Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not Funny "Ha Ha"

So to understand the mental prison that I currently find myself in I will transcribe a conversation from this evening.

Mother-in-Law "Blah, blah, blah....broken oven....blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah.... 20 years ago.... blah, blah. Blah, blah... needed a repair man... blah, blah."

Mrs Furious (impersonating someone who gives a shit) replies "hmmm that's funny"

Mother-in-Law looks Mrs F in the eyes and says "No actually it wasn't."

How exactly do you even respond to that?
"Yeah I get that... apparently what you don't get is sarcasm, irony, disinterest, my goddamn comedic genius... but hey thanks for making me feel like an asshole!"


Chris Howard said...

So I see you love your in-laws. We're fortunate that we both have a good relationship with each other's parents. Micheline and my Dad do sometimes butt heads, but it's not bad.

How do you get along with your father-in-law?

Mr Furious said...

How do you get along with your father-in-law?


Seriously. LOL.

I'll let Mrs F field this one...should be good.

michelline said...

I'm lucky in that I adore Chris's mom. She's s wonderful woman and I really look up to her. I really like his dad too, but he drives me crazy. He ALWAYS has to be right. He's a developer turned DBA and he has the Developer God Syndrome down pat.

My mother is pretty cool and I think Chris really likes her and enjoys spending time with her. My step-father is ok, but he would tell St. Peter how to rearrange heaven and then proceed to do it.

Sounds like you don't quite have that same relationship with the in-laws... That's a bummer.

Melissa said...

I almost spit my diet Coke as I read that. rofl Thanks for the chuckle! I LOVE MY MIL...especially in the last 6 yrs when she moved to Maryland. lol

Karen said...

How do you get along with your father-in-law?

Let's just say if I had a nemesis it would probably be him....
and the sad thing is I was totally willing to love my in-laws, but our communication styles are so different it is always uncomfotable... as in I think I'm funny and they do not ;)

You are welcome. Thank god for me my husband feels the same way about his parents as I do... if not more so.. so our visits are always short! :)

Mrs. Furious said...

Yikes... Karen is my MIL I was signed in with her account! That just scared the shit out of me!! :)

It was me... Mrs F!

etbroderick said...

Yikes. My mom has asked me numerous times for the links to your blog and the girls' b/c she knows you post great photos, etc. Ain't no way I'm showing her now! I hope you remembered to clear the browser history on their computer, b/c if they stumble on this their feelings will be so hurt--especially by the bit about my brother. Hope your trip home was good. It was so great seeing you all--your girls are the cutest.

Mrs. Furious said...


I have posted a thoughtful response offline. I really am sorry if this is/was offense to you. I really did struggle with how to approach representing myself truthfully since I know you guys read this... ah well...

Never fear the posts are archived weekly so give it a week or so and things should be fine.

Mr Furious said...

Here's the deal.

My parents are crazy. Just like everybody's parents are. They make me nuts at times, and I can only imagine it's that much wackier when you marry into my family as opposed to having built up a thirty-year immunity.

Doesn't mean everybody doesn't love each other, or that we don't get along—we do—but trips home can be any combination of maddening, exciting, stiffling, hysterical and in the end, always good for a rant. That's just the way it is.

Part of the shtick around the Casa de Furious is the unhinged, exaggerative rant (it's therapy!), and that certainly is the bread and butter of both of our blogs, so, that's going to be the result of a trip like this. It would be true no matter what family was being visited—hers OR mine. It's just an airing of grievances, not personal.

Let me try and set the stage...

This is a seriously repressed family we're talking about here, where all communication is strictly taking place on the surface, and 95% of everything is left unaddressed or unsaid.

Example: My youngest sister is separated from her husband. Which I think everybody would acknowledge is unfortunate, but a good thing. But, my parents had a serious problem adjusting to this reality. My mom has refused to take down the wedding picture from the staircase—even though it clearly bothers my sister. Nobody can break the ice on this and force the issue. It gets probed by me or somebody else, my mom claims it's " a great photo" and there it stays—hurting my sister and her boyfriend every time they come over. I got sick of this situation, so, this time I took it down. But, in classic style, never said anything. So, one day my mom will notice it's gone, and wonder what happened, and no one will ever have really explained it to her...

I'm fucking crazy too.

It's taken me years to unravel much of this in my own head, and going home can be like a recovering alcoholic walking into a bar...

...and that of course means not pretending enerything's perfect.

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