on one line.
I'd qualify DAR on all four sides... I can even see the Revolutionary War enrollment papers. This site is amazing. I knew about the DAR on two lines (maternal g'father's side & paternal g'mother's side) but know I've found the papers for the other two sides. Nuts. I've even seen the passenger lists for immigration to Virignia in 1624 on one side. I've got other birth records pre-dating that in VA for their spouse. And same pre-1620 in Conneticut. Lots of inbreeding up in CT though ;)

You are welcome.
My kids hate me... and my hands actually hurt... I'm going on almost 48 straight hours...

Mrs Furious said...

The census info is the start. You have to open them up so click on the actual census link not just the button to attach. Then read it and sometimes you'll get more info: parent's birth place & occasionally names, marriage date. Once you plug that in you can get more connections. Once you get into the 1800s I find most info starts coming from other public family trees. You just link up to them and can fill in more. Some info gets filled in for you if you approve it but some times I find it doesn't and I need to write down the names of parents, etc and then fill it in by hand.

Deb said...

DEAR GOD. I swore I wasn't going to open it up and look today, but a friend of mine was talking about her family tree on Facebook, and so I stopped to "take a peek". 30 minutes gone in a flash. I'm all the way into the 1600's and Ireland on my dad's side. The spelling of my maiden name has changed twice over time. Fascinating!

P.O.M. said...

DAR??? Sweet!

I called my mom and she busted out her old big ass family bible and SCORE!!! It has a family tree infront that goes back about 6 generations!

Mrs Furious said...

That is all the info you need. If you punch those names in you'll get back to the start of time. Good luck!

I'm taking the kids to a indoor playground with WiFi...

SK said...

Thank you!! ;)

P.O.M. said...

HOly sweet Jesus. I'm 6 hours in.

So, if you get stuck with no census or other formal docs, do you kinda just go with what other people have in their tree? Like if it matches up?

Missives From Suburbia said...

POM, I've found that other people have done a LOT of the leg work on one arm of my family. After reading some of her notes, I've realized it's my great aunt's niece. So I'm plugging a lot of information in from other people's trees. Sometimes it doesn't line up just right, and you kind of know based on name spellings or birthdates that some of the info isn't right. Take what works and leave behind what doesn't. There are also options for "alternative information" that will keep it attached to the file in case you get info later on that proves it correct.

Mrs. F, seriously... cannot thank you enough for this. My mother and I have been exchanging emails for two days on this topic, and it is the only thing we've been able to discuss in YEARS without me wanting to gouge out my brain. Who knew?!

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