Sunday, June 30, 2013

Things That Happened In June

Baby graduated from Kindergarten:
(Best teacher in the world!)

This made everyone cry:

(Yes, she elected to wear last year's dance recital dress to her graduation... what of it?)

Baby had her ballet recital:

(Baby is 3rd in from the Right... sorry... 
it's as good as I could do covertly)

My mother turned into her mother:

 Godzilla's suspected cross-dressing was finally revealed:

 Father's Day happened (Mr F is laughing at Baby's fake smile):

 A make-over went terribly awry:

 Baby worried about trying what she dubbed
"The World's First Meat Flavored Ice Cream"...
Culver's "Turtle Dove":
 (Which disappointingly wasn't really made from turtle and dove meat)

Big Boy gave us the cold shoulder:

 The village ripped up our driveway to install sidewalks:

 Which has made groceries more of a pain then ever:
(for them... bwahahahaha)

 Kid discovered Pinterest: 
(I've already had to give her a 15 minute daily limit)

On to July!
(And a major organizational project reveal!)

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