Friday, January 11, 2008

Mrs F's Hair The Discussion

Part One

Part Two


Heather said...

God it's early over here. OK, on hair. If you're not feeling change, then don't change, and stop feeling bad about it. I like your hair now. If all your feeling is a trim, do a trim. End of story.

Comments: This is a perfectionism thing. I think the ongoing comments back and forth is what makes the comment count go through the roof. And I love me some comments and back forth, trust me, but if you can't do it right now, that's ok. Aim to return some.

With everything going on with Baby, you know that you have a sympathetic/understanding audience out here who sincerely doesn't want you to lose your mind. Gotta go get ready to go to the airport.

emmyjw said...

I love it when you respond but I'm not gonna take it persona;lly if you don't have time. If you are ever interested I go to a FANTASTIC hairdresser who actually works at a high end salon in Ann Arbor but will do your hair for much cheaper at her in home salon, I actually drive all the way to Pinckney because I love her so much and I can bring the kids to her house, she is really nice and I trust her completely,which is saying a lot since I have gone periods of years not getting my hair cut because I couldn't find someone good. My email is if you ever want to email me for her info. I don't think your face is pointy, it is adorable and I think you could go as short as you want and it would look great. I am trying to figure out how you look so cute with no sleep when I on the other hand have dark circles down to my cheeks.

Heather said...

DUH I forgot the most important comment. I'm bringing you two smoothing balms (packed 'em last night). My new hair doesn't cooperate with them. So there!

Smoochiefrog said...

Just curious, is Baby still talking 2 daytime naps? Maybe she's just not tired enough at night due to sleeping too much in the day. Both my girls dropped to one nap after a year old. For K it was overnight, literally. Right now she gets up between 7 and 8, is up until between 1-3, naps for about 2-3 hours and then is up until 9ish. She's been doing this since she was 1. Sometimes she breaks down earlier and sometimes she doesn't take a nap (on those days she's in bed before 8-argh!). Just thinking out loud here.

As far as hair, there are websites where you can upload a picture of yourself and virtually try different hair styles. I bet if you Google it, you can find it and then see which you like.

katieo said...

Still can't get baby to load but these worked. Weird.

Comments: Do it when you can, don't when you can't.
People don't always realize it takes a friggin year to respond to everyone. ESPECIALLY the bigger you get and the more people comment.

re: Heather coming to Detroit. I know I've said this before but waaa! I want to come too!!!

MommyTime said...

Hair: I have a great cuttery woman (only $5 more than you're currently paying) whom I would completely trust to just do to my head what needs to be done. She's amazing. Kistin (no R in her name) at T-- Salon in B-- Mall. (Either I read a lot of old books or I worry about internet security unnecessarily.) Your blondie neighbor goes to her too. Might be worth a try...

Comments: we all love the conversation, but people are already starting to talk to each other a bit too, and none of us wants you to lose your little mind and never write another post or comment again because you are so tired. So I think, don't be afraid to scale back.

Amy said...

i don't know. i think you should just comment if you can. don't feel obligated! it's not worth it.

your face is not pointy; i have no idea what you're talking about. but you should do that website where you can try on different ones. i've always wanted to do that too. it sounds fun. that is, if you can keep your eyes open to do it.

i'd go get a motel room for a night and leave hubby to fend for himself but i'm mean like that. if mom's not happy, ain't nobody happy.

are you seriously making bread by hand with no mixer? you rock!

Torey said...

I have no thoughts on hair. I'm in the same boat as you. I have hair halfway down my back (which is actually short for me) and I never do anything with it. I wear it in a blob on the back of my head ever. single. day. No joke. I never even wear it down, because it gets so static-y in the winter and in the summer I'm always running around like a crazy fool with no time. Plus, Guppy loves to chew on it and play with it. And it turns out, 9 month olds, not so gentle! So sorry, I'm of no help there.

As far as commenting goes, take it easy girl!! None of us are going to get offended if you don't get back to us. We're all here being supportive of each other. It's not high school where you HAVE to write a note back otherwise you're mean. If you need a break, then take one girl!

And as far as teething goes, have you tried Hylands teething tablets? You can get them at Whole Foods and a couple other local stores (you can email me if you want those vmadura at gmail dot com). They've been awesome for Guppy and a few of the kids I've nannied for too. They have trace amounts of Bella Donna in them which is an opiate derived from Deadly Nightshade (a plant that grows rampant in my backyard. . .my mother-in-law loves to point that out). It's actually what they used to use as anesthesia for dental work etc. BUT the amount in the teething tablets is very small and safe. If you google them, I'm sure you'll come up with a recent scare someone had where their kid ingested the whole bottle and had a reaction, but poison control and Hylands says that it was caused by an allergy not the bella donna.

And that's my novel for the day!! Off to get new glasses!!

katieo said...

"People don't always realize it takes a friggin year to respond to everyone." I just popped back to say, not that i don't LOVE chatting with people, I love the interaction. But if I let it, I could do it ALL DAY long. And then there wouldn't be anything to blog about! lol!

Mrs. Furious said...

Okay comments:
one problem is that I didn't obviously ever anticipate having this many comments. I do love to comment back just as I like it at other sites (who doesn't?). And for me it really is the only adult conversation I have some days.
And the day of the week matters here too. On school days (T,W,Th) which are of course the busiest blog days are too crazy for me to return EVERY comment. I can always return the morning ones and the late night ones without that being too stressed (so Emmy no worries for you). I'm going to try and work it out and not feel like I'm disappointing people if I don't return their comments within 10 minutes! I might have to go a little more Katieo style in the afternoon.

here's the deal. I have a hair stylist I do like she is a GREAT cutter... not so great on the blow dry/styling! So anyway I'm trying a new stylist based on a recommendation of a friend. I trust her... but her hair is very different from mine so I have to see how I feel when I see the stylist.

Heather.... products bring it on! My hair doesn't always look so dry and hideous as in that video (or maybe it does!)... no seriously that is why either way I need a trim.
and of course I can't wait to see you :) hopefully I won't look like Ronald McDonald.


I'll email you for her name. Pickney is just about as far as I'm going to be going tomorrow anyway. If this doesn't work out I would try her. And you will have to come over here sometime when you are out this way anyway!

lol... maybe a bit paranoid ;)
I always like Ang's cuts... funny enough last week when I was at the mall I almost walked in there to see if they would take me but I wasn't sure if they were actually any good. Now I wish I had. I have to get up and drive all the way over to Carpenter/Ellsworth tomorrow AM which is the last thing I want to do early on a Saturday morning!!

Mrs. Furious said...

stinker... I don't know what the deal is. I find that when I really want something to post so as to make my day a little easier it will inevitably never load and end up adding stress instead of easing it.

Ok we've got a playdate... be back

Nutmeg said...

Mrs. F. Please don't return this comment. If you do, I'll kick your ass (well... in light of the bad-ass video... maybe I'll just try.)

Okay... I think your hair looks fine and agree if you aren't in the mood to change, just get a trim. I am the cut your hair of grow it back cut it off kind of person as well. Currently I'm going somewhere and letting the stylist just do her thing. Some times the results have been excellent, others, well.. just tolerable. I think I'm prepared to take back my hair on this visit.

RE baby sleeping. My son is 1 year and 2 weeks old. I can barely see straight most of the time. He never naps and never sleeps and he screams all the time because he's exhausted and I just want you to know, that I feel your pain. He's in daycare 3 days a week and i'm supposed to be working then, but It's hard to write and read science when you can't see straight. I can't imagine having a kid to deal with too!

Quit being a perfectionist with the comments. Keep your one area under control this week and let the comments go. :) I went away to a conference for one night and thought I would have a glorious night of sleep. I still woke up 5 times in 5 hours. It was ridiculous.

eurydice said...

i'd say cut some hair off - have it medium length, so you can still tie it back but it's easier to dry. and your hair looks kind of like mine - a bit wavy, so you should get one of these "style dryers" and use the brush attachment:

i have one. i dry my bangs with it - then use a regular dryer to dry 80% of the rest, then this style one again and it's really rad. not that you asked for this advice but every hair day is a good hair day with a style dryer.

Gigs said...

I'll join the consensus too. Do what you can. No one will take offense if you can't do it all. The fact that you're so honest about what you can and can't do is why we love you!

Hair: Your hair looks exactly like mine, so I can't wait to see what you do!

Also, I know I threw in my own topic with my pet death thing... that probably doesn't help control comments, so apologies. No pressure to email me either, though I'd love it. You've got enough to do!!

Julie said...

Mrs F,
I started to feel badly that I wasn't commenting enough lately! I always, always read...several times a day of checking and reading comments, but I don't always have the time to comment.

I think it is great people are commenting back and forth to one another within your comment section. I love reading them and it feels like a conversation. Don't feel like you have to reply to everyone though...I started thinking I should say anything just so others would know I am still here! That's silly, huh. Think of it as that you are the main bad ass who provides this outlet for all of us bad-asses in training.

On another note, I went out to dinner with some mom friends the other night. One of them was telling me that her kids (boys ages 8 and 10) think that the words "stupid" and "idiot" are swear words. I felt like an ass that my 6 year old keeps using the word ASS. I also wished that some of these women were more like the great women are on this blog. A night out with other women is supposed to make you feel better...usually it does, but sometimes I go home feeling really inadequate as a mom:( Why can't my kids think that to say "stupid" is a really, really bad word? I know, I know, it starts with me. I just think I may be a bit more laid back than some of these moms. And I think I laugh a lot more than a couple of them. I could not relate when the conversation went to different fancy recipes they are using from different cookbooks. I just turned to some other woman and said, "so what kind of chicken nuggets do you use?" I mean I do like to cook, I have lots of great cookbooks, but it really is not fun to cook fancy stuff if no one is eating it except me...One of these moms ALWAYS has some kind of fresh baked goody for the kids at the house, too. Homemade cookies, brownies, cupcakes...Makes me feel like I am not being the best mom I can be, which is stupid. I could bake all that stuff, but I would eat most of it so I don't.
Okay, again I need to set up my own blog so I can rant there instead in Mrs F's comment section. But thank you all so much for reading this. I feel better now:)
PS I like how no one here tries to claim they are a perfect mom or person. It feels more real and honest. I think that is why we all feel a bond on some level with one another here. Because we are probably more honest here.

Gigs said...


That post hit home for me. The moms in my town are so like that. My boys are 9 and 11 now, and most certainly know that "stupid" and "idiot", while not kindly, are pretty mild on the swear scale! (I like to think they are "street savvy"!) And we've been cooking up the Perdue chicken nuggets lately at our house! What're you going to do? Don't let the others get you down. If our kids are loving and happy, then we're doing a pretty good job.

And then there were 3 said...

I have to agree with Julie I love this blog and the comment section all thoughh I dont have a whole lot of time to comment, nut everyone here just seems to keep it real and that is what keeps me coming back and secrectly I want to be a badass just like you Mrs. Furious.

And then there were 3 said...

see now you can see why I dont comment much "nut" and my lack of spelling "secretly" wow I need to quit while Im ahead.

moley said...

Mrs F.

I'd like to second everybody else (though I don't suppose I can second more than one, but you know what I mean :-) )and say that I won't be in the least offended if you don't comment back.

And with our separate time zones I certainly don't expect comments within 10 mins. Often you're asleep, or prob. not lately, when I comment.

Just do as much as you can, but try not to stress about it. No one will judge you, except you!

As to hair - sorry, can't be any help. Mine is incredibly short and has been most of my life. I got it all cut off as soon as my mum would let me.

Hetty's mind you, is down to her waist and it a nightmare to brush, plus I've had to learn how to do bunches, pony tails and plaits. I've still not quite the hang of it!

Oops sorry, I've digressed, don't feel you have to respond.

Deb said...

First off, the awkward sign-off is my very favorite part of the whole thing.

Second, Emmy is right. How do you get off with no sleep and no dark circles and bags under your eyes, while I look like absolute hell? Oh, that's right. You're like 20 years younger than I am. Hate you.

As for the hair, I vote for a Katie Holmes thing. Jaw length is ridiculously flattering for everyone, and with your adorable face and great skin, it would look amazing.

I can't talk about the homemade bread thing. I'm so humbled in your presence.

Lastly, on the comment front, comment when you can and don't when you can't. I love that you reply, and I feel like such a loser for not replying to the comments I get, but I fear it would add more stress to my already-fragile brain. Occasionally, when the questions get heavy on a particular topic, I break out a separate post, which I title, "Suburban FAQ's", but that's as far as I can go (i.e., if I can milk some more laughs out of the answers, I'll do a separate post).

Mrs. Furious said...

" And I think I laugh a lot more than a couple of them."
That is what is most important! We laugh all the time and in the end that is what your kids will remember.

finding moms you can *actually* relate to is difficult. I also find that often times there is a lot of fronting going on. I just had a playdate and we were talking about how you can't have a TV discussion around here w/o everyone claiming they don't watch any...of course we don't ;)
The fact is just having kids isn't enough of a commonality.
I always put right out there that I am crazy that seems to help draw the craziness out... but I'm used to being the freak in the bunch.

Mrs. Furious said...

who knew?!?! I might have to go get one.

yes my hair is annoyingly wavy/ringlets but the curl starts half way down my head.

Lord don't you hate this kind of hair?! It is great for blowing straight but I don't have time for that.
Oh and no worries on the death thing... I really want you all to have a way to talk to one and other... that is fine!!!

your hotel story.... that is exactly what would happen to me! I can't sleep even when I get the chance now.

angie said...


Don't cut your hair. 1) You don't feel it. 2) your tired. if you have short hair (unless almost buzz cut) you have to wash it every day to look right. You got long hair and you can do things like not take a shower for 3 days and put it up on days 2 and 3. Not that I know anything about such behavior.

Re: Comments. I think you put too much pressure on yourself to comment. I think people like some commenting, but sometimes you say the same thing (pretty much) to a few people (because they basically say the same thing). You could collapse your comments. The other thing, is that if you commented less, it might get other people commenting more to each other (not sure about this hypothesis). I see it already starting--like I have talked a little to Katieo. So it might encourage that type of dialogue. Obviously don't go totally away (and i know you don't want to do that). But I don't think anyone expects you to answer 40 comments a day. You have 1 or 2 other things to do within a day.

Call if you are bored...i do have some happy news (no, i'm not preggers).

Mrs. Furious said...

this is beyond nap dropping. Kid also dropped at 1. I've tried that and tried three naps. I think we have had the unfortunate luck of sick, then teeth, more teeth, and now SICK!!!!! It is going to be a LONG winter and I'm going to be in a lock down ward by the end of it ;)

I'll search for the hair site... FUN :)

fame comes with its price to pay ;)
I know you are feeling me!
My biggest thing is that I just am a polite person who would never in normal life NOT acknowledge someone so it is hard for me to stop writing back... see??!?! I'm still doing it!!!

Mrs. Furious said...

"I like to think they are "street savvy"!"
Kid is so street savvy your neighborhood moms would have more to talk about then your Purdue Chicken nuggets!

And Then They Were Three
Oh believe me being this kind of badass apparently has some serious draw backs in the mental health dept!!!
God the spelling... I do it ALL the time and you can't take it back.. it kills me!

Mrs. Furious said...

I have some of those. I used them with Kid but never really thought they had much of an effect.
Bella Donna.. LOL... who knew?!? Now that kind of makes me nervous...

I'm drugging her with Benadryl tonight and then I'll move on to the small doses of opiates ;)

New glasses?! That is exciting.

P.O.M. said...

I agree with Heather that it's a perfectionist thing about the comments. I never expect a comment back although it's nice once in a while :)

A nice trim can make you feel totally different about your hair. And some good products. No need for anything drastic.

PS: How the heck can you have a metabolic age of 12? No need to answer. ha ha.

Mrs. Furious said...

By hand baby! That's how I roll ;)

I've thought of the motel. She still isn't night weaned though and I'd feel bad about that. But it is getting to the point where anything could happen!

I'm going to try. But the blog it is like CRACK.

I've been blessed with unstable mind (aka genius) and very youthful face. Partly due to chubby cheeks (slightly dechubbed of recent) so that is that. I do have a HUGE grey streak if it makes you feel better. And yeah I'm a teen mom (31).

Katie Holmes?... I could be feeling that... except for the styling that would be needed EVERYDAY since the curl only really takes formation below my ear length and the top is fluffy (not good look). I did post Kid get the Amalie cut (insane in the membrane at the time) yes super short bangs and then a bob. CUTE but I couldn't maintain it and then I looked like a man with an ill fitting toupee.

"I fear it would add more stress to my already-fragile brain"
don't start now... clearly it is... look at me I'm falling apart!

"if I can milk some more laughs out of the answers, I'll do a separate post"
word. sometimes I give away some good shit in the comments and I'm like "damn I could have done a whole post on that!!!"

Mrs. Furious said...

"(not sure about this hypothesis)"
LOL... yeah that would be good. We'll see what direction it takes. Mr F is hardcore saying that message board style it what should happen in the comments and that is what happens on some o' the political blogs and that is how the readers use them and I should NOT be commenting like this anymore.

You know me... it is just hard to leave things unacknowledged.
But you are right half the time I feel like an ass saying the same stuff over and over ... but I don't want to not answer each comment with as much attention as it was written.

I can go one day w/o washing but that is pushing it. And definitely not if I worked out... then I ened to wash it the next day.
Baby has started pulling my hair... so it either needs to be able to be pulled back or super short. I think nice trim (4") with shaping is what I'll do for this cut. I just need the dead ends off and I think I'll feel much better!

Mrs. Furious said...

like you have to ask?!?!
I am a BADASS!!

In July it was 27. I think it is mostly based on body fat% I'm thinking... anyway now it is 12. Craziness.

angie said...

i have been a total loser with the washing hair thing...I totally worked out last night--ran 3 miles hard (ended at a 7/hr pace). Sweaty the whole 9 yards. But didn't wash my hair today before taking Nate to PT. It's so hard to shower early in the morning...If I shower it's an hour from up to out for work. If I don't it's like 30 minutes (this includes my part of getting nate ready for school). It's hard for me to get up early, so more days with hair up and less showers. I feel like a total loser.

I like the idea of a good trim. It's too damn cold in the winter here to get a super short cut. save it for the too hot summers :-)

Chris Howard said...

Hey, I expect a detailed, personalized response to every one of my comments. Ok, maybe just every other one, if you're busy.

I'd comment on the videos, but I can't watch them at work. I'll have to wait until later.

By the way, we'll be about 30 miles from your house tomorrow for a couple of hours. We're going to Dallas via Detroit.

Smoochiefrog said...

Re: teething...I'm such a bad mom I use Orajel. Sometimes you just gotta.

P.S. My most recent Thursday Thoughts is a must read for both you and Katie!

Preppy Mama said...

I love watching your videos, I think you could have your own show! I totally feel for you about the sleeping thing. My son is two and still doesn't sleep through the night and it pisses me off! I laugh about it now because I think we are so used to interrupted sleep, but it is so exhausting and you don't catch up on your lost sleep when you are caring for a toddler and running a household like you do.
Sounds like baby got hit with everything at once. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
As for your hair, (which looks very much like mine)...I would not cut it short. I know what its like to be tired of your hair and mine has that weird wave that starts somewhere in the middle of my head. I made the huge mistake of cutting it short into a bob and it has taken me months to get it to a shoulder length. Oh, and don't cut bangs either. Drastic cuts when you are tired will only make it worse when you have to style your own hair. Leaving some length will allow you to pull it up when you need to.
Good Luck!!

Sarah said...

Ok, comment 1: By the sheer volume of comments on this post alone, I think it is totally clear WHY you can't possibly return every comment.

comment 2: In my opinion blogging is supposed to be a therapeutic, de-stressing act. So you should comment or not comment based on if you have time, and if it makes you feel happy.

comment 3: Your hair? my first thought was to go about shoulder length and throw in some layers to thin it a bit.

comment 4: I'm impressed with the bread. Not only were you NOT using a breadmaker, but you were talking while doing it. The whole time I was thinking "holy crap I would have lost count of flour scoops 5 minutes ago!".

Robin said...

Seriously, girl, stop answering comments.

Re: hair. Mine's been short for about 24 hours, and I am loving it. But I agree that if you aren't feeling it, you probably shouldn't cut it. I don't know how much time you spend on it, but I think it looks cute. Maybe you should wait until baby is sleeping more.

Re: bread. Girl, how do you talk and count scoops at the same time? You are a badass!

Don't answer me!!!!

Mrs. Furious said...

Preppy Mama,
it is amazing how little sleep you can survive on isn't it?!

Yes your hair sounds like mine. No bangs!!! And you are right I need to be able to pull it back I have zero time for styling.

Baby is suddenly sick, sick, sick... where the mucus just pools out of there face... you know? She's drowning in it... miserable! I think I will go die now...

"I think it is totally clear WHY you can't possibly return every comment."
And yet I still do... cause I'm C-R-A-Z-Y!! (no Baby is sleeping so I've got a minute)

lol... I did lose count on the flour.. but I figured it out by the texture and it was fine.

and I'm into your hair suggestion. That is probably what I'll do.

love your new pic!! :)

Mrs. Furious said...

lol.. it's okay the baby is sleeping.

I spend ZERO time on my hair. I wash it and put a frizz control gel on and that is it... air dry. Once it is dry I usually have it twisted up in a bun just because it is so long.

MommyTime said...

Just so you know, I discovered this cutter because I approached a woman in a bar in the first month I lived here...this woman had the most fantastic haircut. Not a haircut I would ever in 1 million years have. But one of those cuts that just screamed, "someone who really knows scissors cut me." And I just asked this woman out of the blue who cut her hair. Since then, I've referred about a dozen people to this cutter, and almost all of them have continued going to her for years. She's moved salons and people still follow her. So, if you don't like the experiment you're having tomorrow, try this person next time.

And I'm totally with Robin on the talk and count scoops thing. Im-Pressed! Sometimes I even lose count when there's no one around and nothing to distract me but my own wandering brain.

I'll take my response off the air. ;)

emmyjw said...

I am now feeling very proud of myself and organized because I made your yummy soup, it is in the crockpot on warm so I can present Mr W. with hot dinner when he gets home at 8:30 tonight and be pulling hot bread out of the oven at the same time. It might be more impressive if I actually got dressed and brushed my hair...yeah,might have to do that...

Robin said...

I did lose count on the flour.. but I figured it out by the texture and it was fine.

What?! That's more impressive than being able to talk and count at the same time!!!!

Mrs. Furious said...

have fun at the Cowboy's game!

Seems like a little out of the way for a trip from FL to TX... hopefully you are on NW or Continental they have a BEAUTIFUL terminal while the other airlines fly into the worst crazy rundown ghetto terminal!

Mrs. Furious said...

and I'll keep her in mind.

yes I'm superhuman

I just served it to a friend of lunch... I hope you all enjoy it!!

Julie said...

Gig and Mrs F,
Thanks for the bit of support on my comment!

Yes, Mrs F, there is a whole lotta laughing that goes on this house...sometimes it sounds a bit maniacal or comes with tears, but always laughing.

Mrs. Furious said...

the maniacal laughing always proceeds the tears around here ;)

Smoochiefrog said...

I actually counted when I first watched the video (you know me and my OCD with counting). You did 2 cups in each video. If you didn't add any off camera, you did 4 total. See, funny and good with math! I'm a winner!

Mrs. Furious said...

lol.. that is the exact right amount. I usually do about 4 in the dough and then need in an additional cup.
you are funny and good with math! ;)

emmyjw said...

The soup was great! The kids all loved it, even PICKY Conner, although he is so wierd he decided to put raw chopped carrots and parmesean cheese in it, whatever he ate it. Hope baby sleeps a little, I gave Ella benedryl last night to try to counteract the albuterol high, she did a little better. Have fun with the haircut, can't wait to see the results. One of these days I'll get a blog of my own and put up some pics, yeah that might be a while...nice thought though.

Kid Art said...

:( poor Baby. poor YOU.

Sheer misery will be made up for when they are older and play for 2 hours in the AM while you sleep in. Really, it can happen!

I am not a good person to ask about hair. In fact I am trying to make the same decision as you. Hair is too long, not sure what to do with it, but it's driving me nuts.

Comments - I say do what you can and what works on that particular day. You have a great & understanding readership, none of whom (I'm sure) would want to add more stress to your life!

I was (pleasantly) surprised to see how much you replied to comments; the authors of many of the blogs I read either don't comment back or very rarely do so.

Hope you get some sleep tonight-


Smoochiefrog said...

Oh, meant to tell you. The pretzel recipe is hte first thing that pops up if you click on the cooking label. We made them again today. Yum!

Chris Howard said...

Yeah, we're on Northwest. Thanks for the info. We both love hanging out in nice airports.

linds said...

comments- i agree w/ most everyone else on here, if you have time to comment back, then awesome. if not, don't worry about it, we'll all still keep coming back :)

hair- now, i don't know much about hair, mine has been the same boring cut for about a year. but, if you aren't feeling a short cut then maybe try something in between, like shoulder length w/ some layers to jazz it up.. that way you'll still be able to pull it up when you need to but it will be nice down too!!

and i don't know a thing about babies(don't have one... YET, we're trying though wish me luck!) but i can only imagine how beat you are.. you have my wishes for a good night's(okay, month's) sleep.

Mrs. Furious said...

I'm glad you guys liked it.
I gave Baby the benadryl... no sedative effect as of yet 35 mins... please God don't let her be one of the kids it actually revs up!!!!


when I'm not busy I love commenting back. Mr F actually stayed home today so I could sleep in (seems he learned his lesson after last week!) and I've actually had the time to return everyone's comments.
I think on busy week days I'm just going to have to either be more brief or something.. haven't figured it out yet!
By the way my desk is STILL clean that is 5 days... unheard of!

yes it is a NW hub so their terminal is new and pretty nice but everything but baggage claim is past security or Mr F might have stopped in with the kids to say hi (I'm going to be hanging with Heather)

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh good luck with getting pregs!
and don't worry most babies sleep much better than mine... I promise :)

Vanessa said...

I say if you are having second thoughts, cancel the appointment and wait another week. Re-evaluate in a few days and see what you think.

I really hope your baby start sleeping. I can't imagine how worn out you must be. And your making bread?? Holy cats!

etbroderick said...

May be too late to weigh-in but I was too busy to comment earlier. I say DO cut it. At least the 4 inches. If you do less you will barely tell the difference and then in a few days, you'l be like, "What the hell? Why did I just spend $40 for that?" I do think some long layers will be key for your hair type. I don't think you should do anything drastic if you aren't feeling it. That could spell disaster. But 4 to 6 (to 8?!) inches could be good. I can't really judge inches--anywhere from shoulder length to a bit longer I think would look awesome. I don't know about bangs. I know that I have some wave to my hair--less now than I once did--but bangs for me must be blown straight or they become a big swoosh on the side of my head. The kind you can see out of the corner of your eye all freakin' day and it makes you want to kill someone!

Sorry about the no sleep thing--still. Hope the Benadryl works. I was going to suggest it, but wasn't sure you'd be down with that. Remember the book your gave me written by the Sears? The Baby Book. I opted not to do the co-sleeping thing, but I was wondering what their advice would be for you at this stage. With her still nursing 10+ times a night. I know there was a point at which they suggested teaching the baby "bar's closed." But I can't remember when/how...Just a thought--there might be some good advice in there that would still be in line with your parenting style. GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to see pics of the new 'do. I am chopping mine at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

Amy said...

You totally have OCD.

Obsessive Commenting Disorder.

I don't know if there is a pill for that. If you weren't BFing I'd say take a good few doses of wine.

Or put thick gloves on. Makes having to type and respond so much more difficult.

Have fun meeting Heather tomorrow. Badass and Full On Crazy girl fun!

Deb said...

I'm a little jealous about you meeting Heather. Just so ya know.

Okay, now that you've described your hair texture, I vote for a trim to kill all the dead stuff and some great product to smooth things out. Your hair is gorgeous. Let it enjoy its length.

Mrs. Furious said...

I'm gonna go for it... I HATE it the way it is all long and dead ends... but I'm not doing anything crazy. I can always go back and do more.... baby steps on the head too!

Baby is not nursing 10 times a night... just waking. Nursing would actually be easier since that puts her right to sleep and now she is just crying and miserable with no way for me to comfort her. She's nursing less (teeth component) I did give her benadryl last night and at first I didn't think it was helping but she did sleep more soundly later on.

damn that is a good diagnosis there counselor. Thick gloves... I'll try mittens!

oh yeah it will be a clash of the Titans today... get ready for some kind of crazy video post!

you should be jealous ;)

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