Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sorry Guys!

It has been much harder than I imagined to use my in-laws computer (under the cloak of night no less) as I must do it with great speed so as not to have anyone find me and start reading over my shoulder! ;)

Let me just say I will be astounded if I have been able to maintain my weight while staying here. Number one I have not been able to exercise... I guess technically I have been able to, I just haven't. Like a complete nerd I even packed a jump rope thinking I might go all Rocky style on this place... but alas now it is just one more thing to shove around the bottom of my suitcase as I desperately try to find what remaining clothes I have left that Baby F hasn't peed, pooped or puked on!
Number two it has been eye opening to visit while on my "diet". My in-laws have a very bad diet... I mean literally tons of sugar and fat... very little vegetation (even by my standards) and they eat in a kind of feast or famine style through out the day. In the past I would just guzzle soda to try and ease myself through the famine portion of the day... now I have been really suffering having no quick fix and I feel like crap! If nothing else having to eat badly and irregularly has made me really appreciate how much better I feel when I am eating "my food" at home. I can't wait to get back into my usual routine!

See you all tomorrow with the return of my weekly menus and most likely some very interesting if not humorous weekend reviews!


robsgirl26 said...

Just found your blog and LMAO! You rock...just what I need as I find my way back to my inner skinny bitch. Thanks!

Mrs. Furious said...

Hey thanks... and good luck with the weight loss!

Chris Howard said...

I'm looking forward to your stories.

I know how you feel about working out. I just started back after a 2-week hiatus due to locker room renovations and a week-long training class. I could tell the difference. It was harder to finish yesterday, but it got a little easier today.

It's really too bad that you and your in-laws can't have a better relationship, but at least you and Mr F don't fight about it.

Splaneyo said...

Guess I shouldn't tell you about the 3 peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I ate for breakfast hunh? Not that I needed to tell you though - you will be able to see them on my rear end - bad, bad, bad.

Loving the in-law stories.

angie said...

We miss you! Glad you are coming back.

katieo said...

Oh I can so relate. I never realize how much I depend on my staples (and skills for that matter) until I stay with someone else! (especially a not-so-healthy someone else) Glad you're back!

Mrs. Furious said...

It's really too bad that you and your in-laws can't have a better relationship, but at least you and Mr F don't fight about it.

Thank god!! If anything it actually brings us together... we're fighting a common enemy... in our minds anyway!

Mrs. Furious said...

pb choc chip... hmmm... I think it is time for me to change it up a bit!
lol..the first thing I did when I walked in was go get a cookie dough ball out of the freezer!

Angie & Katieo
Thanks for the welcome back... it is soooo good to be home! Now what am I gonna make for dinner?

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