Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Day Another Joke At One Of Our Expense

Why don't you take a few minutes and cut your hair." Mrs F says to Mr F after surveying his head.

"You first." Mr F retorts

"What does that mean?" Mrs F asks a little defensively.

"Nothing... Liza." Mr says and then cackles with self satisfaction.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Don't Worry Honey I'll Keep That Pizza HOT For You

Friday is typically pizza night around here. There's a local gourmet organic pizza place just up the street and the kids and I walked up to get ours last night (um... ever try to walk a large pizza and 2 kids home 3 blocks... Mrs F didn't really think that through). Mr F was working late doing a photo shoot and I decided we could wait no more and broke into that beautiful basil covered baby. I didn't want to ruin his dinner though... and decided it was my *wifely* duty to keep it warm in the oven.

The problem is I decided to use the small oven (what?! It had been a long walk and I wasn't functioning at 100%)
After a couple of minutes I could smell *something*. Something that made me nervous and when I bounded up from the table not wanting to have burned the $20 pizza I saw smoke coming out the vent. SMOKE! That made me really nervous and I was prepared for the something terrible inside. However I was still a little in denial and thought... "Hey maybe that box is REALLY hot and charred and smoking"... yeah maybe Mrs F.

As it turns out the box was actually touching the heating element and it was ON FIRE. Not a little bit of fire. Added bonus the FRONT of the box was in flames. Ever tried to take out a burning box... heavy "full-of-pizza" box... by the flaming front part of the box? Ever tried to do that calmly in front of your terrified Kid? Well I decided to whap it with a pot holder. That didn't help AT ALL (it did manage to knock the cardboard ash all over the pizza... shh... it won't kill anyone if they don't know). Now the fire is bigger and I'm frantically thinking "Oh SHIT this is actually getting worse and it is a LONG walk to get this outside!" Then I thought "Hold up Mrs F this is NOT a grease fire you can put water on that baby." And I did. I opened the firey top and doused it... sure the pizza was a little damp after that but it was salvageable. After I stopped shaking you better believe I went ahead and ate that ashy pizza!

P.S. These pictures do not do this justice. I'm still using the broken camera and couldn't close in on the damage. That burn hole is really the size of a salad plate. It was scary!!!

What I've Been Up To

Here's the link.

What's That?

What? This? This container of the same rice pilaf Kid could not get enough of last night?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Things That Happen When You Look Away

"Sorry" Kid quickly and sheepishly replies


Shmuley in The House!

Yesterday while working out to an old Tivo'd Oprah she mentioned her Oprah and Friends XM radio station (yet again) and I remembered that our DirecTV has XM radio. I wasn't sure if it carried all the stations but I thought I'd search and see. The first thing I found had Rabbi Shmuley on. I'm totally excited... I loved his TLC show. As it so happens he's on Oprah's channel.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This Week The Plan

Argh how many freaking weeks am I going to say the same thing?!! Guess what? I haven't maintained any weight loss... yet again. Turns out if you don't actually fully commit to your diet you won't actually lose anything. Hmm... who knew? You'd think I haven't done this before.

So this week I'm really going to do it.


Monday - chicken pasta primavera

Tuesday - hamburgers, salad

Wednesday - tomato and meatball soup

Thursday - Paula Dean's goulash

Friday - pizza

Saturday - leftovers

Sunday - Paula Dean's shrimp creole

Kid's lunches:

Tuesday - pb& j, sliced tomatoes, smoked salmon, milk

Wednesday - california roll, milk, banana

Thursday - veggie sandwich, yogurt, milk

Friday - veggie sandwich, hard boiled egg, milk

Diet & Exercise:
I'm lowering my calories this week to 1550. I'm also going to make the time to fit in my workouts. Last week was difficult with Kid starting school and visitors but this week I've got no excuses. I'm going to do 5 hours of cardio.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. Every year we take a "family" portrait... they're not all on this computer so check back later and hopefully I'll be able to get them all on.
This year:

This one is from last year... check out my head!!... Seems Baby and I have both lost a little of our chubby cheeks since then ;)

If you are curious... Mr F and I got married HERE.

Also I'll share with you the two best Anniversary gifts Mr F has given me.
We give each other "traditional" anniversary gifts each year.
For our 1st anniversary (Paper) Mr F had our invitations reprinted (no small feat since they were letterpress!) since there had been a typo on our originals (which of course killed me!):

For our (4th?!) Leather anniversary Mr F got me this beautiful blue leather memento box. It's got all the stuff from our wedding in it... my tiara, the ribbon from my bouquet, Mr F's corsage, our guest book, complete sets of our invitations for the girls, and some things with calligraphy on them... Mr F's place card, etc:

This year is our Copper anniversary and I got Mr F a pair of THESE... trust me he's thrilled!
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