Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Time Management Mrs F Style

Okay I am STILL waiting for my YouTube video to upload. But trust me people it will be worth the wait... hopefully. In the meantime I am going to give you the blow by blow of my day.

9:00 got up with Baby and head downstairs.
change Baby (or rather take off her diaper and leave her PJs on... this will come into play later)
start my coffee
put toys in the bathroom and jump in the shower
get dressed
start boiling water for instant oatmeal (all we have left)
call the Dr for an app't for Baby
get Baby dressed... oh YUCK just stuck my hand right into a pile of poop that she had pooped down the leg of her pjs!!!
clean up poop and sanitize
get Baby dressed
Kid comes down
give Kid meds
get Kid dressed
nurse Baby... phone rings Dr's office, carry nursing Baby with one hand over to grab phone set appointment for 11
everyone eats breakfast
Baby eats 1/2 of my breakfast (secret to weight maintenance revealed!)
start water for Kid's noodles(lunch)
check blog and try to return comments
pack Kid's backpack
reheat coffee
make Kid's lunch for school
Oh shit it is 10:50!!! Forgot the appt was at 11
send Kid to car
pack up stuff for the day and Kid's snacks
pack Kid's lunch
put Baby and bags in car
go to Doctor... nothings wrong with Baby
drive to school
forgot my coffee in the microwave
drive by home and get coffee
drop Kid off at school go in and set up her lunch and pay tuition
go to the grocery store
drive home and eat half the muffin I bought myself
unload groceries while Baby sleeps in car
return comments on the blog
call Mr F re: doctor's appt
Baby wakes up 15 minutes later
take Baby upstairs and nurse her back to sleep
finish muffin while returning comments
Canine pukes on living room floor
clean dog vomit
start sorting laundry while filming video post
Baby wakes up
feed baby lunch
quickly finish stain treating the lights
change Baby
shove laundry in the machine just in time to leave for Kid
get Kid at school
drive home while Kid eats snack in car
make coffee and eat a chocolate
get mail and sort
write email to Sephora customer service re:lost gift!
check video... STILL uploading
return comments
make and english muffin w/pb
chop leeks and wash
video still uploading... stress about lack of post
push Baby around in play stroller
return comments
take Baby upstairs to nurse to sleep
chop potatoes
make soup
finish stain treating laundry
Mr F comes home
Baby wakes up
Mrs F gets Baby
Mrs F quickly finishes stain treating and take laundry to basement
Mrs F runs up to finish dinner
Mrs F goes back down to load laundry in dryer and washer
Mrs F finishes and plates dinner
Mrs F runs back to kitchen to make Baby's food
Mrs F feeds Baby while her soup goes cold
Mrs F decides to photograph her soup for blog
Mrs F writes dumb post
video post still uploading....
7:24 I am going to go workout now


Kid Art said...

Whoa Mrs. F - I'm exhausted just from reading your list.

And you're working out after all that? You're guilting me into it. Off to the basement!


PS What about Canine F? surely there was some dog maintenance in there to make your day even more complex...

Mrs. Furious said...

lol! Canine puked on the floor this afternoon!... I'll have to go add that in!

Seriously today was NUTS and I literally never sat down for more than the time it took me to return my comments. And even that was a struggle.
Off to go take the laundry out of the dryer....

angie said...

glad to baby is okay...any idea what the hell is going on? was it a satisfactory visit (i.e., did they blow you off)? or just an okay one? Dr. Asshole or Dr. Hippy Chick?

Mrs. Furious said...

Dr Hippy Chick... which is FAR preferred for this type of visit. She thoroughly checked everything. Either teething or developmental stuff.

Amy said...

? Wondering why you stain treat lights ?

...am assuming, laundry.

This post reminds me of when we had to do a time study of our workday when I was an OT at a nursing home. It was like:

Go down to patient's room
Get patient out of bed
Walk patient to bathroom
Have patient attempt to wipe their rear
Wipe patient's rear

Mrs. Furious said...


yes laundry.

and lol... my house... nursing home... same dif

Laura said...

Found your blog today and really enjoyed it!! Sounds almost like my life in a nutshell....LOL

Mrs. Furious said...

Hey thanks for commenting! :)
sadly today is JUST as CRAZY....

P.O.M. said...

Damn. That's a lot of work. I'm exhausted just reading it.

Sherry/Shay said...

Last night my daughter woke up at midnight and I put her in bed with us. At 5:45 she woke up so I put her back in her bed. At 6:35 she was fussing. I went to get her milk when I discovered what the fuss was about. I *thought* she had pooped then taken off her diaper. Nope. She took off her diaper then pooped in the bed. I got most of it clean and sprayed it with bleach spray then asked my husband to wipe it down. He claims it wouldn't come off. Now, HOURS later, I have to try to figure out how to get dried poop off her mattress and bedframe. The joys of having a 13 month old. The joys of having a very UNhelpful husband.

Mrs. Furious said...

ugh... the amount of times I clean poop up around here is mind blowing!
Unhelpful husbands... don't even get me started... Mr F is retarded at night. I can't remember a single time when his "help" was actually helpful.
Good luck with mission poop removal!

Deb said...

I've tried to do a similar post, and then I get lost sometime around 10am and forget to write things down. How you managed to both DO all of that and record it is beyond my comprehension. Major applause.

Mrs. Furious said...

That is because my super power is mental retention!

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